Buy SeaBis Master System with options to reduce cost.

Prevent Marine Corrosion. Permanently with SeaBis Master System.  Guaranteed.

Marine stray current is always the ONLY CAUSE.  It is generated by the vessel experiencing the corrosion.  Stray current is permanently defeated in next 3 steps.


Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently
Buy SeaBis. Corrosion CAUSE prevention, permanently. 3 easy steps.

Buy SeaBis Master System. Consequently, prevent marine corrosion CAUSE, permanently.  In addition, in 3 easy steps.  Above all, we will guide you through preventing the ONLY cause.  That cause is stray current.  Similarly, stray current is 97% of ALL corrosion. In conclusion, the reason we supply an 8-year money-back guarantee and warranty is we are 100% correct. Similarly, we supply 8 years support because causes, moisture, carbon dust, new equipment, impact damage, will reoccur.

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Marine corrosion prevention

SeaBis Master System.

Buy SeaBis. After that, corrosion CAUSE prevention, permanently.

SeaBis Master System prevents the CAUSE of electrolysis corrosion.
SeaBis Master System prevents the CAUSE of electrolysis corrosion - stray current, permanently, 100%. 8 years guarantee, warranty and support. No additional coating, plating, through hull or moving parts.

Size with removable Mounting Plate:
190 x 98 x 28 mm
7.5 x 3.8 x  1.1 inches.
ALL Bat positive indications – contact us immediately. Especially if you have both 12 and 24 volts. Fire risk can be eliminated.

SeaBis Master LED’s explanation:

In addition, your work is reduced by half:  SeaBis indicates battery side with fault.  “Bat positive” or “Bat negative”.

1:  Normal (green) = there is no corrosive current
2:  Caution (amber) = very low current, very slight risk
3:  Serious  (red) = visible corrosion in 6 months
4: Critical (flashing red) = visible corrosion in 3 months
5:  AC Only (flashing red) = your batteries, electronics and yourself are at risk.  Excessive AC (110/240) on top of DC (battery). Common cause is power supply Active, Neutral or Earth reversed so your life is at risk.

Marine electrolysis CAUSE prevention procedure:

Install SeaBis Master:

Connect to battery power:

1:  Brown to battery positive

2:  Blue to battery negative

3:  Green / yellow to metal hull or metal engine body

4:  After that, observe SeaBis indicators:

For instance, if you see other than either Normal (green) then marine corrosion is ongoing.  In addition, SeaBis Master indicates the side of the battery causing stray current. Therefore, halving your work. According to Bat + or Bat – indicator: Switch off or disconnect circuits on battery positive OR negative until you have a Normal.  Above all, when either Normal is On there is no stray current

5:  In conclusion, the last circuit you switched off was a cause of marine corrosion

Consequentially, leave it switched off

6:  After that, to determine if there are any other causes, touch connect the remainder, one at a time

7:  Any that cause other than Normal, leave OFF. Reconnect all that indicate Normal

8:  In conclusion, you will have one or more circuits off / disconnected.  After that, see what has no power, and you will know the cause/s.

To prevent the CAUSE of creating stray current that is the ONLY cause of electrolysis corrosion:
Follow How to Prevent Corrosion instructions or Contact Us.

Now there can be no stray current so no electrolysis corrosion, permanently.

Buy SeaBis Systems:

After that,  corrosion CAUSE prevention, permanently. 3 easy steps.

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*** Alternatively, test equipment – make SeaBis Master portable – in addition, extend Current Sense to 9 meters and fit with battery clips to all wires HERE.

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Buy SeaBis System.

After that, free installation, diagnostic and repair support:

Installation is easy.  Brown to battery positive.
Blue to battery negative.
Green / yellow to metal hull or engine body.

Free training, diagnostic and repair support by  Marine Electronics Engineer.  In addition, two degrees and a life lime defeating corrosion.

Similarly, 8-year guarantee, warranty, installation,  with SeaBis Master System.  In addition, with SeaBis Master System we include 8 years diagnostic support as we know cause/s will reoccur. However, SeaBis Simple System support is additional.

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Alternatively, Test Equipment – make SeaBis Master Portable – in addition, extend Current Sense to 9 meters and fit with battery clips.

HoweverSeaBis can only monitor the DC (batteries) it is connected to.  You can increase numbers of battery / banks.  With battery “Both” or “Emergency” switches. Or move SeaBis every 7 to 10 days. Or use more than one SeaBis.

SeaBis Master System, Simple and Portable are in stock. 

Similarly, we supply SeaBis Worldwide. The reason we supply 8 year guarantee (physical properties), warranty (functional properties) and diagnostic support, is we are 100% correct. No skill required.

In addition, shipping with full tracking wherever available.
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4 steps.

Step one AUD146.25
*USD108, GBP83 no tax
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After that, contact us by email: [email protected]

Pay 20%. Using my experience of more than 2,000 vessels, we start the process of identifying visible causes.
Next 20%, After that, corrections commenced.
Then 20%. Visible corrections completed. Many none visible remain.
Final 20% and shipping. SeaBis Master System is supplied. None visible causes identified and corrected.  In conclusion, permanent prevention provided.
8 year guarantee, warranty and diagnostic support applies.


Prevent the stay current that is the ONLY cause:

Solenoid automatic switch. 200 amps RMS.  Continuously rated, fully insulated. Fitted with reverse electrolysis prevention.

Solenoid, fully insulated 200 amps RMS with support

Depending on SeaBis Master results, as this may not be necessary:
Battery Switch or Solenoid to eliminate 97% of corrosive current where engine ON hours are less than 200 per year.

Switch or Solenoid type and design to SeaBis System results.

We supply an appropriate type of solenoid modified to prevent corrosive current.  Continuously rated is essential.  Specify 12 or 24 volts. In conclusion, will suit most starters, engines, winch, compressors, generators or sonar.  

Solenoid AU$204.00 free shipping.   Training and support included. See video on home page.