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 The weld has been corroded by stray current.
 Weld carries more stray current than sheet metal:

 Corrosion is caused by stray current. It is eliminated by SeaBis System, permanently.

 •Make life easier for yourself: Corrosion - Galvanic or Rust or Electrolysis?

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 8 years money back guarantee.

 Free training and 30 minutes diagnostic support. Value $80.00.

 Testimonials with verification.

 •External reference, proof we are correct, DC (batteries) cause metal corrosion. Note DC power – red and black leads on apparatus, not AC(mains or shore), reference: Wikipedia electrolysis CAUSE explanation.

 •Intention: To assist you. Comments are welcome. Please feel free to email me Glen Bishop. Contact details on the last page. •Method: The Truth Will Set Us Free. With support and feedback. Close the circle. Make ALL the cause/s visible so we can eliminate them.

 My corrosion knowledge started in year 1962 with my attempt to qualify for the next stage of my training. I was a tender 19 year old, had joined the Royal Navy 6 months previously and was determined to improve my prospects. I volunteered for a 3 month duty on HMS Venus. A warship – type 14 frigate and intended for training potential seamen. These were DC ships. DC – direct current – it flows in one direction only. That causes particles of metal to be permanently dissolved to the Earth via the sea.

 My duty on-board HMS Venus was very specific: To test the insulation of ALL the DC supply to all equipment. There was no live testing equipment, as SeaBis is now some 55 years later, so we had to remove power, disconnect the equipment being powered and insulation test. It was a compromise done in writing, signed and witnessed. My neck was on the chopping block. I still have my head.

 Today we test and eliminate all causes on ENTIRE vessels.

 There is no compromise. We are accurate to 10 millionths of an amp (reference Ohms Law explanation, page down). That is why we provide a 8 year money back guarantee. How To Stop Corrosion must be complied with.

 So the cause has been well known since prior to 1962. So why is it prevalent now? The same reason as profit in spare parts is vastly greater than whole equipment. We will correct this situation. The correction will be visible to you, permanent and at low cost.

 •SeaBis Master:

 1: Is an industrial grade mini-computer with 20 years life. It is the simplest and most direct way to eliminate corrosion. You do not need a Blocker when you use SeaBis Master System.

 2: SeaBis Master fitted with battery clips and How To Stop Corrosion will eliminate permanent corrosion. Intermittent (moisture, equipment or wiring failure) requires SeaBis be permanently installed. So if you decide to use one SeaBis Master fitted with battery clips then every battery bank must be interrogated by SeaBis Master at a maximum interval of 10 days. I have known several pairs of $5,000 propellers destroyed in 10 days. With no electrolysis Galvanic corrosion is easy to eliminate with anodes.

 3: We will not be responsible for failure to permanently monitor all batteries or DC sources with SeaBis Master or failure to comply with How To Stop Corrosion. Failure will cause corrosion.

 •SeaBis Master LEDs explanation:

 GREEN you are absolutely safe from stray current causing corrosion

 AMBER very small amount of low level current causing minor corrosion

 RED serious (LED lit solid not flashing) high stray current is present. Corrosion visible within 6 months

 RED FLASHING extreme large current causing visible corrosion within 3 months. Two $5,000 propellers destroyed in 10 days

 AC Only RED FLASHING warns you of excessive AC in your DC. That AC halves your battery life, kills electronics and vastly increases the risk of electrocution. The cause is usually shore / mains neutral and active reversed or a cheap inverter, or 12 to 24 volts regulator. alternator or generator. Diagnosis is exactly same as previously.

 ALL battery positive red LEDs can be caused by a fire risk - contact us immediately. If you have both 12 and 24 volts there may be very accelerated corrosion and increased fire risk.

 Corrosion CAUSE elimination procedure as booklet supplied with SeaBis: how to stop corrosion
 Connect SeaBis brown to battery positive. Blue to battery negative. Green / yellow to hull if metal otherwise the engine body metal. Connections must be to clean metal with no paint or grease as those will stop SeaBis working.
 Assuming the bottom right light, battery negative, flashes: find the brass connection strip that joins all the battery negatives together. Disconnect one wire at a time until SeaBis Normal light is green.

 Do not disconnect battery negative supply.

 The last wire you disconnected was causing corrosion.
 Reconnect all those NOT causing corrosion.
 Leave the wire causing corrosion disconnected.
The equipment causing corrosion now has no power so is easily identified.
 AC Only LED flashes: The cause is usually shore / mains neutral and active reversed or a cheap inverter or alternator or generator. Diagnosis is exactly same as previously.
 Follow booklet supplied with SeaBis: how to stop corrosion.


