Marine corrosion prevention, 100%, permanently. CAUSE identified & repaired. 3 easy steps.

Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently
Marine corrosion prevention.  CAUSE repaired, permanently

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Marine corrosion prevention, permanently:  Information in this website will save you at least $10,000 therefore Save (Ctrl+d).  Few fancy pictures.  Just hard facts. Then the SOLUTION to corrosion.

The CAUSE of all the corrosion in the following photos is ONLY stray current.

None of the corrosion was caused by galvanic (different metals in very close proximity) corrosion. The 3% Galvanic corrosion is easily prevented when the 97% marine corrosion is prevented FIRST.

The SeaBis Master System, identifies the exact cause/s and prevents them. Permanently.

ALL the following marine corrosion is 100% prevented by SeaBis Master System. Permanently:

Marine corrosion CAUSE prevention, permanently. 3 easy steps:

Marine corrosion CAUSE is ONLY stray current.  Above all, stray current will reoccur. Therefore, we provide 8 years free support online or phone. In conclusion, by Marine Electronics Engineer with two degrees and 50 years, defeating corrosion.  Successful with more than 2,000 vessels.  Email: Glen Bishop.

Similarly, SeaBis Master System prevents ALL stray current, therefore marine corrosion, permanently.  Guarantee (physical properties), warranty (functional properties) and diagnostic support, are free for minimum 8 years. No skill required. We will provide the skill. And step you through preventing the CAUSE.

Above all, prevent
stray current.

Stray current from DC – battery power, is the ONLY CAUSE of marine corrosion.  AC – shore power reverses current direction 50% of the time, so cannot cause stray current. So why buy a Blocker?

Prevent stray current. Permanently. Visibly. At minimal cost. In conclusion, use SeaBis Master System and How to Prevent Corrosion. Because they prevent corrosion 100%. That is why we provide an 8-year guarantee and warranty.

Before further explanation, I assume you understand that stray current is the real cause of marine corrosion.  Refresher at links: Marine Electrolysis and Stray Current also in the Menu, above. 


Now, one hard fact:
Please consider vehicles. 

Corrosion is mostly prevented.  Because they are on rubber tyres, so insulated from the Earth.  SeaBis Master System has the same effect. The result will be total insulation from the Earth and those around you. SeaBis will indicate Normal (green).


Use SeaBis Master System.  Permanently prevent marine corrosion.

At minimal cost. Visibly and under your control. Real life movie of the yacht, now with no marine corrosion, follows.  The yacht is commercial and very complex.

For instance, in real life, marine corrosion CAUSE prevented :

The commercial live on board yacht, in the movie, next, is extremely complex.  With 3 independent battery banks, 3 sources of power generation, thrusters, sonar, radar, radio, computer systems, movie production, security and others.  This yacht used to have marine corrosion.  She now does not experience marine corrosion.  Permanently.  SeaBis Master System prevented ALL the causes.  Despite several major equipments that could not be correctly insulated.  Consequently, several minor modifications prevent marine corrosion.  In conclusion, most vessels only need one SeaBis Master.

In addition, verify the CAUSE of corrosion :  

Wikipedia specifically state “electrolysis is a technique that uses direct electric current (DC)” (battery power NOT Mains or shore power): Wikipedia – electrolysis

In conclusion, marine corrosion cause prevention procedure.

SeaBis Master provides very accurate measurement of TOTAL stray current.  That is the ONLY CAUSE.  Circuits or equipment are then turned off until SeaBis indicates Normal (green).  The last turned off was the CAUSE.  It now has no power, so is easily identified.  Above all, to repair the cause, follow How to Prevent Corrosion or contact us.

In addition, guarantee and warranty with SeaBis Master System are for 8 years. Similarly, we know causes such as water ingress and carbon build up, antenna damage and new equipment will reoccur. Therefore, diagnostic support is also free for 8 years.  

Most Domestic vessels have engine ON hours of less than 200 per year.  That makes marine corrosion prevention easy.

Professionals where engine ON hours exceed 200 per year can use the same method, with limitations.  However, they are best to fully insulate.

