Conquer corrosion in 3 steps.

Marine electrolysis, paint bubbles stopped. No thru hull penetration. 

Battery, AC and shore power! We correct the cause. No additional coating.

Find out how

Stray current eliminated by SeaBis System


Stray current causes corrosion.  That includes boat or marina, rust, rig and process line corrosion. Termed electrolysis. The SeaBis System controls them all.



Corrosion is dependent on an electro-chemical reaction. Identify and correct the stray current and you will prevent ALL corrosion from occurring.



SeaBis correctly identifies the CAUSE of stray current corrosion – electrolysis and corrects that cause, saving you thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair.

SeaBis at work! An extremely complex commercial yacht.  After a year use of SeaBis.  No paint bubbles! seabis-reference

Technical explanation (easily understood)

SeaBis Master System stops the CAUSE of stray current – electrolysis.

Rust, electrolysis, electrolytic action, marina corrosion, boat corrosion and galvanic are all common names.

Rust is simply air carried current often vastly accelerated by stray current – electrolysis.

Galvanic is vastly accelerated by electrolysis.  The minority cause is two different metals being in proximity in a conductor such as water.  Galvanic is a million times slower than stray current corrosion – electrolysis.  Anodes, when stray current corrosion is eliminated, will stop galvanic and should last 3 to 4 years.  If they do not then stray current is the cause.


Stray Current Corrosion

Stray current dissolves your metal

Stray current dissolves your metal

Stray current corrosion

Stray current corrosion to engine leg in 14 days


Stray current corrosion is caused by wiring or equipment defects on board your vessel.  I witness stray current destroy commercial propellers and a hull in 10 days, many times every year.  It is current flowing from your vessel to the Earth.  This is where SeaBis pays for itself, very quickly.  SeaBis Master System eliminates stray current CAUSE.  So saving you many thousands dollars.


Stray current thru electrolytic action creates marine electrolysis corrosion. So the original marine corrosion cause is your vessel creating stray current.  If you need additional clarification contact us.

How to prevent marine electrolysis

Stray current causes marine electrolysis

Stray current causes corrosion to be aggressive and very visible.  In other words stray current causes marine electrolysis by electrolytic action. Stray current accelerates rust.

Stray current accelerates marine electrolysis.

First the corrosive ability of marine electrolysis depends on causes in your boat.  Second every other boat within at least 180 meters will affect your boat.  In addition the depth of the water.  Shallow water causes the Earth to have a increased affect. SeaBis measures the total of ALL stray current. SeaBis System eliminate the CAUSE of stray current, permanently. So eliminate nearly all corrosion.

Your metal contacts moisture.

The moisture creates an electrical circuit to the Earth. Now when we connect a battery it vastly accelerates stray current.  So creating marine corrosion by marine electrolysis. Often this  is termed boat or marina corrosion or rust.

Do you doubt stray current causes corrosion?

Then see Wikipedia, electrolysis.  The Wikipedia apparatus power is red and black – so must be Direct Current (DC or battery current). The Wikipedia text clearly states DC current. It does not state Alternating Current (AC or inverter or mains or shore power). So shore power or AC cannot be the cause.

AC is the abbreviation for alternating current.

AC reverses direction every half Hertz or Cycle.  A particle removed in the first half Hertz will be replaced in second half Hertz. Therefore AC cannot cause electrolysis.  In addition, if there were DC in AC then every AC appliance would burn out in a few seconds. As DC has no Back EMF (Counter Motive Force).  So do not blame the shore connection.

Rust cause:

Air carries stray current causing marine electrolysis. Therefore creates rust. Stopping stray current reduces rust.

More proof: 

Your battery is connected to metal that connects to the Earth via the water. Therefore creates accelerated marine electrolysis.  See Wikipedia, Earth based current –
Explanation: The Earth provides a current and electrical path therefore causing the stray current to increase.  We must not connect metal connected DC to the Earth. Water and air are conductors. So complete the circuit to the Earth. Use SeaBis System to identify and repair the cause.

Understand stray current then conquer it

SeaBis stops CAUSE of stray current
Stray current – electrolytic corrosion CAUSE eliminated

Most importantly stray current is dependent on 3 inputs: moisture, metal and an electrical current.  So elimination of stray current stops corrosion.

