How to stop corrosion

 How to stop the CAUSE of corrosion, permanently. It is much cheaper to do so now: purchase SeaBis System

 Complete system to stop the CAUSE of stray current creating electrolysis corrosion.

 We do not use a Blocker we detect and solve the CAUSE.

 With personal service: email Glen Bishop mobile/cell 61 (0)417 878 773

 Galvanic corrosion is usually in millionths of an amp and electrolysis commonly greater than 1,000 times galvanic. So we must eliminate electrolysis first.  Then galvanic is easily eliminated by anodes.

 No thru enclosure / hull penetration. No additional plating or coatings. One SeaBis may be moved to multiple battery banks.

 Movie, 95% vessels need one SeaBis only. The exception, an extremely complex commercial yacht: SeaBis at Work. Detailed reference - may be in downloads.


 STEP 1: IDENTIFY the cause of electrolysis

 STEP 2: UNDERSTAND electrolysis

 STEP 3: ELIMINATE electrolysis

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 Corrosion CAUSE elimination training

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 Permanently and forever. No thru hull / enclosure / body penetrations.
 8 year money back Guarantee and verifiable Testimonials. 20 year design life.

 How to stop corrosion, marine electrolysis and stray current. Believe in your self – your wisdom, read these pages.

 Consider why we provide a 8 year money back guarantee and verifiable testimonials. We must be correct.

 Free: 30 minutes diagnostic support and we will guide you thru how to prevent corrosion: SeaBis products

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