We will guide you through the process of marine corrosion prevention – free.


Install SeaBis Master:

Connect to battery power:

  • Brown to battery positive
  • Blue to battery negative
  • Green / yellow to metal hull or metal engine body

After that, observe SeaBis indicators. Therefore, marine corrosion prevention:

  1. For instance, if you see other than either Normal (green) then marine corrosion is ongoing.  In addition, SeaBis Master indicates the side of the battery causing stray current.
    Therefore, halving your work. According to Battery + or Battery – indicator: Switch off battery positive OR negative until you have a Normal (green).  Above all, when either Normal is On there is no stray current
  2. In conclusion, the last circuit you switched off was a cause of marine corrosion
  3. Consequentially, leave it switched Off
  4.  After that, to determine if there are any other causes, touch connect the remainder, one at a time
  5.  Any that cause other than Normal: leave switched Off. Reconnect all that indicate Normal
  6.  In conclusion, you will have one or more circuits off / disconnected.  After that, see what has no power, and you will know the cause/s.

Marine corrosion prevention:  To prevent the CAUSE of stray current that is the ONLY cause of marine corrosion:
Follow How to Prevent Corrosion instructions or Contact Us.

Now, there can be no stray current, so marine corrosion prevention. Permanently.

Current versus voltage explanation, a warning:

For the curious, overview:

Whenever *current is conducted through metal in even remote contact to the Earth (the Earth we stand on) it causes corrosion.  Either through the air or via water.

*Current:  Is the ACTUAL energy. 
Whereas voltage is POTENTIAL energy.

*Current is extremely difficult and expensive to measure. SeaBis measure current.  Accuracy 10 millionths of an amp.  Design life, 20 years.

Voltage is very cheap and easy to measure.  Any multimeter can do it.  Multimeters that have a current range but are actually measuring voltage dropped across a resistor through a near short across a battery.  Therefore, NEVER use a multimeter on current range.  Your readings will be in error.  Your life will be at risk from battery explosion. Death caused by flaming acid burns. However, the exception are AUD2,200 clamp and multimeter laboratory standard combinations. They are accurate to 100 millionths amp. Not as accurate as SeaBis Master.


After that, current explanation:

When a light is turned on, voltage is applied to the lamp (globe). That causes current to flow through the lamp. The element in the lamp glows.  We have light. The amount of light (corrosion) is in direct response to the amount of current.

Gradually, the current through the lamp dissolves the element.  In conclusion, stray current flows through metal on board your vessel, dissolving it. Similarly, as it did, the element in the lamp.

Above all, understand the CAUSE of marine corrosion:

When a current takes an unintended route, we name that current Stray Current.  As the current passes through metal in contact via air or water with the Earth, a circuit is completed to the Earth.  The current passes YOUR metal particles to the Earth.  We are attempting to electroplate the Earth. Polluting the sea. Damaging the Earth.


Corrosion occurs much faster than expected:

Act NOW, therefore prevent it.  Far less cost than preventing after the corrosion has accelerated the damage.

Above all, understand basics: As the metal becomes rougher, so its surface area increases. Therefore, stray current increases. Therefore, corrosion increases. In conclusion, I have witnessed a 10-day time period from no to extreme corrosion many times. The SeaBis System prevents the CAUSE, permanently.


After that, how do we stop the stray current?

Similarly : identify the CAUSE of marine corrosion: 

Use SeaBis to measure the current to an accuracy of 10 parts in a millionth amp.  Then switch off equipment until SeaBis indicates Normal (green).  The last equipment turned off was the cause.  Now follow How To Prevent Corrosion or Contact Us to repair it.

The reason for the accuracy of 10 parts in a millionth of an amp is that it is essential to get that accurate to stop the corrosive ability of stray current.

The original cause/s are all prevented by SeaBis System:

Bad design
Carbon dust build up
Antenna damage
Insulation failure
New equipment
It is common that combinations of these will form multiple parallel causes.

The SeaBis Master System will identify and prevent all CAUSES.

Email: Glen Bishop.