How to Use 1 SeaBis With Many Batteries / Banks

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One SeaBis will monitor multiple battery banks. There are several methods:

Corrosion prevention system
12 and 24 volts automatic

The first method:  Use your battery Both or Emergency switch to parallel your batteries.  SeaBis will monitor and report them all.

The second method:  Add a switch to connect SeaBis to one battery bank at a time.  We will guide you: email  SeaBis Current Sense, green / yellow connects to metal hull or engine body.  SeaBis negative, blue, to battery (common can be used) negative. SeaBis positive, brown, to the battery positive to be monitored.

Remember to select a battery to monitor it.

Switch specifications:  50 volts a 0.05 amp.

The third method:  All 3 SeaBis  wires may be extended and battery clips fitted.  By you or us. Making SeaBis a Portable.

The fourth method.  Two battery banks of the same voltage: Assuming you have a Battery 1, BOTH, Battery 2 switch.  Connect SeaBis brown (battery positive) to BOTH terminal.  Blue battery negative to common battery negative.  Green/yellow Current Sense to metal hull or metal engine body.  

12 and / or 24 volts can be monitored.

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