How to prevent stray current, rust in 3 steps. No thru hull, coating, anodes Meta description preview: How to prevent marine stray current in 3 steps. Permanently. No additional coatings, plating or hull penetration. We correct the CAUSE – stray current.

Marine stray current is the major CAUSE of marine corrosion. SeaBis Master System prevents the CAUSE. Even AC or shore power!
Stray current, marine electrolysis, corrosion eliminated

Corrosion CAUSE corrected, permanently

How to prevent marine stray current corrosion in 3 steps.

Step 1: Identify the cause.
Use SeaBis System to prevent marine stray current corrosion

Connect SeaBis brown to battery positive, blue to battery negative.  Then green / yellow current sense to metal hull or engine body.  Make good connections with no paint, oil or grease. SeaBis indicates the ability of marine stray current to create corrosion. Now switch off circuits until SeaBis indicates Normal (green). 

The cause was the last circuit switched off.  It now has no power so is easily identified. Correct the CAUSE by following SeaBis Instructions.  Support is included

Marine corrosion caused by stray current electrolysis eliminated
To identify the CAUSE, switch off circuits until SeaBis indicates Normal

Step 2: Understand.

The faults are CAUSED by marine stray current corrosion and that is caused by fault/s on your vessel. SeaBis measures that stray current with extreme accuracy.  Causes and their repair are detailed in SeaBis Instructions.

Marine stray current explanation

Assuming you are sitting at your desk and the light is on. Now leave the light on. So you do not burn your hands, use a rag to remove the light. Voltage via the switch is still applied.  Now no current flows through the light so it ceases to deteriorate. Measuring voltage will show no change.  Measuring current will immediately show current is zero. SeaBis indicates that change of current. SeaBis is the only system to eliminate the CAUSE of corrosion, marine stray current, World-wide. 

Step 3: Eliminate:
How to repair stray current CAUSE

Combine SeaBis LED with Instructions supplied with SeaBis Master.  It details process, typical causes and their repair.  Free support value AU$80 or 1/2 hour online, is included.

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Keep SeaBis connected

Corrosion is generated by stray current caused by water in navigation lights, carbon build up, antenna, normal wear and new equipment.  Keep SeaBis connected then you are warned so can prevent corrosion immediately.

Engines do not have to cause stray current

The CAUSE of corrosion can be prevented. The method depends on SeaBis results. Contact us with SeaBis results, type of vessel and engine ON hours and we will assist you. 

Ongoing support

There will be times when stray current causes an other than Normal (green) and corrosion is ongoing.  Contact us and we will assist you. 

We will support you. Contact us.


FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:

Explanation – the original cause of marine stray current creating corrosion:

The original cause of corrosive current is the stray current created by moisture in navigation lights, carbon dust build up at motors or alternators, insulation failure, new equipment or bad design.  The SeaBis Master System will identify and correct the cause. Using SeaBis will teach you how to correctly buy,  install, maintain and operate equipment without creating stray current.

See: Wikipedia . Note DC (battery) power – the Apparatus power leads are red and black, and first paragraph specifically states DC, not AC(mains or shore power). 


Do not to waste your time and money:

AC – Mains / shore / inverter power. AC current (power) cannot cause corrosion as it changes direction every half cycle / Hertz.

In explanation: If the cause takes off a metal particle in the first half cycle it will replace it when current reverses direction in the second half cycle.

Therefore AC cannot cause corrosion – it is impossible.


 Understand the real cause then eliminate it.

DC (battery) current flows in the same direction, permanently.

So DC will continually dissolve your metal. 24 hours every day of the year.

Eliminate the CAUSE by using Instructions supplied with SeaBis Master.


Is there DC – direct or battery current in AC?

To prove there cannot be DC in AC:  Read the specification on your electric kettle / pot / hotplate. There will be no DC entry. So it has no tolerance for DC.

Therefore IF there were DC in the AC the electric kettle / pot / hotplate would attempt to draw in infinite current and burn out in a few seconds. As would every appliance in your country.

Reference Wikipedia:- DC does not create Back EMF (Counter-electromotive force) so there is no resistance to DC current flow. It would attempt to flow infinite current and incinerate


We guarantee to eliminate ALL CAUSES of stray current for 8 years.

