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Propeller blade corroded by electrolysis
Propeller blade corroded by stray current

The propeller, in 10 days, was corroded by stray current causing electrolysis corrosion.
Stainless steel would have developed worm holes.

Glen Bishop biography


97% of corrosion CAUSE proven as current flow to the Earth. Termed stray current that CAUSES marine electrolysis. We developed an instrument to measure the current and a procedure to prevent the cause.  Proven 100% reliable over 18 years in commercial use. Glen Ray Bishop is CEO of SeaBis who did research and development, manufacture and market SeaBis, World-wide. Surveyor to all Class Societies, World-wide.

The remaining 3% is galvanic and easily corrected by anodes after the primary cause is corrected.

Dedicated to how to stop the stray current that creates corrosion.
Glen’s background:

55 years in corrosion prevention, solely and in great depth. Including 9 years at sea, the last 4.5 in submarine service.

Formal training:

5 years at HMS Collingwood, Portsmouth, England.

Informal training:

8 hours every week for 45 years in how to stop corrosion using MPLab, Protel, Multism, and test vessels studying how to stop corrosion. Circuit construction and proving in 5 large ponds. Testing and improvement in 223 vessels over 10 years.


Corrosion prevention, over 55 years. The last 14 as commercial with total success.

Commencing with inspiration:

I was the Surveyor for every Class Society (insurance authority) World-wide. During Surveys I saw most ships with corrosion – stray current hull damage, normally in the hull adjacent to power generation area. I was privy to Class Societies records and knew over 800 ships per year were severely damaged with high proportion sinking. Then in 1992, my own vessel became porous over a 3 week period in a new mooring with steel post between each vessel. So in 21 days my  boat became porous! The same week two tugs became porous. 10 years later and AU$500,000 and 223 vessels I had the answer and went commercial.


Glen has never sold any to ships but a large number to vessels. Shipping companies insure their own hulls thru self funded insurance and get a new ship and crew in one phone call to a third World country. The boat or yacht owner is biased – he does NOT want to risk drowning and has control.

The Beginning:

During a cold winters day, in 1992 Glen was asked to attend a Tug that had returned from refit 3 months earlier. The crew had opened the bow buoyancy tank and found corrosion – thousands of needle shaped holes all just below of the water service caused by stray current. Using a digital micrometer he measured hole depths of 4 mm. The hull was 5 mm thick. Back to dry dock and new bow plates. The tug was out of service for five days so that alone cost $150,000. We had not developed our system at that time, consumed all 5 days at the Tug and could not find the cause. The first instrument was developed. It measured nine amps of electric current thru the hull then promptly incinerated itself. Many versions later How to Stop Corrosion, became viable.

The Growing Years:

We installed prototype instruments in a total of 223 vessels. Eventually, we faced the fact that normal technology would not survive when connected to metal that was in contact with the water. So we swallowed very hard and accepted the fact that only very sophisticated protection and a microprocessor would probably service. They did so in all 223 vessels. How to Stop Corrosion, became effective.

Where we are going:

We have installed nearly 2000 Master Systems. The Master has proved itself totally reliable. We are expanding World-wide. SeaBis System is guaranteed for 8 years. With a design life of 20 years.

About Us:

SeaBis is a registered trade name owned by Podean Electronic Industries.

Glen Bishop

SeaBis Designer Glen Bishop

We are an electronic engineering company completing research, development, and manufacturing of special products, specializing in how to stop corrosion.


Corrosion has many names: Stray current, galvanic, boat, yacht or marina corrosion, bonding or rust. They are all caused by electric current dissolving your metal to the Earth. 

We consider imparting knowledge of how to stop corrosion to be our primary objective. We offer free training and 30 minutes free diagnostic support – value $80.00.

N.B. Anodes are still required but can now work correctly with a vastly increased life expectancy. SeaBis stops the CAUSE if corrosion – stray current creating  corrosion.

If you consider our products or this site can be improved then contact us.


Free diagnostic advice.

The SeaBis System with Instructions will identify the cause of corrosion and correct the cause. That is why we provide a 8 year money back guarantee and warranty with 30 minutes free diagnostic support with Master System. SeaBis Master Instructions must be complied with.
Training and 30 minutes diagnostic support are free.