Marine Corrosion 97% CAUSE is electrolysis – prevent it NOW, permanently. 

Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently

Marine electrolysis is ONLY caused by stray current.  Stray current is ONLY from DC (battery). Prevent the CAUSE – stray current. Permanently using SeaBis Master System. 8 year guarantee and warranty.  We know CAUSES will reoccur, so 8 years free diagnosis support.

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Commercial very complex yacht with SeaBis

Marine electrolysis corrosion is much lower cost to prevent than repair.

I ask you spend a few minutes and read the carousel.  Responding will prevent the existing 1% chance of loss of your vessel. We will prevent that loss by preventing the CAUSE of stray current that generates marine electrolysis corrosion. Permanently.

Carousel: Utopiall, first 3 photos, before and after SeaBis:

Royal Albatross, 4th photo, is built from an old Tanker hull. Age need not be a cause of the stray current that generates electrolysis corrosion. Use SeaBis Master System to prevent the CAUSE, permanently. No additional plating, coating, through hull or moving parts. 8 years guarantee, warranty.  We know CAUSES will reoccur, so offer 8 years free support.

In a hurry? There is no need to read any further. 
We will take responsibility and prevent the CAUSE of corrosion, stray current electrolysis, permanently. Free with SeaBis Master System.
To commence preventing electrolysis email Glen Bishop of SeaBis.

Even if you do not know what a fuse is.  Rather than accept a 1% risk of vessel loss: We will step you or another through totally preventing the CAUSE of 97% of all corrosion – stray current.  That is nearly ALL of marine corrosion, prevented.  Permanently.  The 3% remaining is galvanic (different metals such as aluminium and stainless steel nearly touching-ONLY). Galvanic corrosion is easily prevented when electrolysis, 97% is prevented.  We will advise you.

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SeaBis Portable System, may be moved to battery banks or vessels.

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Marine electrolysis corrosion cause prevented, permanently.

Marine electrolysis corrosion prevention procedure:

1:  Identify.
2: Understand.
3: Prevent 97% of marine electrolysis.
Step 1 of 3:

Marine electrolysis – identify the CAUSE:

All the corrosion in following photos is caused by marine electrolysis.  The ONLY cause is stray current that generates electrolysis corrosion.  In conclusion, marine stray current dissolves metal.  The CAUSE, is prevented by SeaBis System, permanently. 

In these photos, galvanic corrosion (different metals) is NOT  the cause of the corrosion. The only cause is stray current electrolysis. Permanently.
Galvanic corrosion.

The only cause of galvanic corrosion is different metals such as stainless steel and aluminium nearly or actually touching.  Examples:  A stainless steel ladder touching an aluminium hull or stainless steel knobs on an aluminium cupboard. Even then, galvanic corrosion is nearly always vastly accelerated by stray current electrolysis.

Blocker – do not waste your money: 

The Wikipedia apparatus at:  Wikipedia electrolysis is supplied with battery (DC) power.  Stated in the text and photo as + and -.  Note: The apparatus is  NOT  powered by AC mains / shore power. Therefore, DC is the ONLY cause of stray current, not AC:

A Blocker is installed in the AC power supply. The CAUSE power supply is DC (battery power) therefore why buy a Blocker? 

AC cannot cause stray current-electrolysis. Explanation:

Alternating Current (AC) changes direction every time it alternates.  Explanation:  IF AC takes off  a particle of metal in the first half hertz (cycle) then when current alternates  (direction) in the second half cycle it will put it back on. Therefore, AC cannot cause stray current corrosion. Permanently.  Why buy a Blocker?


The solution:  

Prevent the CAUSE of stray current:

DC – stray current is prevented, permanently, by using SeaBis Master with How to Prevent Corrosion. SeaBis Master with How to Prevent Corrosion will prevent 97% of all corrosion. Permanently. That is why we provide an 8-year guarantee and warranty.

Marine electrolysis is ONLY cause by stray current.

Stray current is generated wherever there is even remote contact to the Earth. The Earth we stand on – not shore power – mains power earth.  By metal, via water or moist air, an electrical circuit to the Earth.

Therefore, 97% of corrosion is CAUSED by DC (battery) generated stray current.  In conclusion, your metal dissolves. Totally preventable with SeaBis Master System.


 “I had no corrosion until a few weeks ago.”

Explanation: As the metal becomes rougher, so its surface area increases. That reduces resistance to current flow, therefore, increases the current flow. Therefore, increasing marine corrosion, cumulatively. I have witnessed a 10-day time period from no to extreme corrosion too many times. Therefore, employ SeaBis Master with How To Prevent Corrosion, permanently.


SeaBis Master System prevents that corrosion.

The cause is permanently prevented by identifying, then correcting the CAUSE. Above all, no additional coating, plating, moving parts or hull penetration.

Your work is halved. As SeaBis indicates cause at battery negative or positive.

Galvanic corrosion

Occurs ONLY when different metals are nearly touching.

