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SeaBis Master System, explanation.

Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently

8-year guarantee, warranty and (link) diagnosis support: with SeaBis Master.

We will prevent all the stray current that is the ONLY CAUSE of marine electrolysis corrosion. How to Prevent Corrosion must be complied with. Guarantee here.

Busy? There is no need to read any further.  

We will, step by step, guide you or another through prevention of the stray current that is the ONLY  CAUSE of 97 % of all corrosion.  Email;

Complete contact details here.

SeaBis Master System with How to Prevent Corrosion WILL prevent 100% of the CAUSE/S of stray current that generate marine electrolysis corrosion. Permanently.

The SeaBis Master System prevents 97% of ALL current with any corrosive ability for 20 years.  That current is named stray current, The remaining 3% is galvanic current.  Galvanic current is easily prevented when the CAUSE of stray current is prevented, FIRST. We will advise you how to prevent galvanic current – corrosion.

We guarantee AND warranty for 8 years.  Design would allow me to do so for 20 years, as SeaBis consumes less than 50% of Root Mean Square (RMS) current (the TRUE heating affect). To get briefly technical:  Heat = current squared.  Therefore, halve current and life expectancy is vastly increased. Because we know causes will reoccur, we provide 8 years diagnostic support, free.

SeaBis System Basics:

We manufacture a system that eliminates the CAUSE of 97% of ALL corrosion.  That corrosion is caused by stray current generating electrolysis corrosion.  With no electrolysis then coatings, plating, especially antifouling, and anodes will work as designed. No additional coating, plating, through hole or moving parts. The remaining 3% is caused by galvanic corrosion.  That is ONLY caused by different metals nearly touching.  Such as stainless steel and aluminum.  Galvanic corrosion is easily prevented AFTER electrolysis is prevented. We will assist you.

How SeaBis System works: 

We have proven certain types and levels of current flowing to the Earth, via air or water, carry your vessel’s metal with them, creating corrosion by electrolysis.

With 223 test then over 2,000 commercial and domestic vessels, we have proven SeaBis Master System 100% reliable. The SeaBis Master System will prevent ALL causes of stray current.  That is 100% of ALL causes of electrolysis corrosion.

The SeaBis Master System is connected brown to battery positive, blue to battery negative and current sense – green/yellow to metal hull or engine metal body.  SeaBis Master analyses and indicates all current flowing from your vessel to the Earth (the Earth we stand on-not mains or shore supply earth) that takes your metal with it.

How to use SeaBis:

  The User switches off or disconnects equipment until the current is far lower than that could possibly cause corrosion, SeaBis indicates Normal (green). The last equipment you switched off was the cause. It now has no power, therefore is easily identified. Now, follow How To Prevent Corrosion and/or contact me, to repair the cause. Now, our 8-year money-back guarantee applies.


SeaBis may be made portable by fitting battery clips:

One SeaBis Master with battery clips can be moved battery bank to battery bank or boat to boat. All wires, including Current Sense, – green/yellow, may be extended hundreds of meters.  Note: SeaBis indicates current on the circuit it is attached to.  Therefore, not on battery banks while moved elsewhere. Intermittent or new causes may require permanent installation.

OR: Number of Battery Banks may be increased by using Battery Switches “Both” or “Emergency”.


SeaBis Master System accuracy:

SeaBis is sensitive to 10 millionths’ amp of the stray current flowing to the Earth, (the earth we stand on) from your vessel. And indicates current to that accuracy.  Measurement is in parallel at a very high impedance and resistance, so SeaBis has no effect on the circuit being measured. Current drain is a maximum of 22 milli amps (mA).  I use 200 mA fast blow fuses for mechanical strength of the fuse wire.  I obtain long life by over rating everything.  For instance, the regulator is rated at one amp (1.0 amp) at 8 to 33 volts.  SeaBis draws 22 milli amps (0.022 amp).  LEDs are rated at 12 mA, SeaBis LEDs current drain is 3 to 5 mA.

The regulator turns 8 to 33 volts to 5 volts and is the only power source for the entirety of SeaBis. So provides additional protection.


Compliance with Regulations:

My website details SeaBis Master System fully. The website and my company, Podean Electronic Industries Pty Ltd, trading as SeaBis, are registered in Australia so must comply with Australian Law.  That law is strict.   Australian Business Number: 27008191848. External proof: here. 


More detail:

See this website for more detail, or ask me specific case questions. 

Glen Bishop of SeaBis

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