Marine electrolysis eliminated, permanently

 How to stop the CAUSE of corrosion - stray current causing marine electrolysis.

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 95% vessels need one SeaBis only. This yacht is the exception. Free advice: email us.
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 It is much cheaper to stop the stray current that causes marine electrolysis now: purchase SeaBis System

 SeaBis is a complete system to stop the CAUSE of stray current creating marine electrolysis.

 We do not use a Blocker we detect and solve the CAUSE.

 With personal service: email Glen Bishop or download Skype: seabis1, or mobile / cell 61 (0)417 878 773.

 Marine electrolysis is a million times more corrosive than Galvanic. So we must eliminate the stray current that causes marine electrolysis first.  Then galvanic is easily eliminated by anodes.

 No thru enclosure / hull penetration. No additional plating or coatings. One SeaBis may be moved to multiple battery banks.

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 STEP 1 of 3: IDENTIFY the cause of corrosion

 STEP 2 of 3: UNDERSTAND marine electrolysis

 STEP 3 of 3: ELIMINATE the cause of corrosion

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 Corrosion - Galvanic or Rust or Electrolysis?

 Marine electrolysis CAUSE elimination training

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 Guarantee and Testimonials

 Permanently and forever. No thru hull / enclosure / body penetrations.
 8 year money back Guarantee and verifiable Testimonials. 20 year design life.

 How to stop stray current that causes marine electrolysis corrosion. Believe in your self – your wisdom, read these pages.

 Consider why we provide a 8 year money back guarantee and verifiable testimonials. We must be correct.

 Free: 30 minutes diagnostic support and we will guide you thru how to prevent corrosion: SeaBis products


 Knowledge will save you money:

 You do not need to remember this course. Add a link to your Browser (Ctrl plus d) then use it as a reference

 Explanation-the original cause of electrolysis:

 The cause of corrosive current is the battery ”0” volts terminal. In Kelvin Absolute Law terms (see Wikipedia) is actually at minus 12 volts for a 12 volt battery (24 for 24 volt battery). The metal contains electrons which are negatively charged. So the two negatives repel each other causing electrolysis to dissolve your metal into particles. The Earth is at +1.2 volts so attracts those particles. So your metal corrodes to the Earth. The solution is to use SeaBis to eliminate the cause.
See: Wikipedia electrolysis. Note DC power – the Apparatus power leads are red and black, and first paragraph specifically states DC, not AC(mains or shore power).

 Causes - not true:

 AC - Mains / shore / inverter power. AC current (power) cannot cause electrolysis as it changes direction every half cycle / Hertz.

  So IF it takes off a metal particle in the first half cycle it will replace it in the second half cycle.

 Electrolysis is impossible.

 Understand real CAUSE then eliminate it by using booklet supplied with SeaBis: How To Stop Corrosion.

 DC (battery) current flows in the same direction, permanently. The negative only connected will conduct to the Earth.

 So DC creates electrolysis current 24 hours every day of the year.

 Fit SeaBis, follow booklet supplied with SeaBis: How To Stop Corrosion and eliminate that current, permanently.

 DC - direct or battery current in AC? Please read the specification on your electric kettle / pot / hotplate. There will be no DC entry.

 If there were DC in the AC the electric kettle / pot / hotplate would attempt to draw in infinite current and instantly burn out. As would every appliance in your country.

 Reference Wikipedia:- DC does not create Back EMF (Counter-electromotive force) so there is no resistance to DC current flow.

 We must be correct: We guarantee to eliminate ALL CAUSES of electrolysis for 8 years using enclosed booklet: How To Stop Corrosion

  How to stop corrosion: the reason we supply a 8 year money back guarantee is we are 100% correct. Current through damp to wet metal to Earth is eliminated, permanently.

 That means no electrolysis, permanently.

 What is SeaBis?

 SeaBis is an electronic device with How To Stop Corrosion that WILL 100% and permanently stop electrolysis:

 Use the SeaBis System to identify then eliminate the leaking stray electrical current that is the direct cause.