•Procedure to identify then repair CAUSE in, simple boats:

Connect SeaBis Master brown to battery positive, blue to battery negative, green / yellow to metal hull / enclosure or metal of engine. The SeaBis Master Traffic Light System that will instantly indicate the level of corrosion current. Unplug or disconnect wires until SeaBis indicates Normal, the last thing you disconnected was the cause. Reconnect all wires that indicate Normal. Leaving disconnected all that cause other than Normal. Now see what has no power and you will know the cause. Now follow How To Stop Corrosion and / or contact us to repair / replace the cause. Follow How To Stop Corrosion to repair / replace the cause. If you get any problems contact me: email Glen Bishop

• Procedure to identify then repair CAUSE where engine ON hours exceed 200 per year – (Commercial use vessels)

1: Disconnect engines and connect SeaBis to House. Prove the House has no corrosion as it and engines are electrically in parallel: Reason: If A and B are faults, you remove A and warning persists, so you put A back on and remove B so you never find the cause. Correct procedure: Keep taking wires off until you have Normal. If Normal proceed with engines. If other than Normal diagnose the House and repair. Then proceed with engines. Diagnosis procedure: Keep taking wires off until you have Normal. From Normal: Touch test each wire in turn. Leave disconnected all that cause other than Normal. Reconnect all that cause Normal. On completion you will have 1 to 4 wires, now disconnected that were all causing corrosion. Now see what does not work (as it now has no power) and repair / replace it.
2:.Engines. Look for and record all connections from battery negative to body of engine. Detail the equipment those connections connect to. Replace incorrectly insulated sensors:

Sensors available at:
A.S.A.P. Supplies in U.K. link: ASAP-UK sells Teddington senders and switches all PROVEN correctly insulated battery negative for the engine.

Arrange starter motor and alternator battery negative insulation from their metal body by Automotive starter motor and alternator re-winder. Obtain wire and crimps to replace the connections that used to be made by engine body.
If you have any difficulty we will talk you through entire vessel full insulation. Any difficulties contact me: email Glen Bishop or phone Australia +61
Mobile (cell) (0)417 878 773 or Skype: seabis1


Alternating Current – (AC) mains or shore or inverter power:

AC cannot cause corrosion as it reverses direction every ½ a Hertz (Cycle) or every 1/100 second. IF AC could take off a particle of metal in the first ½ Hertz it will put it back on when current reverses direction in the next ½ Hertz or 1/100 second. Please read the compliance plate on your kettle. There will be no DC compliance. IF there were DC in AC then there would be no Back EMF (Counter Electromotive Force) so every appliance would attempt to draw an infinite current and burn out within a few seconds – every appliance in the World burning out in a few seconds… Reference Wikipedia - Is there DC in AC?


There are variables to one SeaBis per independent battery bank:

1: One SeaBis Master will eliminate all PERMANENT CAUSES of corrosion. It may be fitted with battery clips and moved between battery banks. However that may not eliminate intermittent or new causes and corrosion will occur without your knowledge, sometimes in 10 days.

2: To comply with How To Stop Corrosion and validate our guarantee and warranty SeaBis must be permanently installed, one to each *independent battery bank. Explanation: Every battery is a source of corrosion - stray current. So permanently install one SeaBis per *independent battery bank / DC source (including regulators, reducers and DC generated from AC).
*independent - All DC sources must be monitored by SeaBis more than 97% of ALL time to eliminate 97% of all causes. Parallel (joined together) battery banks - parallel sources of DC are actually one source. Parallel battery banks require only one SeaBis. Solution: Allow SeaBis to do its job by permanently connecting to every independent battery bank and DC source! If you have 12 and 24 volts then ALL DC sources must be permanently fitted with SeaBis Master - there will be 3 times the corrosion probability, capability and severity.
Then you will comply with ABYC international marine Wiring Rules. Maybe in your Downloads folder. Insurance then cannot use non compliance as an excuse to refuse payment. Link to: Download ABYC Explanation and complete Wiring Rules. Complete ABYC Wiring Rules will download to your Download folder.

3: Time away from your vessel is excluded as we will take steps to ensure there is no corrosion while you are absent - see How To Stop Corrosion and/or contact us with SeaBis Master results.

4: Equipment you cannot turn off is treated separately. That absolutely minimizes the risk.
Solution: Contact us with SeaBis Master results.

