Marine corrosion cause prevented.

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Flexible SeaBis Master.
3 meter current sense
extended to 6 meters
with battery clips fitted.

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We supply and support World wide, free, minimum 8 years. No skill required.

That includes diagnostic and prevention support. No distance or time limit.
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Optional Extra

Solenoid, fully insulated 200 amps RMS with support

Depending on SeaBis results, as this may not be necessary:
Battery Switch or Solenoid to eliminate 97% of corrosive current where engine ON hours are less than 200 per year.

Switch or Solenoid type and design to SeaBis Master results.

We supply an appropriate type of solenoid modified to stop corrosive current.  Continuously rated is essential.  Specify 12 or 24 volts. Will suit most starters, engines, winch, compressors, generators or sonar.  

Solenoid Bank Transfer AU$165 plus shipping.   Training and support included. See video on home page.

Then: Contact us, email [email protected]
Pay 20%. Using my experience of more than 2,000 vessels, we start process of identifying visible causes.
Pay 20%, Corrections commenced.
Pay 20%. Visible corrections completed. Many none visible remain.
Pay final 20% and shipping. SeaBis Master is supplied. None visible causes identified and corrected.  Permanent prevention provided.
8 year guarantee, warranty and support applies.

Stray current, electrolysis & rust prevented by SeaBis System, permanently.