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Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently

8-year free guarantee, warranty and (link) diagnosis support with SeaBis Master System:  We will prevent all the stray current that is the ONLY CAUSE of marine electrolysis corrosion.  How to Prevent Corrosion must be complied with. Guarantee here.

Proof that we say to true: Wikipedia, electrolysis is caused by DC – batteries. The SeaBis Master System prevents ALL DC causing electrolysis corrosion.

AC – shore power cannot cause corrosion.  It reverses direction every half a Cycle / Hertz.  So, IF it takes off a particle in the first half, then it will put it back on again in the second half.  IF there is DC in AC, SeaBis Master will flash red.

Contact SeaBis:
Free diagnostic support with SeaBis Master, valid for at least 8 years.
SeaBis Simple additional fee.
Email provides me time to consider, so I can best help you, therefore is preferred communication:
OR use my email address:
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Includes telephone, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp. With waking hours.

Email DIRECT to Glen Bishop with sent confirmation:

Marine Electrolysis Corrosion Prevention Procedure:

Install SeaBis Master:

Connect to battery power:

  • Brown to battery positive
  • Blue to battery negative
  • Green / yellow to metal hull or metal engine body

After that, observe SeaBis indicators:

  1. For instance, if you see other than either Normal (green) then the stray current is ongoing.  In addition, SeaBis Master indicates the side of the battery causing stray current. Therefore, halving your work. According to Bat + or Bat – indicator: Switch off or disconnect circuits on battery positive OR negative until you have a Normal.  
  2. Above all, when either Normal is On there is no stray current
  3. The last circuit you switched off was a cause of stray current. Consequentially, leave it switched Off
  4. After that, to determine if there are any other causes; touch connect the remainder, one at a time
  5. Then, any that cause other than Normal, leave switched Off. 
  6. Reconnect all that indicate Normal
  7. In conclusion, you will have one or more circuits off / disconnected.  After that, see what has no power, and you will know the cause/s.

To prevent the CAUSE of stray current:
Follow How to Prevent Corrosion instructions or Contact Us.

Above all, now there can be no stray current, so no marine electrolysis corrosion, permanently.

OR use my email address:

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