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 • Complete how to stop corrosion - CAUSE elimination system.

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 ALL Bat positive indications then contact us immediately. Especially if you have both 12 and 24 volts. Fire risk can be eliminated.

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 • Solenoid (automatic switch) to eliminate 97% corrosion in recreational use vessels. Supplied subject to SeaBis Master results.

 • Commercial use vessels with engine ON hours greater than 200 per year require our commercial solution - contact SeaBis

 ***IMPORTANT specification, READ THIS:

 • For non insulated starter motors, engines, generator, winch, RMS 200 amps (about 70 HP diesel), peak 2200 amps, superior silver tungsten carbide contacts, with corrosion elimination components, continuously rated - essential.
 • Wiring diagram and support included.


 One solenoid RMS CONTINOUS current to 200 amps, peak 2,200 amps.

 solenoid double

 Two solenoids in parallel doubles RMS CONTINOUS current to 400 amps.

 • Operated by engine / winch or another switch: On / Start / Run.

 • For non commercial vessels. Applicable AFTER SeaBis Master proves no other sources of corrosion. Commercial vessels email Glen Bishop.

 • We recommend our Solenoid only. The reasons are:

 1: It is the best quality in existence. Cheap solenoids will fail. Very heavy duty: Weight 1 kilo gram / 2.2 pounds. See specification below.

 2: All solenoids, as purchased, will cause corrosion. Our modification prevents that happening.

 3: Supplied with installation diagram and support with or after SeaBis only

 4: Manual switches get forgotten so causing corrosion.

 5: 12 volt and 24 volt solenoids are different wattage. They are not interchangeable.

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  AU$152 / US$110.00 each plus shipping. Bank deposit is much cheaper than credit / debit cards.

 Training and advice with installation diagram - included.

 • Specify 12 or 24 volts. Weight one kilogram.

 Installation instructions and advice will be supplied with the solenoid.

 Complete with corrosion elimination components.

 Delivery, ex-stock 3 to 10 days.

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