 Permanently. No hull / metal penetration / additional coating or plating. The stray current SOURCE is eliminated.

 The benefits of using SeaBis- Use How To Stop Corrosion to eliminate the CAUSE.

 SeaBis shows the invisible electrolysis current that will cause corrosion in real time.

 There is no need to slip the vessel to see the anodes eaten away because SeaBis will be showing a warning light instantaneously.

 Better yet the SeaBis units green light is lit continuously with absolute peace of mind that the vessel is free of the stray current that will cause corrosion.

 How to stop corrosion completes elimination of ALL CAUSES.

 Stray current causes electrolysis that is the cause of 97% of all corrosion.

 Electrolysis is caused by DC (battery) current ONLY. The MAIN source of stray current that causes electrolysis is the vessels' own battery bank. ALL CAUSES are eliminated by SeaBis System. 

 Stop electrolysis then rust and galvanic corrosion are easy to eliminate. The paint, coatings and anodes will not be destroyed by electrolysis.

 Your engine and hull will not be dissolved and anodes can protect your metal from galvanic corrosion as designed.

 SeaBis may be used with battery clips and moved battery bank to battery bank to eliminate all permanent causes. Intermittent and new causes require SeaBis be permanently installed.

 Why buy a Blocker?

 Some will try confusion by calling Blocker a Galvanic Isolator!
 Don't be deceived.

  Ask for their WRITTEN guarantee. Ensure it has value - issued by a person with property in your country.

 SeaBis WRITTEN 8 year money back Guarantee is here - written guarantee

 Prove stray current causes corrosion by asking yourself questions. The answer follows:

 Why is fence corrosion worse at the bottom than the top?
 The bottom is nearer the humidity of the Earth so is more vulnerable to current flowing to the Earth. (the Earth we stand on.  Not the mains power supply earth).

 Why do radiators corrode before the engine and body?

 Radiators have a lower electrical resistance than engine and body and most other harder metals so pass the majority of stray current that causes corrosion through themselves.
 That results in accelerated corrosion.

 Why do vehicles in damp areas corrode more than in dry areas?

 The tires are rubber so a good insulator, unless there is greater than 10% humidity. Then the rubber tire ceases to insulate the vehicle from the Earth and the result is electrolysis.

 Why do small to medium size aircraft suffer from electrolysis?

 Larger aircraft stop electrolysis by correct insulation.

 Why to small to medium aircraft get electrolysis?

 Clouds have greater than 10% humidity. the air around aircraft, in clouds, contains more than the tolerance level of 10% humidity.
 Any metal in contact with the Earth, even remotely through the air, passes stray current to the Earth so causing electrolysis.

 Large aircraft are correctly insulated so do not get electrolysis.

 Why are boats and yachts more prone to stray current that causes corrosion than vehicles?

 They are sitting in a good conductor to the Earth - water.

 Whereas vehicles are insulated from the Earth by their rubber tires, providing those tires are dry 97% of the time.

  Electrolysis 97% calculation: Non commercial vessels use their engine/s less than 200 hours per year.

 There are 8,400 hours in a year so 200 hours divided 8,400 equals 2.38 percent of corrosion cause remaining, or contact me:

 When SeaBis indicates NORMAL on all battery banks excluding engine we can supply a modified solenoid to keep engine electrolysis below 3%.
 In commercial use the engine ON hours will exceed 200 per year so full elimination of all causes is essential. We will guide you through, no matter the use.

 Why do small to medium trucks, planes and some vessels suffer from electrolysis when the larger do not?

 Larger planes are correctly insulated. That will be the result of SeaBis and How to Stop Corrosion.

 Free 30 minutes diagnostic support and we will guide you thru how to stop corrosion. SeaBis products

 References click: Wikipedia-electrolysis
and Testimonials with verification
and Is electrolysis eating your boat.pdf
and SeaBis System 100% works-Corrosionpedia

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