5: As always, we will support you. However for our 8 year guarantee and warranty to be valid you must comply with How To Stop Corrosion, supplied with SeaBis. Then ALL CAUSES will be eliminated. Link to brief How To Stop Corrosion instructions.

6: Support. Training and 30 minutes diagnostic support, value $80.00 are free with SeaBis Master System.


•Corrosion is caused by electrical current, not voltage:

Explanation. Assuming you are sitting at your desk and the light is on. The element in the lamp is slowly dissipating (corroding) in the same manner as your installation / hull / engine / propeller. You grab a rag, and with the light still turned on, you remove the lamp. The lamp goes out and the element ceases to dissipate. The power to the lamp socket: 110 or 240 volts, is still applied. The current through the lamp element has ceased. There is no point in measuring voltage – it has not changed. Measuring current would immediately show the element dissipation has ceased. The SeaBis System measures current through the metal being dissipated, your propeller, engine or hull. Only SeaBis measures current directly. All other methods measure voltage. How To Stop Corrosion identifies the cause and provides sample methods of repair.


•Why 97 or 98% stray current CAUSE elimination? Please explain:

Corrosion is caused by stray current multiplied by the time it flows. I have personally seen vessels with two $5,000 propellers (plus slipping fee) dissolved beyond repair in 10 days, 8 times in 10 years. I know of vessels sunk by electrolysis corrosion.
In a non commercial situation the DC negative can be disconnected by a correctly modified solenoid at least 97% of the time. Non commercial engine/s ON hours are less than 200 per year. So electrolysis is eliminated at least 97% of the time, by the solenoid. Calculation (200/(365*24))*100% = 97%.
In a commercial situation ALL CAUSES should be eliminated permanently. So we achieve 100% CAUSE elimination, permanently. Details including suppliers in booklet supplied with SeaBis Master: How To Stop Corrosion or by emailing Glen Bishop - with SeaBis Master results.
When we apply a commercial solution we assume the CAUSE is cumulatively connected more than 200 hours per year. That cause is normally the DC negative.


“AC - shore power causes corrosion”.

•Very very unlikely:
Corrosion is caused by electrolytic action between damp or immersed metal or cooling system via any damp to wet contact to the Earth (damp tires included). Electrolytic action is particles of metal being dissolved from your metal by DC - battery current. DC is Direct Current and always flows in the same direction. AC (Mains power) is Alternating Current that reverses direction every half cycle (Hertz or 1 divided by 50 or 60 of a second) so dissolved particles will be replaced every half Hertz. So AC cannot cause it. All corrosion is eliminated by the SeaBis System under actual live use conditions - 8 year money back guarantee. Testimonials with verification.
In doubt? Ask any manufacturing jeweler how he plates gold onto base metal. The gold is your (engine / hull) damp / wet metal and the (jewelry) base metal is the Earth.


“Anodes will stop corrosion ”.

Even more unlikely:
A one kilogram anode produces one millionth of an amp, of protective current. Electrolysis is commonly greater than 0.01 milli amp (0.01 / 1,000 amp) too several amps of current. So we would need a lot more than 1,000 kilograms of anode! I have personally measured 9 amps caused by a commercial VHF Transceiver with a 9 amp power supply - that would require 9,000 kilo grams of Anode. It is much easier to stop the CAUSE. SeaBis Master System eliminates ALL corrosion, permanently, without thru hull penetration or additional coatings or plating. When the cause is proven to be eliminated by SeaBis, anodes can work as designed and will stop galvanic corrosion.


“Stopping electrolysis is too hard”

Only for those who make a living repairing the corrosion. 25+ years ago it barely existed because marine equipment was correctly manufactured. Today, professional vessels, larger tugs, military vessels, professional vehicles, some train / signals and larger aircraft do not experience it because they are correctly manufactured. Most experienced Professional Fishermen whose family have been in the trade for generations know what NOT to buy. Use SeaBis to prove new equipment does not cause corrosion.

