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  1. Terry-round the World Yacht.

    Glen Bishop: I am an ex-submariner. So know Kiwi Birds (extinct) (oil can merchants) well.

    Dear Glen,

    I have recently had the pleasure to use one of your units and would like to congratulate you on a fine product!

    Being a fellow retired submariner, I hope you will understand when I explain that I borrowed the unit from a fellow yachtie, Nick Walker, whom you were able to help and speaks highly of your unit. Also, as an ex Chief ERA on O Boats (Glen Bishop – I thought Kiwi Birds are extinct?), you will naturally understand it doesn’t come easy to ask a “Greenie” for help.

    Our yacht recently sailed from Fremantle to Bali and back via the Indonesian Archipelago and the Kimberly. We encountered some wet conditions which at times resembled ‘diving now, diving now’

    With a strong suspicion that we had some stray electrical currents with wet nav lights etc, I would have usually spent weeks taking fittings apart to find the cause. Your unit allowed the faults to be readily isolated (12 in all, with some very minor that would have been very difficult to find normally). By the end of a few days of working through the problems, I have a balanced electrical system, albeit I completely isolated the engine circuit as per your suggestion.

    Well done, and good that you could commercialise your naval experience.

    I also enjoyed your boat humour, so to close on a lighter note…………………………..
    •The three best things in life are a good surfacing, a good orgasm, and a good bowel movement. An emergency surfacing in a submarine whilst sinking rapidly to the depths is one of the few opportunities in life where you get to experience all three at the same time.
    Yours in boats (submariner’s name for Submarines),
    Terry Baker

    Peter Balding of Vella3,
    via email, at sea via satellite: email Peter Balding

    Glen Bishop: Peter is the first to admit he had very little electrical knowledge, and communication via satellite while at sea was difficult. However, we succeeded and eliminated all causes.

    Hi Glen,
    I have a live onboard steel hull yacht with very expensive corrosion. The SeaBis alarms Critical.

    Glen Bishop: I am glad you are using SeaBis, not a multi-meter. The cause of corrosion is specific electrical current, and multi-meters cannot measure it. They will only confuse you.

    I have completed the changes and testing of my electrical system. There are 2 systems: Engine and house.

    When I attach the SeaBis to the positive and negative of the house bank and the green/yellow to the hull, the SeaBis reads Caution on the negative side. This is a remarkable result from before.

    Caution means that there is a very small corroding current which I will attempt to track down in due course but I can live with this now. It means that the severe corrosion will now cease. There is a small fault in the negative side of the house circuit.
    Please comment on the above.
    Glen Bishop: All fixed, Peter. The Caution is just that Caution. It will wait until you are ready.

    Andrew Deeley SV Utopia II
    email: Andrew Deeley.

    Hi Glen,
    You are welcome to use my testimonial with verification. We have spent the past few days isolating quite a number of issues. We have fixed these and now got the SeaBis unit to a “normal” state on the house bank with the engine disconnected from the battery bank and the engine battery isolator turned off.

    The SeaBis box proved very useful in tracking down multiple stray current problems aboard our boat. The leading cause was old household wire originally installed by Beneteau and new electronics that had not been earthed correctly. The service from SeaBis was excellent, with prompt replies to my queries.

    I did really appreciate your help. Thanks again for your help, its been A1 service.

    Cheers Andrew

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