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97% of all metal corrosion is caused by electric current that results in electrolysis corrosion - vessel, vehicle, train, aircraft or building - the same cause and solution apply.

References in the final paragraph. Enter SeaBis button follows references.

Compare this vessel without SeaBis and in the next column with SeaBis:

Without SeaBis - Cause of metal corrosion

Electrolysis dissolves metal

  With SeaBis - Prevention of metal corrosion

Electrolysis CAUSE eliminated
Some blame AC - Mains / shore / inverter power. AC current (power) changes direction every half cycle / Hertz. So IF it takes off a metal particle in the first half cycle it will replace it in the second half cycle. Electrolysis is impossible. DC (battery) current flows in the same direction, permanently. It creates electrolysis 24 hours every day of the year. Fit SeaBis, follow How To Stop Metal Corrosion and eliminate that current, permanently.
Some state there is DC - direct or battery current in AC. Please read the specification on your kettle. There will be no DC entry. If there were DC in the AC the kettle would try to draw in infinite current and instantly burn out. Reference Wikipedia:- DC does not create Back EMF (Counter-electromotive force) so there is no resistance to DC current flow. Current flow will be extreme, until the kettle burns out. The reason we supply a 8 year money back guarantee is we are 100% correct. No current through damp to wet metal means no electrolysis, permanently.
So why buy a Blocker? Some will try confusion by calling Blocker a Galvanic Isolator! Don't be deceived. Ask for their WRITTEN guarantee. SeaBis 8 year money back Guarantee is here


Explanation, question and in the next column, the answer:

What is SeaBis?

SeaBis is an electronic device that shows the leaking stray unwanted electrical current that is the direct cause of ELECTROLYSIS.

The benefits of using SeaBis

SeaBis shows the invisible electrolysis current that will cause corrosion in real time. That is there is no need to slip the vessel to see the anodes eaten away because SeaBis will be showing a warning light instantaneously or better yet the SeaBis units green light is lit continuously with absolute peace of mind that the vessel is free of the current that will cause electrolysis corrosion.

How to use the SeaBis Master System to eliminate electrolysis permanently.

Anyone can use the SeaBis Master System. Simply connect the positive wire to the positive battery terminal and the negative wire to the negative battery terminal. The green / yellow striped (current sensing) wire is connected to the engine block. The SeaBis unit is now powered by the battery bank under test and will show either:

1: GREEN clear of all stray current  

2: AMBER very small amount of low level current causing some corrosion

3: RED serious (LED lit solid not flashing ) HIGH CURRENT causing electrolysis is present. Corrosion visible within 6 months.

4: RED led lit and FLASHING very large current causing visible corrosion within 3 months

Electrolysis is the cause of 97% corrosion.

Electrolysis is cause by DC current ONLY. The source can be any DC generating device on a vessel. The MAIN predominate source of stray current that causes electrolysis is the vessels' own battery bank. 

Eliminate the electrolysis then rust and galvanic corrosion are easy. The paint, coatings and anodes will not be destroyed by electrolysis. Your engine or hull will not be dissolved and anodes can protect your metal from galvanic corrosion as designed.

An additional benefit:

The AC Only LED warns you of excessive AC in your DC. That AC halves your battery life, kills electronics and vastly increases the risk of electrocution. Repair by following How To Stop Metal Corrosion instructions.

Now follow How To Stop Metal Corrosion instructions. Then there will be no electrolysis corrosion and our 8 year money back guarantee applies.


Prove electrolysis causes corrosion by asking yourself questions and in the next column the answer:

Why is fence metal corrosion worse at the bottom than the top?

The bottom is nearer the humidity of the Earth so is more vulnerable to current flowing to the Earth. (The Earth we stand on. Not the mains power supply earth).

Why do radiators corrode before the engine body?

Radiators have a lower electrical resistance than engine bodies and most other harder metals so pass the majority of stray current that causes electrolysis - metal corrosion through themselves. That results in metal corrosion we are only to familiar with.

Why do vehicles in damp areas corrode more than in dry areas?

The tires are rubber so a good insulator, unless there is greater than 10% humidity. Then the rubber tire ceases to insulate the vehicle from the Earth.

Why do aircraft suffer from electrolysis?

Clouds have greater than 10% humidity. The air around aircraft, in clouds, contains more than the tolerance level of 10% humidity - any metal in contact with the Earth, even remotely through the air, passes stray current to the Earth so causing electrolysis.

Why are boats and yachts more prone to stray current that causes metal corrosion than vehicles?

They are sitting in a good conductor to the Earth - water. Whereas vehicles are insulated from the Earth by their rubber tires, providing those tires are dry 97% of the time. For an explanation of 97% see do a Google search for SeaBis System and Questions or contact me: [email protected].

Why do small to medium trucks, suffer from electrolysis when the large commercial trucks do not?

Large trucks are designed differently. We can correct that situation with SeaBis Master. That leads me to SeaBis System. References click: Wikipedia-electrolysis and Testimonials with verification and additional references at SeaBis Home page

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