Marine Corrosion CAUSE Stopped. 100%. Permanently. 3 easy steps. Offshore Facilities included.

Photograph proof SeaBis Master System stops marine corrosion CAUSE.  Permanently. So, rely on SeaBis:

Marine corrosion.  Above all, to prevent CAUSE, permanently, rely on SeaBis Master System.

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ABYC Wiring Ruiles compliance. Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently
Marine electrolysis corrosion CAUSE prevention

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Most importantly, rely on SeaBis.

Marine electrolysis corrosion. Guarantee, warranty and support, free for 8 years.

We know SeaBis Master System will stop the CAUSE of marine corrosion.  Therefore, we guarantee (the equipment) and warranty (the function- SeaBis Master System) for 8 years. In addition, experience has taught us that CAUSE/s will reoccur.  Therefore, we provide free support for 8 years. Contact us.

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Above all, verify that which we state is true: 

Wikipedia: Meanwhile, note that the Wikipedia equipment power supply is red and black.  Therefore, it is direct current (DC) or battery power. Also, confirmed in the first Wikipedia text as DC.  In conclusion, corrosion is not caused by Shore Power AC or Alternating Current.  Therefore, why use a device in shore power such as a transformer or “Blocker”?  To verify the truth, click:  Wikipedia – electrolysis.

The reason why we provide an 8-year guarantee and warranty is because more than 2,000 SeaBis Master Systems in use have proven we are 100% correct.

HINT: Excessive weed growth common CAUSE is a rough surface. Often, the CAUSE of rough surfaces is electrolysis and easily stopped.

After that, identify the types of corrosion the SeaBis Master System stops. See photographs: 


Marine electrolysis corrosion prevention procedure to stop corrosion: To prevent all cause/s is easy:


Connect the brown wire to battery positive.  Blue wire to battery negative.  Green / yellow (current sense) wire to metal hull or engine body metal.

First, identify the types of corrosion SeaBis Master System prevents.  

Identified in the photos in the above carousel.

Second, understand that corrosion CAUSE is stray current, ONLY:

To explain, where there is a battery and moisture or water, stray current flows.  Above all, stray current is the ONLY cause of marine electrolysis corrosion. In conclusion, prevented 100% by the SeaBis System.

Third, finally and permanently stop the CAUSE of corrosive current:

Switch off equipment until SeaBis Master LED is Normal (green). Secondly, turn on all that cause Normal. Turn off all that cause Caution, Serious or Critical.  So only the equipment that CAUSES electrolysis capable current is switched off.  They have no power, so are easily identified.


Marine electrolysis corrosion is permanently prevented by SeaBis Master System.  

To repair and prevent all causes of current with corrosive ability, follow How to Stop Corrosion or contact us.


Just selling SeaBis Master System is not good enough for us.  In conclusion, we want you to succeed.  However, new causes will occur. Therefore, we provide 8 years of free support.

Importantly, multimeters will not help and will risk your life:

SeaBis Master responds to 10 millionths of an amp of currents.  Corrosion starts at 20 millionths of an amp of current.  Multimeters are not adequately sensitive, with a response of 200 millionths of an amp.  In comparison, multimeters are in the wrong circuit, and risk your life. Additionally, in current modes, multi-meters measure voltage, not current.  Therefore, multi-meters worsen the situation.  Importantly, SeaBis Master System responds to current as current. In conclusion, SeaBis Master System prevents the CAUSE of corrosion: current.

In conclusion, proof we are genuine: Click here.

Marine electrolysis corrosion CAUSE prevention:

* How many SeaBis Master do I need:

One. There are various methods of monitoring more than one battery bank, as follows:

* Moreover, SeaBis Master becomes portable by fitting battery clips:

One SeaBis Master with battery clips when moved from battery bank to battery bank or boat to boat will monitor that battery bank connected to it.  All SeaBis wires will extend hundreds of meters.   Stray current flowing in the circuit SeaBis is connected is displayed.  Therefore, not on battery banks while moved elsewhere – connected elsewhere.  Intermittent or new causes MAY occur while connected elsewhere, so require a permanent connection.

* Additionally, how to increase the number of battery banks connected to SeaBis Master:

By using (link): Portable SeaBis Master or Battery Switches “Both” or “Emergency”.  Therefore, paralleling battery banks. ONE SeaBis Master will monitor all parallel battery banks.  Contact us with SeaBis Master results, then we will email a wiring diagram and support.


How to Prevent Marine Corrosion, understand the CAUSE:

Voltage versus current – critical importance. 

Voltage is POTENTIAL for current to flow. Multimeters, like all probes or fish, measure voltage in voltage and also in current modes. Multimeters add the voltages produced by every vessel within at least 150 meters. They are initially cheap.  They will not assist you in stopping the CAUSE of corrosion.
Current is ACTUAL energy flow.  SeaBis Master measures CURRENT through your boat ONLY.  With an accuracy of 10 parts in one millionth of one amp.

Most importantly, multimeters when on current ranges measure voltage.  Therefore, using a multimeter, probe etcetera MUST fail.  In conclusion, that failure WILL cost you increased corrosion in an *exponential manner. 

Similarly, using SeaBis Master so measuring CURRENT with absolute accuracy then disconnecting until that current ceases WILL prevent the CAUSE100%, permanently.

* Exponential tipping point where corrosion is self-increasing:

In addition, corrosion roughens the surface.  As the surface is roughened so stray current increases, therefore, corrosion increases …. Prevent CAUSE with SeaBis Master System as soon as possible.

SeaBis Master System prevents the CAUSE of electrolysis corrosion.
Marine electrolysis corrosion CAUSE prevention by SeaBis Master System works 100%.
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Made in Australia

ALL Battery positive LED’s – contact us immediately. Especially if you have both 12 and 24 volts. Fire risk is stopped.

SeaBis Master LED’s explanation:

Your work is reduced by 50%: SeaBis Master displays battery side causing the fault/s.  “Battery positive red” or “Battery negative black”.

1: Normal, either (green) = the stray current is far too low to cause corrosion. So, there is no corrosion.
2: Caution (amber) = very low current.  There is a risk a fault can become serious

3: Serious (red) = visible corrosion in 6 months

4: Critical (flashing red) = visible corrosion in 3 months

5: AC Only (flashing red) = your batteries, electronics, and you are at risk.  Excessive AC (110/240) on top of DC (battery). A common cause is power supply Active, Neutral or Earth reversed so your life is at risk. AC is in excess of 2.0 volts.  The correct AC is 0.02 volt.  So the AC content, at least 100 times the correct AC.

All battery positive LED’s then contact us immediately.  There is a fire risk that is stopped.

Real life movie follows.  Made, to say thank you, by the yacht Owner:
Above all, an extremely complex commercial yacht.  In conclusion, ALL causes of marine corrosion are prevented. Permanently.

In addition, most vessels need only one SeaBis Master.

Busy? There is no need to read any further.  

We will, step by step, guide you or another through permanent prevention of all stray current.  That is the ONLY  CAUSE of 97 % of all corrosion, prevented.



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