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Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently

SeaBis Master System 8-year money-back guarantee, warranty and diagnostic support,

8-year free money-back guarantee, warranty and (link) diagnosis support with SeaBis Master System
We will either prevent all the stray current that is the ONLY CAUSE of marine electrolysis corrosion or pay you back your purchase cost of SeaBis Master less non-recoverable expenses.
How to Prevent Corrosion must be complied with. Guarantee here.

Busy? There is no need to read any further.  

We will, step by step, guide you or another through prevention of the stray current that is the ONLY  CAUSE of 97 % of all corrosion.  Email;

Complete contact details here and password is 8.

Sitemap.  Therefore, if you have any difficulties: Contact Us.

Above all, external verification:  Wikipedia – electrolysis.

Before SeaBis Master System installed:

Utopiall on slip. Before SeaBis Master System. Stray current  corrodes metal therefore, paint bubbles.
Hull dissolves
Before SeaBis. Utopiall hull dissolve. Therefore, antifouling lifts. Marine electrolysis corrosion prevention would have prevented the only CAUSE - stray current. Permanently.

After SeaBis Master System installed:

Utopiall, underwater view. SeaBis Master System installed. Submerged for a year.  The metal hull ceases to dissolve.  Therefore, no bubbles or growth.

Anti fouling now works as designed.

After SeaBis. Antifouling works as designed.
After SeaBis. Utopiall a year submerged. Marine electrolysis corrosion prevention identifies then prevents the stray current that is the only CAUSE. Permanently. Antifouling works as designed.
After SeaBis. No stray currents. Antifouling works as designed.
After SeaBis. Utopiall underwater view. A year submerged. Marine electrolysis corrosion prevention stops ALL stray current. Antifouling works as designed.

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Sitemap. If you have any difficulties, we will assist you. Therefore, Contact Us.


In addition:

How To Prevent Corrosion – Procedure:

Connect SeaBis brown to battery positive, blue to battery negative and green/yellow current sense to metal hull or engine body.  We advise making the connection permanent, as causes will reoccur.  Usually within a year.

Most importantly, SeaBis:

1:   Indicates degree of corrosive ability of current passing through hull and engine
2:  Indicates the battery side, Bat + or Bat -, causing the stray current.  Therefore, halving diagnostic time
3:  SeaBis has two fuses, as any loss of insulation makes a third power supply – from equipment onboard.
4:  The AC Only LED warns you if AC on top of DC exceeds 2 volts. Normal AC content is 0.01 volt.  Therefore, 2 volts are likely to damage electronics.  I have witnessed a $17,000 radar destroyed by excessive AC.

SeaBis Master System prevent electrolysis corrosion
In addition, the mounting plate is removable.
Above all, we fit fuses to BOTH battery positive and negative, as the metal hull and engine both form a third current path. The engine via propeller, gearbox then engine body.  From there to upper deck metal, handrails, masts and fittings. Via metal AND AIR.

Size with removable Mounting Plate:
190 x 98 x 28 mm
7.5 x 3.8 x 1.1 inches.

Most importantly: ALL Bat positive indications – contact us immediately. Especially if you have both 12 and 24 volts. Fire risk can be eliminated.

SeaBis Master LEDs explanation:

In addition, your work is reduced by half as SeaBis Master indicates battery side with the fault.  Bat Pos or Bat neg. LEDs light to indicate battery side that is causing corrosion.
1:  Normal (green) = there is no corrosive current
2:  Caution (amber) = very low current, very slight risk
3:  Serious (red) = visible corrosion in 6 months
4:  Critical (flashing red) = visible corrosion in 3 months
5:  AC Only (flashing red) = your batteries, electronics and yourself are at risk.  Excessive AC (110/240) on top of DC (battery). Common cause is power supply Active and Neutral maybe reversed, so your life is at risk.


Marine electrolysis CAUSE prevention procedure:

Install SeaBis Master:

Connect to battery power:

1:  Brown to battery positive

2:  Blue to battery negative

3:  Green / yellow to metal hull or metal engine body

4:  After that, observe SeaBis indicators:

For instance, if you see other than either Normal (green) then marine corrosion is ongoing.  In addition, SeaBis Master indicates the side of the battery causing stray current. Therefore, halving your work. According to Bat + or Bat – indicator: Switch off or disconnect circuits on battery positive OR negative until you have a Normal.  Above all, when either Normal is ON there is no stray current

5:  In conclusion, the last circuit you switched off was a cause of marine corrosion

Consequentially, leave it switched off

6:  After that, to determine if there are any other causes, touch connect the remainder, one at a time

7:  Any that cause other than Normal, leave OFF. Reconnect all that indicate Normal

8:  In conclusion, you will have one or more circuits off / disconnected.  After that, see what has no power, and you will know the cause/s.

To prevent the CAUSE of creating stray current that is the ONLY cause of electrolysis corrosion:
Follow How to Prevent Corrosion instructions or Contact Us.

Now there can be no stray current so no electrolysis corrosion, permanently.

In addition, causes are often more than one.  Therefore, we prevent them by identifying ALL the CAUSES.  Then repairing them. Always first switching OFF until SeaBis indicates Normal.  Then momentary ON to identify those causing corrosion.  On completion those causing corrosion have no power so are easily identified.  Now follow How to Prevent Corrosion, or contact us to repair the cause/s.

Most Domestic vessels have engine ON hours of less than 200 per year.  That makes prevention easy.

Professionals where engine ON hours exceed 200 per year can use the same method, with limitations.  However, they are best to fully insulate.

We will guide you through either process – free.


If you have any difficulties therefore, Contact Us.

Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently


Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently. 8-year guarantee, warranty and support.

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