In conclusion the SeaBis System with How To Stop Corrosion permanently stops the CAUSE of stray current that creates marine electrolysis.   In other words electrolytic corrosion is vastly reduced.

Current explanation at How page.

To complete repair:

First use SeaBis to measure current flow to the Earth.  Second, identify the circuit causing stray current by switching off circuits until SeaBis Master indicates Normal (green).  The last circuit you switched off was the cause.  Finally stop the CAUSE, follow How To Stop Corrosion. Then our 8 year guarantee applies.

Link to How we conquer corrosion in 3 steps

Proof we are correct Wikipedia


The SeaBis box proved very useful in tracking down multiple stray current problems aboard our boat. The leading cause was old household wire originally installed by Beneteau and new electronics that had not been earthed correctly. The service from SeaBis was excellent with prompt replies to my queries. I did really appreciate your help. Thanks again for your help, its been A1 service.

Andrew Deeley / SV Utopia II

Marine electrolysis that causes marine corrosion eliminated

Hi Glen, Thanks for your help earlier today. I’ve easily isolated the offending components… spreader lights depth sounder …and the starter motor. I guess the latter is due to carbon build up as it is meant to be a separate earth unit. Anyhow, back on track now. Cheers, Mike

Mike Brady

Marine electrolysis that causes marine corrosion eliminated

My wife and I are currently circumnavigating aboard our 45 ft. steel yacht. I purchased a SeaBis System after borrowing a friend’s SeaBis and discovering that I, too, had stray current – a flashing red critical light is hard to ignore. This was after the boat had been tested and cleared by the test bulb method. I have no electrical skills but, by following the system, I was able to detect and eliminate the four causes of stray current – a non-isolated genset, a VHF aerial not insulated from the mast, a fuel tank gauge not insulated from the SS day tank, and the connection between a non 12v computer and the SSB radio – to achieve a very satisfying green normal light.

Furthermore, the SeaBis has identified AC leakage from worn brushes in 12v fans and, most recently, a path between the brushes and case on my Balmar alternator, which blew the SeaBis fuse before causing any damage. I consider the SeaBis to be a vital element in diagnosing my yacht’s electrical health. I would also add that Glen has been a great guy to deal with, standing behind his product and providing a wealth of diagnostic advice.

You may use my testimonial with verification.

Mark and Heather Domney

Marine electrolysis that causes marine corrosion eliminated

Six years ago I purchased a Dutch barge in Amsterdam, shipped it to the UK and spent four years restoring it to a fully functioning residential boat in my spare time. During this process I learnt much about the ways of vessels which has added to my automobile knowledge. One of the things I learnt was that corrosion was destroying my hull which lead into an investigation, this in turn lead me to the SeaBis. I completed How To Stop Corrosion and time has proven the cause is removed. No more stray current corrosion.

Paul Michelmore

Marine electrolysis that causes marine corrosion eliminated

Well Glen your SeaBis system fixed the cause. No problems in 5 months. It was a deck generator and CB radio.

John Singleton

Marine electrolysis that causes marine corrosion eliminated

We purchased a steel cruiser 8 years ago and had problems not long after purchase with corrosion on the decks. When the boat was slipped we had evidence of metal corrosion which I think is caused by electrolysis, on the hull as well. When the boat was returned to the water I had a marine electrician check out the boat and he said that our boat was OK and the corrosion was caused by the boat next to us in the marina.

We then believed that was the cause, we tried to get the marina to do something about it but they did not want to know. When the boat was slipped 18 months later the corrosion was that bad we had to sand blast back to bare metal and repaint including the decks. We moved the boat out of marina and put it on a swing mooring, when the boat was slipped again it was evident again. I looked on the web and found the SeaBis site and purchased a unit since then the decks have stopped showing signs of accelerated corrosion. Although we have yet to slip the boat again to check the hull I am confident that the SeaBis unit is performing, as the decks are looking great.

Michael Cuthbert

 Two Volvo engines with a carbon fibre mast and extensive advanced corrosion to engines. One has previously been replaced. The Owner and Peter traced the cause to a separate power supply in the instrumentation. Fitted an isolating diode and isolating switches to both engines. Problem fixed.

Peter – Qualified and experienced Marine Electrician