Corrosion  CAUSE  Learning  Fast  Track

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SeaBis System identifies the CAUSE of electrolysis then corrects it.

Corrosion cause learning provides the basics. We will guide you step by step.
Stray CURRENT is the only cause. We eliminate it. No additional coating, plating, moving part or thru hull.

Before SeaBis:

electrolysis corrosion before SeaBis

Electrolysis corrosion before SeaBis


After SeaBis System, one year submerged:

After one year submerged, no electrolysis

After SeaBis System underwater view after one year.

Corrosion cause learning. How to use SeaBis.

Install SeaBis to battery positive, battery negative and metal hull or engine body. Switch off circuits until SeaBis indicates Normal (green). The last circuit switched off was the cause. It now has no power so is easily identified. How To Prevent Corrosion contains full instructions. Support is included. Any difficulties then please contact me.

Understand the original CAUSE.

The original cause of corrosive current is the stray current created by moisture in navigation lights, carbon dust build up at motors or alternators, insulation failure, new equipment or bad design.  The SeaBis Master System will identify and correct the cause. Using SeaBis will teach you how to correctly buy,  install, maintain and operate equipment without creating stray current.

SeaBis support is available free,

World wide by; Email, Skype, cell/mobile.