How To Stop Corrosion, understand

Step 2: understand the cause of marine electrolysis - stray current
causes marine electrolysis corrosion

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 Marine electrolysis is dependent on an electro - chemical reaction.
 Eliminate the stray current and you eliminate marine electrolysis:

 No SeaBis System


 Stray current 

Marine electrolysis causes corrosion

With SeaBis System


No marine electrolysis

No marine electrolysis

 The cause of marine electrolysis current is the battery ”0” volts terminal, in Kelvin Absolute Law terms (see Wikipedia) is actually at minus 12 volts for a 12 volt battery (24 for 24 volt battery).  The metal contains electronics which are negatively charged.  So the two negatives  repel each other and electrolysis dissolves metal into particles.  Those Earth is at +1.2 volts so attracts those particles.  So your metal corrodes to the Earth. The solution is to use SeaBis to eliminate the cause.
 See: Wikipedia electrolysis.  Note DC power – the Apparatus power leads are red and black, and first paragraph specifically states DC, not AC(mains or shore power).

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