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Buy SeaBis Simple System. The least cost SeaBis System.

1 year guarantee and warranty

1-year free guarantee and warranty.  Training additional.

SeaBis Simple is manufactured to minimise the cost.  Instructions are emailed, only.  Guarantee and warranty are for 1 year. Packaging in bubble wrap. Technical support is additional.  The SeaBis Master 8-year guarantee and warranty do not apply.

Price is AU$299.00 for SeaBis Simple System, plus shipping plus Australian tax where applicable.  Please supply currency and address. Then I will quote total delivered price in your currency.  Diagnosis support is additional at AU$80 per 30 minutes.
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SeaBis  Simple System.

SeaBis Simple is supplied at the lowest cost possible. Instructions will be emailed, only. There is no allowance for questions or support, unless you buy support (page down). With support, we will provide technical support for a minimum of 8 years. 
Without support, we will refer you to (link) How to Prevent Corrosion, only.
The lowest cost SeaBis System

Size with removable Mounting Plate:
190 x 98 x 28 mm
7.5 x 3.8 x  1.1 inches.

SeaBis Simple LED’s explanation:

1:  Normal (green) = there is no corrosive current
2: Critical (flashing red) = visible corrosion in 3 months
3: Normal alternating / flashing.  IMPORTANT. Excessive AC is attacking your electronics.  Diagnose and repair immediately.


SeaBis Master indicates battery positive or negative that is causing the stray current that creates marine electrolysis corrosion.  SeaBis Simple does not. Therefore, diagnosis MAY involve twice the work.

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Price to mainland areas:

Other areas  – contact us.
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Includes reliable air express shipping.
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With FULL tracking where available.


Bank transfer:

Select your country. Alphabetical order:
Australia:  AU$299.00 + shipping + Australian tax where applicable.
*Canada: CA$332.28


*Europe: EU€232.04
*United Kingdom: GB£203.50
*New Zealand: NZ$372.91
*Singapore: SG$324.29
*United States: US$247.23
*subject to currency variation 
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Diagnostic support additional AU$80.00 for 30 minutes


SeaBis System selector, click here.

SeaBis Master System, click here

SeaBis Portable Master System, click here.


Solenoid automatic switch. 200 amps RMS.  Continuously rated, fully insulated. Fitted with reverse electrolysis prevention.

Solenoid, fully insulated 200 amps RMS with support

Depending on SeaBis results, as this may not be necessary:
Battery Switch or Solenoid to eliminate 97% of corrosive current where engine ON hours are less than 200 per year.

Switch or Solenoid type and design to SeaBis System results.

We supply an appropriate type of solenoid modified to stop corrosive current.  Continuously rated is essential.  Specify 12 or 24 volts. In conclusion, will suit most starters, engines, winch, compressors, generators or sonar.  

Solenoid AU$204.00 free shipping.   Training and support included. See video on home page.

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