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Enjoy - no corrosion

Corrosion - eliminate the cause BEFORE it costs you a fortune. 5 year money back guarantee.

Enjoy - no electrolysis

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Enjoy - no stray current

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Eliminate all electrolysis, then Galvanic corrosion is easily eliminated.

Glen Bishop

How to stop marine corrosion


With our 5 year money back guarantee.


All you need to know: steps 1 to 3 below.


•SeaBis Master is an industrial grade mini-computer with 20 years life. It is the simplest and most direct way to eliminate marine corrosion. You do not need a Blocker when you use SeaBis Master System. SeaBis Master System eliminates the cause of electrolysis-stray current causing corrosion. There is no need for impressed current or other products. They are replaced in entirety by SeaBis Master.

•SeaBis Master fitted with battery clips and How to Stop Metal Corrosion will eliminate permanent electrolysis. New or intermittent electrolysis (moisture, equipment or wiring failure) requires SeaBis be permanently installed. Galvanic is less than 1% of corrosion. Email Glen Bishop


Marine corrosion - electrolysis, eliminated permanently, 3 steps:

1. Identify the type of corrosion. Electrolysis is at least 10,000 times more destructive than galvanic corrosion.
2. Locate the cause with SeaBis
3. Follow How to Stop Metal Corrosion to eliminate the cause


Step 1: Identify the cause of marine corrosion: electrolysis
 •Paint substrate
 •Welds dissolve
 before sheet metal
Propellor corroded Paint repair Welds dissolve before sheet metal
 • Radiator leaks  • Patches of
Plumbing electrolysis Radiator leaks Patches of electrolysis



Step 2: understand the cause of marine corrosion-stray current


Electrolysis conquered


And locate the cause:

Connect SeaBis, battery positive and negative and Sense wire to metal /engine body. N.B. SeaBis must be permanently installed as moisture, new equipment, insulation failure and carbon dust from motor brushes will re-occur. SeaBis will indicate electrolysis by a Traffic Light System:

Normal no danger of marine corrosion

Caution you may be able to see the electrolysis in a year

Serious you will be able to see the electrolysis in 6 months

Critical you will be able to see the electrolysis in 3 months

AC only battery life is halved because of excessive AC voltage. Your electronics are at risk

To identify the cause: Disconnect equipment until you have Normal. The last thing you disconnected was the cause. Then:


Step 3: Now eliminate the cause of marine corrosion-follow How to Stop Metal Corrosion:

To eliminate the cause of marine corrosion follow How to Stop Metal Corrosion supplied with SeaBis. Now anodes and coatings/platings will work as designed. Full training and diagnostic support included with SeaBis Master System.


You now have enough knowledge to eliminate the cause, permanently. If you need more knowledge use the menu. No additional plating or coatings. We eliminate the cause - stray electrical current. Where there is no stray current with *electrolysis capability there can be no electrolysis. * We use a microprocessor to filter out current without electrolysis capability and indicate accurately by a  Traffic Light System.

Complete How To Stop Metal Corrosion and our Master System 5 year money back guarantee applies: We will either eliminate all electrolysis or refund your money. Initial advice free: Contact us and we will assist. E-mail: Glen Bishop


Multi meters must fail. Reason:

Sample testimonial with verification:

Peter Balding of Vella3, via email, at sea via satellite: [email protected]

Glen Bishop: Peter is the first to admit he had very little electrical knowledge and communication via satellite was difficult. However we succeeded and eliminated all electrolysis and the causes.

Hi Glen,
I have a live on board steel hull yacht with very expensive electrolysis. The SeaBis alarms Critical.

Glen Bishop: I am glad you are using SeaBis, not a multi-meter. The cause of electrolysis is specific electrical current and multi-meters cannot measure electrolysis. They will only confuse you.

I have completed the changes and testing of my electrical system. There are 2 systems: Engine and house.

When I attach the SeaBis to the positive and negative of the house bank and the green/yellow to the hull, the SeaBis reads Caution on the negative side. This is a remarkable result from before.

The Caution means that there is a very small corroding current which I will attempt to track down in due course but I can live with this now. It means that the severe corrosion will now cease. There is a small fault in the negative side of the house circuit.
Please comment on the above.
Glen Bishop: All fixed Peter. The Caution is just that Caution. It will wait until you are ready.


My knowledge commenced with Submarine Service:
While submarine hulls are exposed to electrolysis - stray current, the causes were reduced. We used methods that are only used by the military. The SeaBis System is better. SeaBis eliminates all stray current, permanently, under actual live use conditions.


In doubt? Ask any manufacturing jeweler how he plates gold. The gold is your metal/engine/hull damp and the jewelry is the Earth.

External reference: Wikipedia


•Any difficulties contact me: E-mail Glen Bishop or phone +61 for Australia then (0)417 878 773 /+61 (0)8 8552 6584, or Skype: seabis1




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