•Corrosion causes:

•These are probable causes:
Please consider there were very few electrolysis problems 25+ years ago. The equipment was very much the same. So what has changed? Also consider there is far more profit in spare parts than whole equipment. We will correct this design situation.
Amongst all the causes are planned redundancy causing purchase of expensive parts, new equipment, moisture, cooling system, failing insulation, antenna damage and carbon brushes as in all motors, generators and alternators. We will eliminate ALL causes by using the SeaBis System. We will measure the stray / leakage current, irrespective of the cause while fully powered and with very good accuracy and totally reliability without disturbing the circuit in any way. We will use the SeaBis System because it is totally accurate and reliable.
Whereas a multi meter must cause a circuit disturbance and vast inaccuracy: for a $500 multi meter an inaccuracy of at least 2,000 to 1. Using a multi meter you will have one chance in greater than 2,000 of any accuracy whatsoever. To prove it to yourself:

• Prove a Multi-meter cannot tell you the truth using 2 Multi-meters:

So as not to confuse them, take the battery out of multi meter A and switch it to micro amps.
Put the multi meter B on ohms and measure the multi meter A micro amps range resistance (at micro-amp and Common terminals). You will find 200 to 2,000 Ohms. Compare that to the cause - electrical short circuits of less than 1 Ohm. If you use a multi meter your chance of success at best is 1 divided by 200 (for a $1,500 combination meter) or at worst 1 divided by at least 2,000 (for most multi meters). A failure rate exceeding 2,000 compared to a success rate of 100%. A multi meter has unacceptable odds and they get worse - next paragraph. Use SeaBis: It is accurate and safe.
If you use a multi meter you are measuring voltage developed across a resistor connected in series. Not only of no use but confusing and potentially lethal: Add the risk of battery explosion because of explosive gazes. Batteries generate hydrogen gas. That is the smallest particle of everything and will permeate everything. The Zeppelins were filled with hydrogen gas they all exploded in flames.

•All causes are electrically in parallel - the solution to locate the causes.

When, as is common, there is more than one cause, they are in parallel. So if A and B are causes and A is disconnected, B will continue causing corrosion. If you then think "well, A was not the cause so I will reconnect A and disconnect B... " then you will never eliminate the cause. So the correct procedure is to disconnect connections / double pole until SeaBis indicates Normal or Caution then momentarily connect or touch on one circuit at a time to test it. Watch SeaBis respond.
•The same principle applies to diagnosis: Always disconnect until you have a Normal then momentarily connect one circuit at a time to test it. If it causes electrolysis disconnect it and label it and then you have Normal again so test the next. Any that do not cause electrolysis (SeaBis stays on Normal) should be reconnected.
Caution LED: Is caused by an extremely low level of electrolysis. Corrosion may just be visible in a year. Common causes are a very small fall in insulation / very small coolant leakage in a sensor, poorly designed electronics such as in energy sensors in radars. It is eliminated in exactly the same manner. The areas affected worse are those with increased temperature (headers) and softer metal such as radiators; and hulls and propellers. The water in the top 300 milli meter adjacent to the hull is always warmer than that deeper under water so carries most of the current. The air also carries current where Relative Humidity is greater than 10%. (humor - Gobi Desert has greater than 10% occasionally).

•Explanation - why does corrosion occur?

1: Using Kelvin’s Absolute Law of Measurement:
The battery negative terminal is actually at minus 12 volts and battery positive at 0 volts. The Earth voltage is positive 1 point 2. Any dew / moisture / water is a very good conductor. So when there is a circuit from battery negative to hull / engine / installation negatively charged electrons are repelled from the damp / wet metal to the Earth. They carry your metal with them to the Earth.
From Science class: Remember the 2 bar magnets that repelled each other? Like poles (polarities) repel. Electrons drive your metal to Earth via sea, land and air.

2: Explanation:
All DC (battery or AC sourced power) returns 80% or more of the current drawn through the battery positive to the battery through the battery negative. That is why the battery negative cable has the same copper diameter as the battery positive cable.
So a starter motor on a medium 4 cylinder diesel drawing 180 amps will return 180*(multiplied by) 0.8=144 amps to the battery via the battery negative cable. If the metal hull or engine body is used or connected to the battery negative a proportion from 100 to 144 will flow through the hull. On a large diesel that current will be 360 amps. The alternator charges at 50 to 100 amps and the same percentages apply. A single deck flood light will draw 20 amps. A winch 80 to 300 amps.

Some blame the live well: A live well is connected to engine / hull by either welding or the water. On a fiberglass hull it is connected to the engine via the water. (Remember the James Bond movie where he throws a bar heater into a bath and electrocutes the person in the bath). Fresh or salt water is only a few ohms, usually around 10 ohms per meter so everything touching water is connected together.
Quote: “I have seen sophisticated systems where the (live well) water is both circulated and aerated. While other are simpler by simply getting filled with water and emptied.” Where that water never makes any contact with metal or the sea that may work. Far better to use SeaBis to eliminate the cause and protect the engine / live well / gearbox and propeller. I have seen AU$20,000 gearboxes destroyed in 6 months – on Turkish warships. The Manager was an ex submarine Captain and bought SeaBis out of his own pocket as it was not in the build contract.