The reason we supply a 8 year money back guarantee is we are 100% correct. Stray current is eliminated, permanently.

That means no stray current, permanently.


What is SeaBis?

SeaBis is an electronic device with Instructions that WILL 100% and permanently prevent stray current.

Use the SeaBis System to identify then correct the CAUSE.  So eliminate the stray current that is the CAUSE. Permanently.
No hull / metal penetration / additional coating, moving parts or plating. The stray current SOURCE is eliminated.


 The benefits of using SeaBis – Use SeaBis System to eliminate the CAUSE.

SeaBis shows the invisible stray current that CAUSES corrosion in real time.

There is no need to slip the vessel to see the anodes eaten away because SeaBis instantaneously shows a warning light.

When the SeaBis Normal – green light is lit continuously with absolute peace of mind that the vessel is free of the stray current that will cause corrosion.

SeaBis System completes elimination of ALL CAUSES.


Stray current causes corrosion that is the cause of 97% of all corrosion.

Stray current is caused by DC (battery) current ONLY. The MAIN source of stray current is the vessels’ own battery bank. ALL CAUSES, even other vessels are prevented by SeaBis System.

Prevent stray current then corrosion, paint bubbling, rust are prevented. Then anodes can protect from galvanic corrosion.  Then metal, paint, coatings and anodes will not be destroyed by stray current.

So your engine and hull will not be dissolved and anodes can protect your metal from galvanic corrosion as designed. Paint and coatings can work as designed.

SeaBis may be used with battery clips and moved battery bank to battery bank to eliminate all permanent causes. Intermittent and new causes require SeaBis be permanently installed.

Why does SeaBis succeed when a multi meter / test bulb-lamp / 1/2 cell must fail?

The technical reason:
To be realistic, measurements must be with everything at full power and at applied voltage (12 or 24 volts).  There must be no limit in the measuring device and a current sensitivity of millionths of a amp. That device must have no effect on the circuit to be measured, whatsoever. SeaBis Master complies. Multi meters measure at 1 millionth of an amp at 1 volt (irrespective of battery voltage) so have a error probability of greater than 1,000:1. In addition they alter the circuit under test by at least 500 times. Therefore multi-meters do not comply.


Using a multimeter on amps is far worse

and has resulted in death from acid burns caused by the multi meter shorting the battery and it exploding, on fire, hydrochloric acid over you.

 Test lamp, reference or half cell:

Test lamps are one million times insensitive. reference or 1/2 cell measures voltage so both can only deceive you.


Stray current causes corrosion.

That is why I developed SeaBis. SeaBis measures current, accurately and safely. It separates the various types and levels of current.  Therefore you know if your vessel is safe from stray current. So SeaBis indicates the degree of risk so you can time your repair. Also SeaBis indicates if there is excessive AC in your DC that can damage your batteries and electronics. SeaBis System eliminates of ALL causes. Permanently.


In doubt? Ask any manufacturing jeweler

Ask him how he plates gold onto base ring. The gold is your damp too wet engine / hull and the base (jewelry-ring) is the Earth.


ABYC Wiring Rules

There are various versions of ABYC in circulation. This link: download genuine ABYC. They are directly from ABYC. Judge for yourself.
They may download to folder Downloads.


Why do small to medium aircraft get stray current corrosion?

The air around aircraft, in clouds, contains more than the tolerance level of 10% humidity.
Any metal in contact with the Earth, even remotely thru the air, passes stray current to the Earth so causing corrosion.

Large aircraft are correctly insulated so do not get stray current corrosion.

SeaBis Master with Instructions completes elimination of ALL CAUSES.


Stray current causes corrosion that is the cause of 97% of all corrosion.

DC (battery) current is the ONLY cause of stray current. The MAIN source of stray current is the vessels’ own battery bank. ALL CAUSES are eliminated by SeaBis System. Even other vessels can have no effect.

Prevent stray current then rust and galvanic corrosion are easy to eliminate. Your metal, paint, coatings and anodes will not be destroyed by corrosion.

Your engine and hull will not be dissolved.  Anodes can protect your metal from galvanic corrosion as designed.

SeaBis may be used with battery clips and moved battery bank to battery bank to eliminate all permanent causes. Intermittent and new causes require SeaBis be permanently installed.


