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SeaBis System

eliminates marine electrolysis, permanently

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Enjoy - no corrosion

Corrosion - eliminate the cause BEFORE it costs you a fortune. 8 year money back guarantee.

Enjoy - no electrolysis

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stop electrolysis

Enjoy - no stray current

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Enjoy - power consumption reduced-no electrolysis

Eliminate all electrolysis, then Galvanic corrosion is easily eliminated.

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How to stop marine corrosion

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•SeaBis Master is an industrial grade mini-computer with 20 years life. It is the simplest and most direct way to eliminate corrosion. SeaBis Master can be moved between battery banks. You do not need anything else to stop electrolysis when you use SeaBis Master System. SeaBis Master with How To Stop Marine Corrosion eliminates the cause - stray current.

•SeaBis Master confirms there is no electrolysis in real time. Will tell you if the galvanic isolator fails and when the SeaBis green Normal light is on there is no electrolysis and anodes can work as designed.

•Adding additional Anodes will only cost you more money than SeaBis.

•External reference, proof we are correct, DC (batteries) cause metal corrosion: Wikipedia - electrolysis cause:

•SeaBis Master System causes you to comply with ABYC so removing an excuse for your insurance to refuse payment. It is your money, do not waste it.

•While the engine will be less than half the cause, Isuzu through their Distributors do sell the parts to stop your engine causing electrolysis and complete engines that are correctly insulated.

Eliminate marine electrolysis,

in 3 steps, permanently:

1. Identify
2. Understand
3. Eliminate the cause

Marine Corrosion CAUSE elimination:

Electrolysis dissolves metal, 24 hours, every day. Some call this stray current "rust"

Step 1: identify the cause of marine corrosion: electrolysis
 • Propeller
 blades dissolve
 • Metal under the
paint  dissolves
 • Welds have a lower
resistance to current
so dissolve first
Propellor corroded Paint repair Welds dissolve before sheet metal
 • Plumbing  corrosion.
White growth is typical.
 • Radiator core dissolves
so becomes porous
 • Patches of electrolysis
caused by lower resistance
to current flow
Plumbing electrolysis Radiator leaks Patches of electrolysis

Step 2: understand the cause of marine corrosion - stray current

Stray current is dependant on an electro - chemical reaction.
Eliminate the stray current and you eliminate electrolysis:
  No SeaBis System     With SeaBis System  
Metal stray current causes corrosion Stray current Metal corrosion cause eliminated No stray current
  Stray current causing corrosion     No corrosion  

Step 3: now eliminate the cause of marine corrosion - use SeaBis Master and follow How To Stop Marine Corrosion:

Connect SeaBis, battery positive and negative to battery and Sense wire to metal hull / engine body. SeaBis will indicate by a  Traffic Light System

To eliminate the cause of marine corrosion follow How To Stop Marine Corrosion supplied with SeaBis - Disconnect equipment until SeaBis indicates Normal. The last thing you disconnected was the cause. It now has no power so is easily identified.

To repair follow How To Stop Marine Corrosion. Now anodes and coatings / platings will work as designed. Permanently connect SeaBis and monitor at least once per month to fix new causes before they create corrosion. Full training and diagnostic support included with SeaBis Master System.



The reason we are successful:

The cause of the stray current that creates electrolysis corrosion is direct current (DC), from batteries as DC.  That is true wherever there is DC and metal contact to the Earth. Even clouds have greater than 10% moisture so have an electrical path to the Earth. 

So is true, not only of marine but installations, vehicles, Rigs and Platforms, generators, alternators, any where there is electronics and metal in even remote contact with the Earth.  Even smaller aircraft have the problem because there is more than 10% moisture in the air.

We measure that current to accuracy of 10 millionths of an amp, in parallel, so do not disturb the circuit under test.  The User switches off, unplugs or disconnects circuits until SeaBis indicates Normal.  Then follows How To Stop Metal Corrosion and / or contacts me.

Our system is therefore absolute.  Hence we offer our 8 year money back guarantee. How To Stop Marine Corrosion must be complied with.

In depth information is available at menus above and to left side.

SeaBis explanation

How to stop electrolysis under actual live use conditions: SeaBis System identifies the cause. How To Stop Marine Corrosion eliminates it.
Free initial advice: email Glen Bishop

it is absolutely safe.  You are immune from electrolysis from any source. Including adjacent vessels. You cannot generate electrolysis.

a very low level of electrolysis barely visible in 1 year

Serious corrosion will be visible in 6 months

Critical corrosion will be visible in 3 months

AC Only battery life is halved. Your electronics are at risk. AC in your DC kills electronics.

Installation is easy - just 3 wires - Battery positive and negative and hull/engine.

How to stop electrolysis under actual live use conditions: Follow How To Stop Marine Corrosion. Training and 30 minutes support-free with Master System.

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•Full details, training and diagnostic support supplied with SeaBis Master.

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