External proof:  Wikipedia – galvanic corrosion.  Different metals such an aluminium and stainless steel, when nearly touching, produce a very low level current. The same as a very small battery.

Galvanic corrosion is a maximum of 3% of all corrosion.  It is rare and less than one millionth of electrolysis current. In conclusion, prevent electrolysis current first, then galvanic current is easy to prevent. We will support you. 

Galvanic corrosion occurs ONLY on edges of nearly touching different metals. Above all, I know of only two causes:  A stainless steel ladder against an aluminium hull. Similarly, stainless steel handle on aluminium cupboard. In conclusion, apply insulation between the two and galvanic corrosion ceases.

Galvanic corrosion is far rarer than anode sellers will admit.

Above all, electrolysis must be is prevented first. Electrolysis is at least a million times more corrosive. Prevent marine electrolysis and galvanic corrosion is easy to prevent.

Marine electrolysis corrosion prevention procedure:

Step 1. Identify:

We all know what corrosion looks like. Above all, it is caused by electrical current (explanation next paragraph) via water AND air.  In conclusion, All CAUSE/s can be prevented, permanently. Period. No exceptions.


Step 2. Understand:

In conclusion, all you need to understand is the difference between voltage and current:
1:  Voltage is the POTENTIAL for current to flow. Voltage is simple and cheap to measure. Voltage is used by all methods except SeaBis. Do not be deceived. Read their guarantee.  In conclusion, there is a reason why others have no effective guarantee or warranty or a support system.

Above all, ONLY SeaBis Master measures current.  In comparison, ALL others measure voltage, so are not measuring the CAUSE. They are wasting your time and money. While corrosion escalates.

2:  Current is the ACTUAL energy flowing. SeaBis measures current. Accuracy 99.99999%.
When we measure current, we are measuring the CAUSE. SeaBis measures current directly and absolutely.

In conclusion, SeaBis System WILL prevent that current, permanently and completely.


Current explained:

When you turn on the light, voltage is applied to the lamp (globe). That causes current to flow through the lamp. The element in the lamp makes it glow. We have light. The amount of light (corrosion) is in direct relationship to the amount of current.

Gradually, the current through the lamp dissolves the element.  Above all, stray current flows through metal on board your vessel, dissolving it. Similarly, as it did, the element in the lamp. The process is named electrolysis corrosion.


Stray Current:

When a current takes an unintended route, we name the current Stray Current. In conclusion, when stray current flows, it causes marine electrolysis corrosion.  In other words, the same as plating a gold ring.  Similarly, we are plating the Earth with our metal.

SeaBis System prevents stray current, permanently. Therefore, prevents marine electrolysis corrosion permanently.

No additional coating, plating, through hole or moving part. In conclusion, we stop the CAUSE.  Permanently.

Therefore, to prevent marine electrolysis, we must prevent stray current.

That current is measured from millionths to whole amps.  In addition, the current flows to the Earth via water and / or air.

SeaBis measures stray current to an accuracy of ten parts in a millionth of an amp.  In conclusion, that accuracy is essential to prove the corrosive ability of stray current is far too low to actually cause corrosion.


Step 3. Prevent the CAUSE. Use SeaBis System.

 How to use SeaBis System:

The User (Owner / Tech / Anyone) switches off or disconnects equipment until SeaBis lights indicate Normal (green).  The last equipment disconnected was the CAUSE.  Now follow How To Prevent Corrosion or contact me to repair the CAUSE.


How many SeaBis?

The vast majority need one.  However, if you have multiple battery banks, then you have multiple possibly sources of stray current.  You may still only need one SeaBis.

If you have a Both or Emergency switch or position, then the batteries can be switched in parallel. In conclusion, only one SeaBis is required.

In addition, you or I can fit battery clips to SeaBis to connect SeaBis to multiple battery banks.  Even multiple vessels!  In conclusion, see SeaBis as mobile system, next.


The 100% Solution:

Above all, the 100% solution is to permanently install one SeaBis Master per independent (none parallel / stand alone) battery bank. Then you can be 100% certain of 100% preventing the ONLY cause – stray current.  After that, ALL causes will be indicated, therefore will be prevented.


SeaBis can be fitted with battery clips that make it Flexible. 

HoweverSeaBis can only monitor the DC (batteries) it is connected to.  You can increase numbers of battery banks with battery “Both” or “Emergency” switches. Or move SeaBis every 7 to 10 days. Or use more than one SeaBis.



We ship and provide diagnostic support Worldwide. Free with SeaBis Master System.

From: AU$ 339 for SeaBis Simple. Support is free with SeaBis Master System, but additional with SeaBis Simple.
*US$ 294, NZ$ 289, GBP 165.
*subject to currency variation.
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Support is free with SeaBis Master System for a minimum 8 years. 

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Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently

Marine electrolysis prevented, permanently.
8 year guarantee, warranty and free diagnostic support.