Marine electrolysis corrosion CAUSE prevention, permanently – in 3 easy steps. Introduction.

Few pretty pictures.  Just the hard facts.  Then a solution that prevents corrosion. Permanently. Guaranteed.

Step 1 of 3.  

Identify the types of corrosion SeaBis Master System prevents.  From the following photos:

All CAUSES are prevented by SeaBis Master System. Permanently.

None are caused by galvanic (nearly touching different metals) corrosion.

Marine electrolysis corrosion: When SeaBis Master System prevents ALL the CAUSES, there MAY remain galvanic corrosion at 3% of total.  Galvanic corrosion is easily prevented.  We will advise you.

The first photo is of Utopiall hull before SeaBis installed.  Therefore, see the corrosion causing hull to dissolve.

Second and third after SeaBis Master System prevented the causes. Therefore, see no hull corrosion.  After that, antifouling works as designed.

The full size photo is Royal Albatross.  She is an old Tanker hull.  Similarly, proof that age does not cause electrolysis.

Step 2 of 3.  

Understand the CAUSE:

Wherever there is a battery or Direct Current (DC) supply and current leakage to the Earth, stray current flows.  Above all, stray current is the ONLY cause of marine electrolysis corrosion.

Therefore, when we prevent stray current, we prevent  the ONLY cause.

Step 3 of 3. 

Prevent the CAUSE. Permanently:

Marine Electrolysis Corrosion Prevention Procedure:

Install SeaBis Master:

Connect to battery power:

  • Brown to battery positive
  • Blue to battery negative
  • Green / yellow to metal hull or metal engine body

After that, observe SeaBis indicators:

  1. For instance, if you see other than either Normal (green) then the stray current is ongoing.  In addition, SeaBis Master indicates the side of the battery causing stray current. Therefore, halving your work. According to Bat + or Bat – indicator: Switch off or disconnect circuits on battery positive OR negative until you have a Normal.  Above all, when either Normal is On there is no stray current
  2. The last circuit you switched off was a cause of stray current
  3. Consequentially, leave it switched Off



  4. After that, to determine if there are any other causes, touch connect the remainder, one at a time
  5. Then, any that cause other than Normal, leave switched Off.  Reconnect all that indicate Normal




  6. In conclusion, you will have one or more circuits off / disconnected.  After that, see what has no power, and you will know the cause/s.

To prevent the CAUSE of stray current:
Follow How to Prevent Corrosion instructions or Contact Us.

Above all, now there can be no stray current, so no marine electrolysis corrosion, permanently.

We Guarantee and Warranty SeaBis Master System will prevent all CAUSES of minimum 97% of marine electrolysis corrosion. Above all, that cause is ONLY stray current.  In conclusion, preventing ALL stray current will prevent ALL marine electrolysis corrosion.

The reason we provide 8 years Guarantee and Warranty is we are 100% correct.
In addition, we provide 8 years diagnostic support, also free, as we know causes will reoccur.

 Proof that marine electrolysis corrosion is ONLY CAUSED by stray current-DC or battery power:

  1:  External proof by Wikipedia:  Battery power – Direct Current (DC) is the ONLY cause of stray current corrosion. Via air and water. In addition, look at the colour of power leads to apparatus. Red is DC positive and black is DC negative. Proof HERE.
  2:  Do not waste your money, a Blocker, is in the AC power supply, so will not stop stray current corrosion. It will increase the risk of electrocution and allow corrosion to escalate: DC is the ONLY cause of stray current.  Reason: DC cannot exist in AC (shore or inverter power). Explanation HERE.
  In addition, external proof by yourself:  AC (shore power) in DC:  Read the specification on your electric kettle / pot / hotplate / mains power appliance. There will be no DC entry. Therefore, it has no tolerance for DC. In conclusion, IF there were DC in the AC, there is no Counter Motive current (Back EMF) therefore the appliance would attempt to draw infinite current. It would burn out in a few seconds. As would every appliance in your country.  Additional proof explanation Counter Motive Force (Back EMF) HERE.

IF there is DC in the AC, then SeaBis Master will indicate it by flashing red.

  3:  It is far lower cost to prevent stray current corrosion than repair:

“I had no marine electrolysis corrosion until a few weeks ago” – solution follows:

Solution: As the metal becomes rougher, so its surface area increases. That increases the stray current flow. Therefore, increasing corrosion, cumulatively. I have witnessed a 10-day time period from no to extreme corrosion far too many times. In many instances, two of US$5,000 propellers were corroded beyond repair in 10 days. Therefore, employ SeaBis Master System with How to Prevent Corrosion. Prevent the stray current that is the ONLY cause, NOW
If you cannot prevent the CAUSE, then CONTACT US, and we will supply a short term solution – free.

Marine corrosion prevention here.


Marine Electrolysis Corrosion Cause Prevention.

8 years guarantee and warranty - free

8 years diagnosis support - free

20 years design life - free

Before SeaBis Master System:

Marine electrolysis corrosion is ongoing.  It is ONLY caused by stray current.  It causes metal to dissolve, therefore coating bubbles.   In conclusion, ALL metal, everywhere onboard, conducts the stray current. Via air and water. After that, it attacks everything it has access to. Via water and air: propeller, gearbox, engine, hull, deck rails, mast – all metal.

After SeaBis Master System:

Marine electrolysis corrosion prevented.  Permanently.  Above all, no stray current therefore, no metal dissolved. Therefore, no bubbles.  Antifouling can work as designed.  No growth. 
In addition, no additional coating, plating, through hull or moving parts.
Above all, Antifouling can now work as designed. 
In conclusion, SeaBis Master System prevents ALL marine electrolysis corrosion. Permanently.

Real life movie follows.  Made by the grateful, sailing the World, yacht Owner:

Extremely complex commercial yacht.  In conclusion, ALL causes of marine electrolysis corrosion prevented. Permanently.

In addition, most vessels need only one SeaBis Master.

Galvanic Corrosion is the remaining 3% :

There is only ONE cause for galvanic corrosion:    That cause is differing metals such as Aluminium and Stainless Steel that are touching or very close to touching in another than dry environment.  There is no other cause of galvanic corrosion.  Permanently.

Marine electrolysis corrosion accelerates galvanic corrosion on at least a 1,000:1 ratio.

Therefore, must be prevented BEFORE preventing galvanic corrosion.  After that, galvanic corrosion is easy to prevent by insulation, separation or anode.

For instance:  Leaning a stainless-steel ladder against the hull of an aluminium vessel will generate galvanic corrosion that dissolves the hull.  At the point, the ladder touches the aluminium.  Similarly, stainless steel handles on an aluminium cupboard will cause the aluminium to dissolve. Insulating the stainless steel from aluminium, at the point of contact, will prevent the CAUSE of galvanic corrosion. Marine electrolysis corrosion must be prevented first.

In conclusion, we will assist for a minimum of 8 years – free.

First, prevent the stray current that is the ONLY cause of at least 97% of marine electrolysis corrosion.  After that, prevent the 3% galvanic corrosion.  Corrosion causes will recur, therefore, we will provide free diagnostic support for a minimum of 8 years.