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 •Save thousands of $$$s. Marine corrosion CAUSE is electrolysis and is eliminated by SeaBis System with How To Stop Corrosion - (stop stray current causing marine electrolysis corrosion.) Even rust is caused by marine electrolysis - current through the air to the Earth.

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•PROOF:  Comparison hull before SeaBis System eliminates the causes of electrolysis corrosion and after a year with the hull submerged. Reference - may be in Downloads.

 Before SeaBis with How To Stop Corrosion eliminates the CAUSE:  The metal under the coating is dissolved by marine electrolysis. Some call this rust.

 After SeaBis System with How To Stop Corrosion eliminates the CAUSE - no marine electrolysis corrosion:

 Underwater view of same hull after a year submerged.

 Same hull, different angle:

 Marine corrosion is caused by stray current creating electrolysis by electrolytic action. The CAUSE is eliminated by SeaBis Master System, permanently.

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 STEP 1 of 3: IDENTIFY the cause of marine corrosion-electrolysis

 STEP 2 of 3: UNDERSTAND marine electrolysis-corrosion

 STEP 3 of 3: ELIMINATE the cause of corrosion

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 •Corrosion - Galvanic or Rust or Electrolysis?

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Marine electrolysis is the major CAUSE of marine corrosion.

It is the most visible and aggressive corrosion and is caused by stray current.  In order to occur it requires moisture, metal and an electrical current.  That current (explanation down page) is often termed stray current. The SeaBis System with How To Stop Corrosion eliminates the CAUSE of stray current permanently. Even air carried current that creates rust is vastly reduced.

Marine electrolysis is accelerated by stray current.  We eliminate marine corrosion - electrolysis, permanently.  Our system is guaranteed for 8 years with vast verifiable testimonials.  Now the explanation.

An electrical circuit to the Earth is created by metal contacting moisture.  When we connect a battery we vastly accelerate that stray current creating marine corrosion by metal electrolysis. Some call this boat or marina electrolysis or boat corrosion or rust. Marine electrolysis is caused by electrolytic action – see Wikipedia, electrolysis.  Note the Wikipedia apparatus power is red and black – Direct Current (DC or battery current).  Not Alternating Current (AC or inverter or mains or shore power). Rust is created by air carried electrolysis current.

So DC is required to create electrolysis.  By connecting that DC to metal that is other than perfectly dry we create accelerated marine electrolysis. Wikipedia, Earth based current – we must not connect DC to the Earth, via our metal, air or water. The Earth provides a current and return path so completes the circuit.

That marine electrolysis is permanently eliminated by SeaBis Master System. To do so requires identifying the source of the current.  Then repairing or correcting the source - circuit causing it.  We must measure current flow to the Earth then switch off circuits until the stray current is less than the level required to cause corrosion. Then SeaBis Master indicates Normal (green). The last circuit was the cause.  Now follow How To Stop Corrosion.


To fix, stop and prevent marine corrosion and marine electrolysis we must:

1: Understand the CAUSE - usually our vessel
2: Identify the cause - by unplugging circuits
3: Eliminate the cause - the stray current.

FACT:  The current that CAUSES marine corrosion can be very low - 0.00001 amp. That creates marine electrolysis.

So how do we measure it?  A multi-meter measures current in series, is insensitive by at least a 1,000 times and has been lethal when used on amps. Multi-meters on amps have caused battery acid to ignite and explode resulting in a very painful death.  A multi-meter incinerating caused me to develop SeaBis.  We measure current in parallel with no effect on circuit being measured.  So we are accurate.  SeaBis Master System indicates the degree of aggressive and corrosive action of the stray current that causes marine electrolysis so a decision as to urgency of repair can be made.


•Explanation - the original cause of electrolysis:
The cause of corrosive current is the battery “0” volts terminal. In Kelvin Absolute Law terms (see Wikipedia) is actually at minus 12 volts for a 12 volt battery (24 for 24 volt battery). The metal contains electrons which are negatively charged. So the two negatives repel each other causing electrolysis to dissolve your metal into particles. The Earth is at +1.2 volts so attracts those particles. So your metal corrodes to the Earth. The solution is to use SeaBis Master System to eliminate the cause.


•Current explanation:
Assuming the lamp above your head is on. Leaving the switch on, using a rag, remove the lamp.  The lamp goes out and current through the lamp is zero.  So its element will no longer degrade.  The element is your hull or engine. Now there is no electrolysis.  The switch is still on so voltage has not changed.
So there is no point in measure voltage.
Half cell meters, through hull meters, multi meters or probes measure voltage so cannot tell you the truth.  The SeaBis Master System measures current!  That is why it eliminates marine corrosion.  I have a laboratory instrument meter and current clamp combination that is accurate to SeaBis specifications. It cost $2,600 at trade price.


•Galvanic corrosion:
When dissimilar metals approach, in a conductor such as water, current flows between them.  That current is very minor compared to electrolysis current.  That galvanic current is easily eliminated by anodes.  However electrolysis must be eliminated first as it often is one million times more corrosive.

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