Corrosion elimination 97% calculation:

There are 8,400 hours in a year so 200 hours divided 8,400 equals 2.38 percent of corrosion cause remaining.

To use methods of stray current elimination SeaBis MUST indicate NORMAL on all battery banks excluding engine. Then we can supply our modified solenoid to keep engine stray current below 3%.
In commercial use the engine ON hours will exceed 200 per year so full elimination of all causes is essential. We will guide you through, no matter the use.


Why do small to medium trucks, planes and some vessels suffer from stray current when the larger do not?

Larger trucks, planes and some professional vessels are correctly insulated. That will be the result of SeaBis Master and Instructions.

Link to Conquer corrosion in 3 steps

Proof we are correct Wikipedia

To fix and prevent corrosion we must:

1. Understand the CAUSE – usually our vessel 

2. Identify the cause – by switching or unplugging circuits

3. Eliminate the cause, stray current, using SeaBis.


The current that CAUSES marine corrosion can be very low – 0.00001 amp. 

So why use a multi meter?

Multimeter limitations:

A multi-meter measures current in series, is insensitive by at least a 1,000 times, alters the circuit to be measured by at least 500 times and has been lethal when used on amps. Multi meters on amps have caused battery acid to ignite and explode resulting in a very painful death.



A multi-meter incinerating while in my hands caused me to develop SeaBis.


SeaBis is safe and accurate:

We measure current in parallel with no effect on circuit being measured. So we are safe and accurate.


SeaBis System conquers electrolysis:

SeaBis Master System indicates the degree of aggressive and corrosive action of the stray current that causes corrosion so a decision as to urgency of repair can be made.

Explanation - the original cause of corrosion

The Cause:

The original cause of corrosive current is the stray current created by moisture in navigation lights, carbon dust build up at motors or alternators, insulation failure, new equipment or bad design.  


The Solution:

The solution is to use SeaBis Master System to eliminate the cause. The SeaBis Master System will identify and correct the cause. Using SeaBis will teach you how to correctly buy,  install, maintain and operate equipment without creating stray current.

SeaBis explanation

Why SeaBis works 100%.  We measure ACTUAL current:

Assuming the lamp above your head is on. Now, leaving the switch on, using a rag, remove the lamp. The lamp goes out and current through the lamp is zero. So its element will no longer degrade. The element is your hull or engine.

Now there is no corrosion.

The switch is still on so voltage has not changed. So there is no point in measuring voltage. SeaBis measures current with extreme accuracy.


Half cell or reference meters, through hull meters, multi meters or probes measure voltage so cannot tell you the truth. 


Multi meters on current ranges actually measure voltage. The SeaBis Master System measures current!  That is why SeaBis System eliminates corrosion.


Alternative to SeaBis System:

I have a laboratory instrument meter and current clamp combination that is accurate to SeaBis specifications. It cost me AUD2,600 at trade price.

Galvanic corrosion

When dissimilar metals approach, in a conductor such as water, current flows between them.


That current is very minor compared to marine corrosion current.


That galvanic current is easily eliminated by anodes. However stray current corrosion must be eliminated first as it often is one million times more corrosive.

Guarantee and Warranty


 We expect your SeaBis Master System, where it is permanently installed, will last for 20 years and will guarantee it, manufacturers faults only, for 8 years commencing on receipt full payment.

 If you get a problem after 8 years come back to us and we will see what we can do.  If you have difficulty contact us.

 Should the security seal on the back of SeaBis be tampered then all guarantee and warranty are void.

 Should a manufacturing defect occur, we will, at our discretion, repair, replace, or refund the money paid to Podean Electronic Industries Pty. Ltd. trading as SeaBis for the SeaBis unit.  Providing SeaBis System Instructions have been complied with and we have authorized the claim and the return of the SeaBis System. Guarantee includes manufacturers fault/s only. Shipping is World-wide so is the responsibility of the Owner. Many have more than 8 years in use so we require proof of purchase.

 Do not ignore the AC Only light. When it flashes your equipment is at risk.


Comply with SeaBis System Instructions.  Then your warranty will be effective.  We warranty SeaBis Master System with Instructions will eliminate ALL CAUSES of corrosion caused by stray current – marine electrolysis. In addition the base metal will not be dissolved by stray current so coatings, platings and anodes can work as designed.

