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Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently.

Wherever there is contact to the Earth (the Earth we stand on – not mains power earth), by metal, via water or moist air, corrosion will occur. Corrosion CAUSE is 97% stray current. That creates marine electrolysis corrosion so dissolves metal. Proof we are correct:  Wikipedia electrolysis.
SeaBis Master System prevents that corrosion, permanently by identifying then correcting the CAUSE. No additional coating, plating, moving parts or hull penetration.
Your work is halved as SeaBis indicates cause at battery negative or positive.

3% is caused by different metals that nearly touch so causing galvanic corrosion. The only common example is a stainless steel ladder against a aluminium hull without insulation. Galvanic corrosion is easily prevented after electrolysis is prevented. We will support you.


1: Identify.
2: Understand.
3: Prevent marine electrolysis corrosion.

Step 1 of 3:
Identify All of this corrosion caused by stray current that generated electrolysis corrosion that dissolves metal.  The CAUSE, is prevented by SeaBis, permanently. Note:  None of these were caused by galvanic (different metals) corrosion. Anode/s will stop galvanic corrosion.

Step 2 and Preventing the CAUSE Step 3.

All the following types of corrosion have one CAUSE only: stray current causing electrolysis corrosion. SeaBis Master System prevents stray current, permanently. None have any galvanic (different metals) cause. Galvanic corrosion occurs ONLY on edges of nearly touching different metals. Galvanic corrosion is far rarer than anode sellers will admit.


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We all know what corrosion looks like. It is caused by  electrical current (explanation next paragraph) via water AND air.  All CAUSE/s can be prevented, permanently. Period. No exceptions.


All you need to understand is the difference between voltage and current.
1:  Voltage is the POTENTIAL for current to flow. Do not be deceived. Read their guarantee.
2:  Current is the ACTUAL energy flowing. SeaBis measures current. Accuracy 99.9999%.
So if we measure voltage we are not measuring the CAUSE.
When we measure current we are measuring the CAUSE. SeaBis measures current directly and absolutely. So SeaBis System WILL prevent that current, permanently and completely.

In marine environment when that current takes an unintended route we name the current Stray Current. When it flows it causes marine electrolysis corrosion.  Exactly the same as plating a gold ring.  We are plating the Earth with our metal.

An explanation:

When you turn on the light, voltage is applied to the lamp (globe). That causes current to flow through the lamp. The element in the lamp makes it glow. We have light.

Gradually the current through the lamp dissolves the element. Stray Current flows through metal on board your vessel dissolving it as it did the element in the lamp. The process is named electrolysis corrosion.

We prevent that stray current, permanently.

So to prevent marine electrolysis we must prevent stray current. That current is measured in millionths to whole amps.  It flows to the Earth via water and / or air.

SeaBis measures stray current to an accuracy of ten parts in a millionth of an amp.  That accuracy is essential to prove the corrosive ability of stray current is far too low to actually cause corrosion.

Prevent the CAUSE. Use SeaBis System.

How to use SeaBis System:

The User (Owner / Tech / Anyone) switches off or disconnects equipment until SeaBis lights indicate Normal (green).  The last equipment disconnected was the CAUSE.  Now follow How To Stop Corrosion or contact me to repair the CAUSE.


How many SeaBis?

The vast majority need one.  If you have multiple battery banks then you have multiple possibly sources of stray current.  You may still only need one SeaBis.

If you have a Both or Emergency switch or position then the batteries can be switched in parallel. So only one SeaBis is required.

If not,  then you or I can fit battery clips to SeaBis to connect SeaBis to multiple battery banks.  Even multiple vessels! See SeaBis as mobile system, next. 


SeaBis as mobile system:

Battery clips can be fitted making SeaBis mobile.  However, remember if SeaBis is not connected to a battery bank at the time of stray current it cannot indicate that current. So new or intermittent cause/s, may not be indicated.


I never had corrosion this fast before:

Marine corrosion is caused by electric current passing from metal on your vessel to the Earth (the Earth we stand on). We name that current stray current.  It dissolves metal by electrolysis. As the metal becomes rougher so its surface area increases. That increases the stray current flow. So, increasing corrosion. I have witnessed a 10-day time period from no to extreme corrosion many times. The SeaBis System prevents the CAUSE, permanently.


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