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Prevent Marine Corrosion.  Cause prevention with SeaBis Master System.  Permanently. Guaranteed.

Marine corrosion is always caused by the vessel experiencing the corrosion.


Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently
Buy SeaBis. Corrosion CAUSE prevention, permanently. 3 easy steps.

Buy SeaBis. Therefore, prevent corrosion CAUSE, permanently.  In 3 easy steps. Above all, we will guide you through preventing the ONLY cause: stray current. Stray current is the only cause of marine electrolysis corrosion.  Permanently. That is 97% of ALL corrosion. In conclusion, the reason we supply an 8-year money-back guarantee and warranty is we are 100% correct. Similarly, we supply 8 years support because causes will reoccur.

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SeaBis Simple System.

Lowest cost.

Does not indicate DC (battery) side, battery positive or battery negative, therefore your work will be doubled.
Does not indicate AC (shore / inverter power) excessive.  Therefore, your life may be at risk.
Support is additional.
Intended for experienced Marine Electricians.

SeaBis Simple. The least cost SeaBis.
SeaBis Simple. The least cost SeaBis.

Design at minimum cost.  Applicable for experienced, qualified Marine Electricians ONLY.  Diagnostic support is additional.

SeaBis Master System.

Does indicate DC (battery) side, battery positive or battery negative, so your work will be halved.
Does indicate AC (shore or mains or inverter power). Warns if your life is at risk-Active and Neutral, reversed. Therefore, AC does not present the risk as in Simple.
8 years diagnostic and repair support are included because we know causes will reoccur. 
Can be extended and fitted with battery clips by you or me.  To make a Portable SeaBis Master.
Intended for all persons. With or without electrical knowledge.

Cost a little more.

SeaBis Master System prevents the CAUSE of electrolysis corrosion.
SeaBis Master System prevents the CAUSE of electrolysis corrosion - stray current, permanently, 100%. 8 years guarantee, warranty and support. No additional coating, plating, through hull or moving parts.

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