Corrosion - Galvanic or Rust or Electrolysis?

 •Stop the CAUSE - identify, understand, then eliminate.

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 • We will identify by far the worst culprit - electrolysis. First galvanic then rust then electrolysis corrosion.

 Galvanic corrosion

 Is caused by two dissimilar metals, touching each other, in a conductor such as any water. It is less than one millionth of electrolysis corrosion:

 The white corrosion is galvanic.


 The corrosion around the anode is galvanic. It is caused by excessive anode.


 The anode straps are a different metal to hull and cause corrosion at the hull.


 Comparison. The top left nut has no washer so touches the plate creating galvanic corrosion. Note: ***two different metals are touching each other***.


 Galvanic explanation. Note: ***two different metals are touching each other***. That is a mandatory requirement for galvanic corrosion


 •None of the following are caused by rust or galvanic corrosion. They are caused by electrolysis corrosion:

 Cause is very obviously electrolysis - no second metal. Stainless steel propeller corrosion appears the same.


 Cause cannot be galvanic corrosion because there is only one metal. It must be electrolysis.



 We are all familiar with rust. Rust requires contact to air that has 10% moisture or more. Providing there is no electrolysis the coatings or plating that prevent rust will work as designed. Electrolysis will cause coatings and plating to be lifted off the metal.


 Is a million times more corrosive than Galvanic. So we must eliminate the stray current that causes electrolysis first.  Then galvanic is easily eliminated by anodes.

 Electrolysis has dissolved the metal under the paint


 Patches have a lower resistance so increased electrolysis


 Even air carries electrolysis current


 Welds have a lower resistance so dissolve first



 How to protect your boat.

 Electrolysis is the real and present cause of corrosion. The photographs make that evident. Galvanic or rust are less than one millionth the corrosive cause of electrolysis so electrolysis must be eliminated first. The SeaBis Master System will eliminate all electrolysis.


 Understand electrolysis.

 Understand the CAUSE. Then eliminate it. Electrolysis is caused by electrical current. Explanation: Assuming the light above you is turned on. Its element is slowly deteriorating. Reference Wikipedia-electrolysis.

 Leaving it turned on, with a rag, remove the lamp (globe). It ceases to deteriorate. The light is still turned on so voltage is still applied and has not changed. So there is no point in measuring voltage.

 Current thru the lamp has ceased. Measuring current will show it is now zero. So the element ceases to deteriorate. The element is your boat. The current dissolves your metal. SeaBis Master System stops all current. So stops electrolysis. Permanently, no additional coatings or plating. No thru hull / enclosure penetrations.

 It is much cheaper to immediately stop the stray current that creates nearly all corrosion: purchase SeaBis Master System

 How to use the SeaBis Master System

 SeaBis Master measures current flowing to the Earth, the user disconnects circuits until SeaBis indicates Normal. The last circuit disconnected was the cause To repair the cause follow How To Stop Corrosion.

 •Then galvanic and rust corrosion are easily eliminated.  By anodes, coatings and plating. They will now work as designed.

 •SeaBis is a complete system to stop the CAUSE of stray current creating corrosion.

 •We do not use a Blocker we detect and solve the CAUSE.

 •No thru enclosure / hull penetration. No additional plating or coatings. One SeaBis may be moved to multiple battery banks.

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