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About SeaBis.  SeaBis is a Registered Trading Name owned by Podean Electronic Industries Pty Ltd.

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Be blunt and straight to the point.  Most importantly, my mission is to extend the life of products. In conclusion, by providing an alternative to Planned Redundancy. 

With Planned Redundancy, we include manufacturing that includes building in electrolysis so intentionally dissolving your metal, causing you to buy new.

Imagine having the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is protected against the harsh effects of marine corrosion. Firstly, our high-quality products are designed with your needs in mind, providing exceptional protection and ensuring the longevity of your equipment. Secondly, we are very confident in our product and offer an impressive 8-year guarantee and warranty and unparalleled customer service support.

Thirdly, SeaBis Master is designed with 20+ years life.  Moreover, we see no reason why other manufacturers should not match our design.  At the heart of our company is a commitment to providing you with the tools and expertise you need to protect your investment. Our CEO understands the importance of proper care and maintenance to combat corrosion and has personally emphasised the importance of following instructions carefully.

Our team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.  In other words, with convenient options to contact us via email or through our contact page. With our help, you can maximise the protection of your equipment and extend its lifespan. So why wait? Take action now and click the link below to learn more about our inspirational product! Email: Glen Bishop

Designer of the SeaBis System. Glen Bishop.

Dedicated to preventing the ONLY cause for electrolysis corrosion – stray current. Permanently.

SeaBis Designer Glen Bishop.

About SeaBis.  Above all, stop stray currents.

Stray current is the only thing that causes corrosion from electrolysis. You can prevent this completely with the SeaBis Master System. In addition, SeaBis Master will last at least 22 years. Get an 8-year guarantee for the equipment’s operation and warranty for preventing stray current, plus support for free. Email seabisbg@gmail.com for more information.

Capability Statement.

With more than 2,000 SeaBis Master Systems in continuous use, we guarantee SeaBis Master and warranty no stray current. How to Prevent Corrosion must be complied with.  We know causes such as moisture, damage, carbon build up and new equipment will cause new corrosion so provide a minimum of 8 years of technical support.

Glen Bishop’s qualifications are two degrees in marine electronics engineering.  Similarly, specialising in corrosion prevention. Corrosion cause prevention engineering since 1968 with complete success since 2003.

SeaBis Master System has proven 100% reliable in excess of 20 years of continuous use.  There is a good reason why we guarantee and warranty for 8-years.  The reason is, we are 100% correct. In explanation, prevent stray current, then you prevent ONLY CAUSE of electrolysis corrosion.  Permanently.

Glen Ray Bishop is the CEO of SeaBis. He did research and development and is responsible for manufacturing and marketing SeaBis, World-wide. Surveyors for all Class Societies, World-wide. This website and my company are registered in Australia, so they must comply with Australian Laws. Those laws are strict. 
Verification: Australian Business Number 27008191848. 
Proof: https://abr.business.gov.au/ABN/View/27008191848

Proven by the link: Wikipedia.

Note that the power supply is Direct Current – Battery Power – DC – red and black wires.  In the first paragraph, Wikipedia specifically states DC.  Not Alternating Current (AC) – shore or inverter power.  Blocker is in the AC. So why buy a Blocker?


About SeaBis – Glen Bishop’s background:

55 years of corrosion prevention, solely and in great depth. In addition, 9 years at sea, the last 4.5 in submarine service. 

Formal training:

5 years at HMS Collingwood, Portsmouth, England. 

Informal training:

8 hours every week for 45 years studying how to prevent corrosion using MP Lab, Protel, Multism, Excel and 223 test vessels. Circuit construction and proving in 5 large ponds. In addition, testing and improvement on all 223 vessels over 10 years.  Therefore, I went commercial. 


Corrosion prevention: over 55 years. After 2003 as a commercial with total success. 

About SeaBis, commencing with inspiration:

I was the Surveyor for every Class Society (insurance authority) World-wide. During the Surveys, I saw most ships with corrosion –  stray current corrosion damage, normally in the hull adjacent to DC power generation area. Therefore, I was privy to Class Societies records and knew over 800 ships per year were severely damaged with high proportion sinking. Then in 1992, my own vessel became porous over a 3-week period in a new mooring with a steel post into the Earth between each vessel. In 21 days, my boat became porous! In addition, the same week, two tugs became porous. 10 years later and AU$500,000 and 223 vessels, In conclusion, I had the answer and went commercial. 


Glen has never sold any to ships, but a large number are in use in domestic and commercial vessels. Reason: Shipping companies insure their own hulls through self funded insurance and get a new ship and crew in one phone call. The boat or yacht owner is biased – he does NOT want to risk drowning and has control. 

The Beginning:

During a cold winter’s day, in 1992 Glen was asked to attend a tug that had returned from refit 3 months earlier. The crew had opened the bow buoyancy tank and found corrosion – thousands of needle shaped holes all just below the water surface caused by current. Using a digital micrometer, he measured hole depths of 4 mm. The hull was 5 mm thick. After that, back to the dry dock and new bow plates. Consequently, the tug was out of service for five days, so that alone cost $150,000. In addition, we had not developed our system at that time, consumed all 5 days at the Tug and could not find the cause. Therefore, the first SeaBis was developed. It measured nine amps of electric current through the hull, then promptly incinerated itself. Many versions later, How to Prevent Corrosion, became viable. 

Growing Years:

We installed prototype instruments in a total of 223 vessels. After that, we faced the fact that normal technology would not survive when connected to metal that was in contact with the water. So, we swallowed very hard and accepted the fact that only very sophisticated protection and a microprocessor would probably serve. However, they did so in all 223 vessels. How to Stop Corrosion, became effective. 

Where we are going:

We have installed in excess of 2,000 Master Systems. Therefore, the Masters have proved themselves totally reliable. We are expanding world-wide. In addition, SeaBis Master System is guaranteed for 8 years. In addition, with a design life of 20+ years. 


Corrosion has many names:  galvanic, boat, yacht or marina corrosion, bonding or rust. Similarly, they are all caused by electric currents, dissolving your metal to the Earth.

We consider imparting knowledge of how to stop corrosion to be our primary objective. Therefore, we offer free training and diagnostic support by a Marine Electronics Engineer with two degrees and a lifetime defeating corrosion.

In conclusion, anodes and antifouling are still required, but can now work correctly with a vastly increased life expectancy. SeaBis stops the CAUSE of corrosion – stray current.

If you consider our products or this site can be improved, then contact us. 

About SeaBis – free advice:

Email link: Free diagnostic advice. With SeaBis Master.

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