How To Stop Marine Corrosion, permanently

SeaBis Master System product page.

Eliminate CAUSE marine corrosion, 100%, permanently, with SeaBis Master System.

8 years money back guarantee and support included. Corrosion Engineers qualifications below:

Suitable for unstable power. 20 years life expectancy.

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• special: free Galvanic corrosion (Anode tester - contains multi-meter) and free shipping this week.

Training and diagnostic support free with SeaBis Master

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• Complete marine corrosion - electrolysis CAUSE elimination system. With How To Stop Metal Corrosion instructions. One SeaBis Master fitted with battery clips becomes portable and will eliminate all permanent causes. Intermittent and new causes require permanent installation. Corrosion Engineers qualification below Royal Albatross:


Electrolysis - metal corrosion - CAUSE elimination system

Training and diagnostic assistance included with Master System

SeaBis Master


        7.5 by 3.75 by 1.1 inches
          190 by 95 by 28 mm

 You are absolutely safe from electrolysis.

  Caution Bat neg.
  A very low level of electrolysis barely visible in 1 year.
   * Excluding ALL Bat pos(left side)LEDs. See below:

  Serious corrosion will be visible in 6 months

 Critical corrosion will be visible in 3 months. Two $5,000 propellers destroyed in 10 days.

AC Only battery life is halved.
 Electrocution risk increased.
 AC in your DC kills batteries and electronics.

• ALL Bat pos indication then contact us immediately. Especially if you have both 12 and 24 volts. Fire risk.

*Lower cost SeaBis available, click here

*Master System price: Shipping free this week AUD499 / USD396
standard 9 to 35 volt model and free Galvanic Tester - test your anodes. 50 volt model at additional cost.

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•Delivery: Ex-stock 2 to 14 days. Courier delivery available - contact us.

•Engines: Do not have to cause electrolysis. Contact us with SeaBis Master results for the solution. We will stop your engine causing electrolysis: Suppler contact Link and support with How To Stop Metal Corrosion instructions, supplied with SeaBis Master.

•Installation is easy
- 3 wires -
Battery positive and negative and metal hull or engine.

• Includes: How To Stop Metal Corrosion, degree of electrolysis, battery negative / positive - for diagnosis
and AC battery - electronics and electrocution risk / ongoing corrosion indicators. External fuses (2). Training and diagnostic assistance.

• Stop the CAUSE of marine corrosion now. Before repair costs soar! As electrolysis causes corrosion bare surface area to increase so electrolysis current increases so corrosion escalates.


• Support, World-wide:
Glen Bishop, preferred: e-mail: [email protected]
Via Skype, my name: seabis1
Skype is free computer to computer, World-wide:
Download Skype - free.
Phone Australia 61
Office: (0)8 8552 6584
Mobile (cell) 61 (0)417 878 773.


Royal Albatross, Singapore
Retail carton image

SeaBis retail carton

* Corrosion Engineers qualifications:

Two degrees in Corrosion CAUSE elimination from Royal Navy - ex Submariner. 40 years successful elimination of the cause - that is why we provide a 8 year money back guarantee - we are 100% successful.
How To Stop Metal Corrosion must be complied with.

Counter display:

Counter display

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• Solenoid (automatic switch) to eliminate 97% electrolysis in recreational use vessels.

• Commercial use vessels with engine ON hours greater than 200 per year require a different solution - contact SeaBis

***IMPORTANT specification, READ THIS!:

For non insulated starter motors, engines, generator, winch, RMS 200 amps (about 70 HP diesel), peak 2200 amps, superior silver tungsten carbide contacts, with electrolysis elimination components, continuously rated - essential.
• Wiring diagram and support included.


One solenoid RMS CONTINOUS current to 200 amps, peak 2,200 amps.

solenoid double

Two solenoids in parallel doubles RMS CONTINOUS current to 400 amps.

• Operated by engine / winch or another On / Start / Run.

• For non commercial vessels. Applicable AFTER SeaBis Master proves no other sources of electrolysis. Commercial vessels email Glen Bishop.

• We recommend our Solenoid only. The reasons are:

1: It is the best quality in existence. Cheap solenoids will fail. Very heavy duty: Weight 1 kilo gram / 2.2 pounds. See specification below.

2: All solenoids, as purchased, will cause electrolysis. Our modification prevents that happening.

3: Supplied with installation diagram and support with or after SeaBis only

4: Manual switches get forgotten so causing electrolysis.


Buy Now and contact us button - so we can ensure 12 or 24 volt and shipping cost:

contact us button

AUD152 / USD110.00 each plus shipping

Training and advice with installation diagram - included.

• Specify 12 or 24 volts. One kilogram. Shipping additional.

• Installation instructions and advice will be supplied with the solenoid.

• Complete with electrolysis elimination components.

• Delivery, ex-stock 2 to 14 days.



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