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How To Wire Up My Boat-preventing the CAUSE of corrosion.

Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently

8-year guarantee, warranty and diagnostic support,


How to Wire Up My Boat.

Corrosion CAUSE/s prevention. Permanently.

Battery Switches are a common and preventable cause.

Contact us with results of SeaBis Master. Then we will assist you or another to prevent the CAUSE/s of corrosion. We will email a wiring diagram and provide support.


How to wire up my boat to prevent cause/s of corrosion. 

Need to know, basics – Ohms Law, essentials only:

V = voltage in volts.  It is the POTENTIAL for current to flow.
I = current in amps.  Current is the ACTUAL energy that causes corrosion.
R = resistance in Ohms.  It is the resistance to current flow. A high resistance creates insulation.  So, with high resistance, then no current flows. 
Ohms Law: I = V/R   current = voltage divided by resistance.  To transpose, replace the characters with numbers – easy!
Watts = heat dissipated = voltage multiplied (*) current (I).
So, a 6-cylinder engine starter motor draws 180 amps at 12 volts OR 90 amps at 24 volts.  I have double the voltage, so half the current.  The watts are constant.  Watts calculation at 
12 volts: I multiplied by V so 180 multiplied by 12 = 2,160 watts

Horsepower (HP).  One HP = 746 watts. So, a 15 HP bow thruster at 24 volts draws:  I = (15*746)  /  24 = 466 amps!!!!  So, read the specification for the battery switch and the battery carefully.  Failure to do so will kill at least the switch and / or battery.

AC (mains or shore power) cannot cause corrosion:

AC is the abbreviation for alternating current.  AC current reverses direction every one hundredth of a second.  So, IF the current takes off a particle in the first one hundredth, then it will replace it in the second one hundredth second.  So, AC cannot cause electrolysis.
DC is the abbreviation for direct current. DC flows in one direction permanently. So, will permanently dissolve your metal by electrolysis corrosion.
External proof, Wikipedia – electrolysis.


Recommended battery switches, reasons and sources:

SwDP – switch double pole.  Fitted to EVERY DC source (battery bank).  To reduce electrolysis corrosion. Contact us.
SwSP – switch single pole.  Optional. Used to parallel battery banks and where an engine cannot be correctly insulated battery negative to engine body, to disconnect engine body from battery negative.
Items refer to associated wiring diagram – supply by email only.  The wiring diagram varies with SeaBis Master results. So, I need SeaBis Master results, first.

Item A: Essential – fitted to EVERY battery bank.  To completely switch OFF *ALL* power in one action – on one control. SwDP1 and 2.
Pro Installer 400A EZ-Mount Double Pole Battery Switch – MC10. Part # 770-DP-EZ

Item B: Optional- to fully parallel two battery banks.  One switch for two battery banks. SwSP1.

Pro Installer 400A On/Off Battery Switch – MC10. Part # 770

Item C.  Optional- to fully isolate an engine or another equipment that cannot be modified to correctly insulated (to stop electrolysis of engine and hull) battery negative. One switch per engine. SwSP2.

Pro Installer 400A On/Off Battery Switch – MC10. Part # 770

 How to wire up my boat.

SeaBis Master System with How to Prevent Corrosion causes your vessel to be in compliance with the ABYC Wiring Rules.

Comply, and SeaBis Master will indicate Normal. Comply, and you will not cause electrolysis corrosion. Failure to comply will void insurance and make you liable for damages caused to others.

Contact us with SeaBis Master results, and we will step you through How to Wire up Your Boat to prevent 97% of the CAUSE of marine corrosion.

The remaining 3% is Galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion is easily prevented when electrolysis – the 97% – is prevented FIRST. Galvanic corrosion is  ONLY caused by different metals in proximity.  After a lifetime successfully defeating corrosion, the ONLY instances I know of is a stainless-steel ladder touching an aluminium hull without insulation and stainless-steel knobs on aluminium cupboards.   They can be prevented by insulation between the two metals contact points.  At the hull and drive locations, anode/s will prevent galvanic corrosion; when the vast majority cause, electrolysis (stray current) is prevented by SeaBis Master System. 8 years guarantee AND warranty. We supply 8 years free support as CAUSES will reoccur.

Glen Bishop of SeaBis
Preferred contact is email as it gives me time to think:
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