On fiberglass boats the same current flows through the propeller through gearbox then the cooling system. The accelerated flow rate in the cooling pump amplifies the electrolysis effect caused by the stray current. The cause is the circuit through it and the engine to the Earth, attracting current – (expensive-your fuel generates it) from your vessels metal to the Earth.

Those amps (current to the Earth) consist of negatively charge electrons. The Earth is at positive 1.1 to 1.2 volts so attracts some of that current. We need a very small current to cause corrosion you can see in 3 months. (never try to measure this with a multimeter. Death by battery acid explosion may occur. In addition the reading, if you get one is very likely to be 800 to 2000 (internal resistance of multi meter on milli amps range) times in error. Your knowledge now far exceeds the normal. SeaBis Master will prove the above. There are the methods I started with – a current limiting 12 and 24 volt power supply, that will also prove it. The Testimonials at are all verifiable. 8 year money back guarantee also at


•How do I test SeaBis?

By generating corrosion capable stray current. Never carry out this test if SeaBis indicates other than Normal:
1: Prove there is no defect by connecting SeaBis Master: Brown to battery positive, blue to battery negative and Current Sense (green / yellow) to metal hull / enclosure or engine body. Ensuring there is a good clean electrical connection with no moisture, oil, paint or corrosion (if so file it off). SeaBis MUST indicate Normal. Only proceed if you have Normal.
2. Using very thin insulated wire, connect battery negative to Current Sense - green / yellow. SeaBis will receive electrolysis capable stray current and indicate Critical negative. Disconnect the wire and SeaBis will indicate Normal. Proving SeaBis correct.


•Ohms Law; the only electrical law you need to know:

I (current in amps) = V(voltage in volts) / (divided by) R(resistance in ohms)
* is multiplication sign
/ is divide by sign
To transpose the formula: Replace letters with numbers 4 = 8 / (divided by) 2
so 8 = 4 *(multiplied by) 2 so V = I * R
so 2 = 8 / 4 so R = V / I
That’s it. Unless you want Watts(heat or energy) = I * V

How do I wire up my Boat?

Non compliance to ABYC Wiring Rules Maybe in your Downloads folder. is used to remove Insurance Companies liability. Comply and you remove that excuse to deny liability. I talk to Owners who have just paid 50% to 90% of the value of their vessel in repairs caused by corrosion. Totally preventable - follow ABYC Wiring Rules and check there are no faults in your vessel with SeaBis Master. Be aware a profit driven manufacturer has published their own ABYC Rules. Those at SeaBis are genuine and carry ABYC authenticity. ABYC Wiring Rules must be complied with to eliminate the cause of corrosion and so your insurance is valid. ABYC mandate a 3 wire system: battery positive, battery negative and Bonding. No battery connection must make electrical contact with Bonding. If you chose not to eliminate electrolysis you will have no insurance from corrosion.
ABYC Wiring Rules are recognized by all authorities, World-wide as pre - eminent, correct and legally binding. They will be used to void insurance where there is non compliance.


•What is rust and galvanic corrosion versus electrolysis?

Rust is caused by moisture in the air allowing electric current to flow from the metal to the Earth via the air causing the metal to dissipate. Air is a poor conductor of electricity so the process is very slow.
Galvanic corrosion: Metals have natural voltages so different metals have different voltages. The maximum difference possible being 1.2 volts (one point two volts) so galvanic corrosion is equally slow. Your installation / vessel / vehicle ALL metal is at 12 to 24 volts so electrolysis is a minimum of 12 times that of galvanic. Commonly 10,000 to 10,000,000 more as water or Earth connects you to every vessel within at least 180 meters. SeaBis Master eliminates ALL corrosion. Permanently and forever. You are disconnected (insulated) from the World so no current can flow. How To Stop Corrosion must be complied with. When SeaBis Master proves there is no electrolysis then anodes and bonding will stop galvanic corrosion.
Marine electrolysis corrosion is man made. It is commonly one million times more corrosive. The SeaBis System eliminates all marine electrolysis corrosion, no matter what the cause. Then anodes, coatings and plating can work as designed. That is why we offer an 8 year money back guarantee. The guarantee or warranty has never been claimed in 14 years with greater than 1,400 vessels.


•How do I know you are correct?

