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SeaBis System

eliminates marine electrolysis, permanently

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Enjoy - no corrosion

Corrosion - eliminate the cause BEFORE it costs you a fortune. 8 year money back guarantee.

Enjoy - no electrolysis

free training and diagnosis support via email, phone or Skype, permanently, with SeaBis Master.

stop electrolysis

Enjoy - no stray current

Testimonials with proof - verifiable - contact them yourself.

save a fortune

Enjoy - power consumption reduced-no electrolysis

Eliminate all electrolysis, then Galvanic corrosion is easily eliminated.

stop corrosion

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  • Reduce maintenance cost $10,000 to $90,000 PER REPAIR!
  • 8 year money back guarantee - Master System - training and diagnostic support included.

8 year money back guarantee for SeaBis Master -

no electrolysis and diagnostic support.

Guarantee - Master System:

We expect your Master System, where Master System is permanently installed, will last for 20 years and will guarantee it for 8. If you get a problem after 8 years come back to us and we will see what we can do. How To Stop Metal Corrosion must be complied with.

SeaBis One-eye is a very low cost SeaBis, has a one year Guarantee and Warranty.

Where SeaBis is permanently installed, should a manufacturing defect occur, we will, at our discretion, repair, replace, or refund the money paid to Podean Electronic Industries Pty. Ltd. trading as SeaBis for the SeaBis unit providing we have authorized the claim and the return of the SeaBis System. SeaBis will be returned at our cost.

There has been two instances in over 1,000 SeaBis Master where the AC Only light continually flashed red and was ignored. The result, apart from increased risk of electrocution, damage to batteries and electronics, was damage to SeaBis Master. That damage is excluded from Guarantee.

We guarantee manufacturers fault/s only.

SeaBis Master does not require proof of purchase. SeaBis One-eye is a low cost SeaBis and requires proof of purchase.



We warranty SeaBis Master with How To Stop Metal Corrosion will eliminate ALL CAUSES of electrolysis, permanently. How To Stop Metal Corrosion must be complied with.

ALL batteries and DC power, without SeaBis System, create the stray current that causes electrolysis so permanently monitor them all. Batteries can be switched in parallel so only require one SeaBis.


10 cumulative days, without SeaBis, can cause corrosion you can see. To validate our Guarantee and warranty monitor ALL  batteries and DC power! Failure to do so and comply with How To Stop Metal Corrosion will void all Guarantee and Warranty. 


1: One SeaBis Master, fitted with battery clips and moved between battery banks, will eliminate all permanent CAUSES of electrolysis. However that may not eliminate intermittent or new causes and electrolysis may occur without your knowledge, sometimes in 10 days. Failure to comply with How To Stop metal Corrosion for cumulative 10 days in one year voids Guarantee and Warranty as that is the time for electrolysis to cause severe corrosion.


2: To comply with How To Stop Metal Corrosion and validate our guarantee and warranty SeaBis must be permanently installed. Explanation: Every battery is a source of the type of stray current that causes electrolysis. So permanently install one SeaBis per *independent battery bank / DC source (including regulators, reducers and DC generated from AC). Then you will eliminate ALL CAUSES, comply with international marine wiring rules (ABYC) there will be far more likelihood of your insurance being valid and you will comply with How To Stop Metal Corrosion.

*independent - All DC sources must be monitored by SeaBis at least 97% of ALL time to eliminate 97% of all causes. Allow SeaBis to do its job by permanently connecting to every source! If you have 12 and 24 volts then ALL DC sources must be permanently fitted with SeaBis Master - there will be 3 times the electrolysis capability, 12 and 24 volts and the difference. Batteries may be switched in parallel so one SeaBis monitors them all.


3: Time away from your vessel is excluded as we will take steps to ensure there is no electrolysis while you are absent - see How To Stop Metal Corrosion or contact us.

4: Equipment you cannot turn off is treated separately. Thus absolutely minimizing the risk.

5: As always, we will support you. However for our Master System 8 year guarantee and warranty to be valid you must comply with How To Stop Metal Corrosion, supplied with SeaBis. Then ALL CAUSES of electrolysis will be eliminated.


The Master System 8 year money back guarantee and warranty commence on receipt of full payment by SeaBis.


20 year life expectancy:

We expect your Master System will last for 20 years and will guarantee it for 8 where SeaBis Master is permanently installed. If you get a problem after 8 years come back to us and we will see what we can do.

We supply Master System 8 year money back guarantee - no electrolysis for: Even the radiator of your Land Cruiser, propeller on your fiberglass boat, aluminum or steel of your hull, rig or platform, railway line control, plane propeller or manifold, vehicle, abattoir, street light from electrolysis corrosion. With no claims we must be correct. It is easy to stop rust and galvanic corrosion, where electrolysis corrosion is proven to be eliminated by the SeaBis Master System.


Every independent alternator / battery bank, even the smallest, is an individual source of the type of stray current that causes electrolysis corrosion.  Prove them ALL electrolysis free.

Many causes are only visible when equipment is fully operational. One cause, missed during initial tests yet causing corrosion when one particular equipment is at full power, is more than enough to cause electrolysis. Eliminate all causes by permanently installing SeaBis. Alternators often cause electrolysis when at high current generation. Navigation lights become porous. Carbon build up causes electrolysis. Insulation fails. New equipment is inadequately insulated. There are 13 common causes.

80% of vessels cleared of electrolysis, will experience a new cause within a year: New faults are easily eliminated. Moisture, replaced or new equipment or a defect such as a VHF antenna that communicates perfectly but causes electrolysis. Wiper motors, starter motors and alternators generate carbon dust.  Carbon dust creates a perfect short to damp / wet metal so causing metal electrolysis - corrosion.


Should the security seal on the back of SeaBis be tampered then all guarantee and warranty are immediately void.

Follow How To Stop Metal Corrosion Instructions, supplied with SeaBis:

The reason is the How To Stop Metal Corrosion Instructions, has been developed using experience on 1000+ vessels / installations.

If you have any difficulty then contact us.

Training and diagnostic support free for 8 years with SeaBis Master

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