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Corrosion CAUSE prevention procedure.

Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently

8-year guarantee, warranty and diagnostic support with SeaBis Master.

SeaBis Master 8-year free guarantee, warranty and (link) diagnosis support:  We will use corrosion CAUSE prevention procedure to either prevent all the stray current that is the ONLY CAUSE of marine electrolysis corrosion or pay you back your purchase cost of SeaBis Master. How to Prevent Corrosion must be complied with. Guarantee here.

Busy? There is no need to read any further.  

We will, step by step, guide you or another through prevention of the stray current that is the ONLY  CAUSE of 97 % of all corrosion.  Email;

Complete contact details here and password is 8.

The corrosion cause is always the vessel experiencing the corrosion.  The CAUSE is permanently prevented with SeaBis Master System.

Verify that which we state is true:  Wikipedia – electrolysis.

Corrosion CAUSE prevention procedure has 3 steps. All corrosion CAUSE/S are prevented by SeaBis Master System.  Permanently.  Those 3 steps are simple and are regularly completed by the none technical people. Even those who do not know what a fuse is. Support:

Step One:  

Identify the CAUSE of corrosion. 

Identify types of corrosion CAUSED by stray current that causes electrolysis corrosion.  ALL of these are 100% caused by stray current via air or water.  None are caused by galvanic (different metal) corrosion.  Prevent the stray current and you prevent the corrosion. Permanently.

Before SeaBis Master System:
Hull metal is caused to dissolve by stray current, creating marine electrolysis corrosion.  Therefore, coating paint bubbles.  

After SeaBis Master System:
Hull after SeaBis Master System installed and a year submerged.  Taken under water. No stray current therefore, no electrolysis corrosion. Antifouling works as designed.

Step 2.  

Understand the CAUSE.

Stray current is always the ONLY cause. In 99.9% of vessels, that is caused by fault/s or bad design onboard the vessel experiencing the corrosion.

The current flows from metal onboard through damp air or water to the Earth (the Earth we stand on, not mains power supply earth).

SeaBis Master System measures that current to an accuracy of 99.999% or 10 millionths of an amp.  By comparison, a masthead light draws 2 whole amps.  To indicate corrosion capable current demands an accuracy of 10 millionths of an amp.

Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently

Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently. Prevent the stray current, and you prevent the CAUSE of corrosion, permanently.
No additional coating, plating, through hole or moving parts.
8 years guarantee AND warranty.  We know CAUSE/S will reoccur, so provide 8 years free support.

Step 3.  

Prevent the CAUSE.

The User switches off or disconnects equipment until SeaBis Master indicates Normal (green).  The last equipment switched off was the CAUSE. Now follow How to Prevent Corrosion, or contact us

ALL Battery positive LEDs – contact us immediately. Especially if you have both 12 and 24 volts. Fire risk can be eliminated.

SeaBis Master LED’s explanation:

Your work is reduced by half as SeaBis indicates battery side with fault.  Battery positive or Battery negative.

1:  Normal (green) = there is no corrosive current
2:  Caution (amber) = very low current. There is a risk the cause may become serious There is a risk a fault may become serious.
3:  Serious  (red) = visible corrosion in 6 months
4:  Critical (flashing red) = visible corrosion in 3 months
5:  AC Only (flashing red) = your batteries, electronics and yourself are being attacked.  Excessive AC (110/240) on top of DC (battery). Common cause is power supply Active and Neutral reversed, so your life is at risk.

Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently
SeaBis Master System 8-year no reason buy back, warranty and technical assistrance.

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