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Marine corrosion prevention, permanently

Prevent the CAUSE of all stray current. Permanently. So preventing corrosion.

Work in progress:

  1. Understand the CAUSE of electrolysis. So, repair the cause. 80% of current supplied from battery positive returns to battery via battery negative.  When that battery neg is a hull or engine body, then that current carries particles of your metal to the seabed.

    External proof current causes corrosion:  Wikipedia – electrolysis

  2. How much CURRENT causes electrolysis? Less than 1 thousandths amp will cause corrosion you can see in a few weeks. 100 millionths of an amp will do so in a few months.   SeaBis senses from 10 millionths amp.

  3. When the metal hull or body is used as a battery negative connector, some of that current flows to the seabed.  Taking your metal with it.  So causing corrosion.

  4. For your initial diagnosis we propose to prevent stray current from the main engine as that will cause you to learn. 

    Disconnect battery negative AND positive from ALL batteries except the main engine.  Connect SeaBis to main engine battery with current sense, green / yellow to engine body or hull.  Ensure good connections free of paint grease or corrosion.  Especially at current sense.

  5. 1st method of 2 methods:  Disconnect BOTH negative and positive on all battery banks except the ONE to be diagnosed – the main engine. Fit SeaBis to the main engine battery bank.  Disconnect equipment at the battery positive or negative as indicated faulty by SeaBis.  Leave each equipment disconnected until the Normal (green) LED lights.  The last equipment was a cause of electrolysis.  So it is easily identified, leave it disconnected.  Now touch connect all other equipment to see if there is more than one cause.  Leave all known causes disconnected until repaired. So, only those causing corrosive current will have no power. They are easily identified.

  6. 2nd method:  Connect SeaBis Master to main engine battery and completely disconnect the engine.  You must have a Normal LED. Then one by one, connect equipment to the battery positive or negative as indicated faulty by SeaBis.  Disconnect all that cause a Normal LED.  Immediately you connect the cause/s of the stray current, the Normal LED will go out, and a red LED will light.  Only the equipment causing electrolysis corrosion will have power, so is easily identified.

  7. Your purchase of SeaBis Master includes free support for 8 years:  Email (preferred):
    61 (0) 417 878 773
    Voice complete contact page
    Glen Bishop

Understand, then prevent the cause:

Corrosion CAUSE prevention

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