8 Years Guarantee, Warranty and Diagnostic Support.
Free with SeaBis Master System

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Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently

8-year guarantee, warranty and diagnostic support, Free with SeaBis Master System.

8-year free guarantee, warranty and (link) diagnosis support:  We will either prevent all the stray current that is the ONLY CAUSE of marine electrolysis corrosion or pay you back your purchase cost of SeaBis Master. How to Prevent Corrosion must be complied with.

Suggested reading:
Marine Electrolysis Corrosion CAUSE Prevention here.
How to Prevent Marine Corrosion here.

Guarantee and Warranty:

Should a manufacturing defect occur or the stray current that causes electrolysis corrosion not be prevented, we will, at our discretion, repair, replace, or refund the money paid to Podean Electronic Industries Pty. Ltd. trading as SeaBis for the SeaBis Master System or SeaBis Portable Master System providing How to Prevent Corrosion has been complied with, and we have authorised the claim and the return of the SeaBis System. 

SeaBis Simple is not as sensitive, accurate or well protected as SeaBis Master.  It is excluded from this 8-year Guarantee and Warranty, and legal compulsory requirements are the only that apply.


No corrosion, free training and diagnostic support for at least 8 years.

Proof we are correct:  Wikipedia electrolysis.

The reason we supply an 8-year money-back guarantee and warranty is we are 100% correct. We 100% prevent the ONLY  CAUSE – stray current. Permanently.

Guarantee (physical properties) AND warranty (functional properties) and training and diagnostic support, are free for minimum 8 years.
How to Prevent Corrosion, supplied with SeaBis Master, must be complied with.

Email SeaBis:  seabisbg@gmail.com

Before SeaBis Master System. Stray current generates marine electrolysis, therefore the hull dissolves.  Causing coatings to bubble:

Hull dissolves
Before SeaBis. Hull dissolve. Therefore, antifouling lifts. Marine electrolysis corrosion prevention would have prevented the only CAUSE - stray current. Permanently.
Hull dissolves causing paint to lift.
Before SeaBis. Stray current causes the hull to dissolve causing paint to lift. Marine electrolysis corrosion prevention would prevent stray current that is the only CAUSE. Permanently.

 After SeaBis Master System.  Underwater view.  Submerged for one year.  No stray current, therefore no corrosion and Antifouling works as design. 

After SeaBis. Antifouling works as designed.
After SeaBis. A year submerged. Marine electrolysis corrosion prevention identifies then prevents the stray current that is the only CAUSE. Permanently. Antifouling works as designed.
After SeaBis. No stray currents. Antifouling works as designed.
After SeaBis. Underwater view. A year submerged. Marine electrolysis corrosion prevention stops ALL stray current. Antifouling works as designed.

SeaBis as a portable:

SeaBis Master monitors the battery bank it is connected to. The number of battery banks is increased by use of battery “Both” or “Emergency” switches, fitting more than one SeaBis or moving SeaBis (fitting battery clips).  SeaBis Master may be moved battery bank to battery bank and will indicate all permanent causes. Intermittent and new causes require continuous monitoring by SeaBis. How to Prevent Corrosion and SeaBis Master will prevent the cause/s.

AC Only flashes more than 3 times:

Do not ignore the AC Only light. When it flashes more than 3 times, your life and equipment are at risk.  The AC power Active and Neutral may be reversed. Falling to prevent the cause voids guarantee and warranty.


SeaBis Master System life expectancy:

We expect the SeaBis Master System, where permanently installed, to last for 20 years and will guarantee it, manufacturers faults only. For 8 years, commencing on receipt of full payment.

If you get a problem after 8 years, come back to us, and we will see what we can do. 

SeaBis is best permanently installed. The reason is, a permanently installed device is far less likely to be damaged by dropping into water or impact damage than a portable.

Security seal:

Should the security seal on the back of SeaBis be tampered, then all guarantee and warranty are void.



Shipping may be anywhere World-wide, so return to SeaBis is the responsibility of the Owner. SeaBis will pay return shipping if a manufacture’s fault existed.  As only one in more than 2,000 have failed, then a manufacture’s fault is extremely unlikely. As many have more than 8 years in use, we require proof of purchase.


1:  We guarantee AND warranty SeaBis Master with How to Prevent Corrosion will prevent ALL CAUSES of corrosion caused by stray current, permanently. How to Prevent Corrosion must be complied with.

2: ALL batteries and DC power, without SeaBis System, create the stray current that causes electrolysis corrosion, so permanently monitor them all. Batteries can be switched in parallel, with “Both” or “Emergency” battery switches, so only require one SeaBis Master. 10 cumulative days, without SeaBis, has and will cause corrosion that may be extremely expensive.  You will be able to see the corrosion.  I have witnessed two of US$5,000 propellers corroded beyond repair in 10 days, too many times.

3: Time away from your vessel is excluded, as we will take steps to ensure there is no electrolysis while you are absent – see How to Prevent Corrosion.

 4: Equipment you cannot turn off is treated separately. Thus, absolutely minimizing the risk.

As always, we will support you. Contact Us.

We supply SeaBis Master System 8-year money-back guarantee for:  Even the radiator of your Land Cruiser, propeller on your Fiberglas boat, aluminum or steel of your hull, gearbox, engine, or winch, rig or platform, railway line control, caravan, plane, vehicle, abattoir, streetlight from corrosion. With no genuine claims from in excess of 2,000 SeaBis Master Systems, we must be correct.