1: ALL batteries and DC power, without SeaBis System, create the stray current that causes corrosion so permanently monitor them all. 10 cumulative days, without SeaBis, can allow corrosion you can see to occur, without your knowledge.

 2: Batteries may be switched in parallel so one SeaBis monitors them all.

 3: Time away from your vessel can be excluded as we will take steps to ensure there is no corrosion while you are absent.

 4: Equipment you cannot turn off is treated separately. Thus absolutely minimizing the risk. Contact us.

 As always, we will support you.


The SeaBis box proved very useful in tracking down multiple stray current problems aboard our boat. Old household wire was the leading cause.  It was originally installed by Beneteau and new electronics that had not been earthed correctly. Service from SeaBis was excellent with prompt replies to my queries. I did really appreciate your help. Thanks again for your help, its been A1 service.

Andrew Deeley / SV Utopia II

Marine electrolysis that causes marine corrosion eliminated

Hi Glen, Thanks for your help earlier today. I’ve easily isolated the offending components… spreader lights depth sounder …and the starter motor. I guess the latter is due to carbon build up as it is meant to be a separate earth unit. Anyhow, back on track now. Cheers, Mike

Mike Brady

Marine electrolysis that causes marine corrosion eliminated

My wife and I are currently circumnavigating aboard our 45 ft. steel yacht. I purchased a SeaBis System after borrowing a friend’s SeaBis and discovering that I, too, had stray current – a flashing red critical light is hard to ignore. This was after the boat had been tested and cleared by the test bulb method. I have no electrical skills but, by following the system, I was able to detect and eliminate the four causes of stray current – a non-isolated genset, a VHF aerial not insulated from the mast, a fuel tank gauge not insulated from the SS day tank, and the connection between a non 12v computer and the SSB radio – to achieve a very satisfying green normal light.

Furthermore, the SeaBis has identified AC leakage from worn brushes in 12v fans and, most recently, a path between the brushes and case on my Balmar alternator, which blew the SeaBis fuse before causing any damage. I consider the SeaBis to be a vital element in diagnosing my yacht’s electrical health. I would also add that Glen has been a great guy to deal with, standing behind his product and providing a wealth of diagnostic advice.

You may use my testimonial with verification.

Mark and Heather Domney

Marine electrolysis that causes marine corrosion eliminated

Six years ago I purchased a Dutch barge in Amsterdam, shipped it to the UK and spent four years restoring it to a fully functioning residential boat in my spare time. During this process I learnt much about the ways of vessels which has added to my automobile knowledge. One of the things I learnt was that corrosion was destroying my hull which lead into an investigation, this in turn lead me to the SeaBis. I completed SeaBis Instructions and time has proven the cause is removed. No more stray current corrosion.

Paul Michelmore

Marine electrolysis that causes marine corrosion eliminated

Well Glen your SeaBis system fixed the cause. No problems in 5 months. It was a deck generator and CB radio.

John Singleton

Marine electrolysis that causes marine corrosion eliminated

We purchased a steel cruiser 8 years ago and had problems not long after purchase with corrosion on the decks. When the boat was slipped we had evidence of metal corrosion which I think is caused by electrolysis, on the hull as well. When the boat was returned to the water I had a marine electrician check out the boat and he said that our boat was OK and the corrosion was caused by the boat next to us in the marina.

We then believed that was the cause, we tried to get the marina to do something about it but they did not want to know. When the boat was slipped 18 months later the corrosion was that bad we had to sand blast back to bare metal and repaint including the decks. We moved the boat out of marina and put it on a swing mooring, when the boat was slipped again it was evident again. I looked on the web and found the SeaBis site and purchased a unit since then the decks have stopped showing signs of accelerated corrosion. Although we have yet to slip the boat again to check the hull I am confident that the SeaBis unit is performing, as the decks are looking great.

Michael Cuthbert

 Two Volvo engines with a carbon fibre mast and extensive advanced corrosion to engines. One has previously been replaced. The Owner and Peter traced the cause to a separate power supply in the instrumentation. Fitted an isolating diode and isolating switches to both engines. Problem fixed.

Peter – Qualified and experienced Marine Electrician