See Testimonials with verification for 18+ years of testimonials with verification - contact them. In addition, I know of no other corrosion elimination product with an 8 year, publicly available written money back guarantee and warranty. We provide an 8 year guarantee because we know we are 100% correct.


•Bonding question:

" Should the fuel tank bonding as well as all other outer hull and thru hull mounted metal be connected to all metal, not the DC system?" •Yes. The Bonding connects all metal that can get damp to wet so reducing the inter-metal natural voltage so reducing galvanic corrosion. NEVER connect bonding or any metal that can get damp or wet to any DC as that will cause accelerated corrosion. NEVER connect DC negative to fuel tanks - you will pass 80% of total current through the tank and its content - that has caused death by fuel explosion. The Bonding system is never connected to AC or DC whatsoever.


•AC, Mains or shore power, question:

I am unqualified to offer advice. Get an A Class Electrician to do a SAFETY CHECK on AC! and he must be on site and issue a Complying Certificate. I believe the Inverter AC Earth should connect to the Mains Earth but not the hull. The Inverter AC MUST be Open Circuit to all DC. It MUST NOT fire AC back into the battery - that will cause battery failure, electrocution risk and kill electronics. Ignoring AC Only LED flashing will cause very expensive damage and void your guarantee.


•How do I use SeaBis with multiple battery installations?

Where the battery banks can be connected in parallel (connected together), usually for charging and reserve energy, use one SeaBis Master connected to the House bank and parallel all banks at least 97% of cumulative time. When the other banks are switched in circuit SeaBis will automatically interrogate them. If they cannot be connected in parallel there are two choices:
1: This procedure will eliminate all permanent causes but battery bank monitored time per will not be adequate to eliminate intermittent or new causes: Fit battery clips to SeaBis Master and move it between battery banks. That will identify corrosion present at the time of monitoring, only. This procedure will severely limit or void guarantee and warranty. We will not be responsible at all when batteries are inadequately monitored.
2: When you want 100% elimination of electrolysis then permanently connect one SeaBis per battery bank. Then you will get 100% elimination of ALL corrosion, permanently and our Guarantee and Warranty will apply.

Remember: If you monitor all battery banks less than 97% of total time there is a proportional or greater risk of ongoing electrolysis without your knowledge. SeaBis can only monitor the circuit it is connected to. So if you breach the 97% for more than 10 cumulative days in a year our guarantee and warranty are limited to 10 days - the time for unmonitored electrolysis to be visible.
Where the battery banks cannot be connected together, and for all vessels using: an Outboard leg or 12 and 24 dual power supply vessels, a SeaBis Master MUST be permanently connected to EVERY battery bank. Failure to do so will cause electrolysis and void guarantee and warranty. Rig / Platform and some industrial or ship installations, may need special actions, depending on SeaBis Master results: Email Glen Bishop We can set up a free World-wide audio / video link via Skype: seabis1.
If you use one SeaBis and move it battery bank to battery bank or use a switch to select or parallel battery banks there are risks of electrolysis and very expensive corrosion. Some get away without excessive corrosion. Some forget or wire incorrectly causing 1% to pay 90% to 95% of the value of their vessel in repairs when batteries are unmonitored for a CUMULATIVE time of greater than 200 hours (10 days) on one year.


•100% absolute method

Permanently install one SeaBis per battery bank. This is the only method to obtain 100% and permanent protection. SeaBis will instantly alert you should ANY corrosion current occur. Then our Guarantee and Warranty apply.


•My Rig/Platform/boat/industry has more than 5 battery banks, can you assist?

Yes. The cause/s are permanently eliminated by the SeaBis System. Contact: Email Glen Bishop or we can set up a World-wide audio / video link via Skype: seabis1.

•I or my Technician uses a multimeter, we have problem:

The use of a multi meter cannot find the cause. It will waste your time and money and risk your life while electrolysis corrosion will continue. Using a multi meter on any current range not only cannot find the cause but is also taking an immediate risk of causing death by battery explosion. Never use a multi meter on micro or milli amp or amp ranges near a battery.
Using a multi meter on ohms cannot eliminate corrosion. The multi meter uses one volt (even if it has a 9 volt battery) at one millionth of an amp. It will waste your time and money while electrolysis corrosion will continue.

•Training and 30 minutes free diagnostic support free, value $80.00.

Best regards,
Glen Bishop RN rtd. Assoc. Eng. IREE
Podean Electronic Industries trading as SeaBis - registered trade mark.

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