How To Stop Corrosion, electrolysis, and stray current

 Eliminate the CAUSE of Marine Electrolysis - stray current

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How To Stop Corrosion, marine electrolysis CAUSE elimination system

 Training and diagnostic assistance included with Master System

 Indicators - LEDs - cause detailed below SeaBis Master


        7.5 by 3.75 by 1.1 inches
          190 by 95 by 28 mm


 • ALL Bat positive indications then contact us immediately. Especially if you have both 12 and 24 volts. Fire risk.

  8 years money back guarantee, support and verifiable testimonials here: email Glen Bishop

Free: 30 minutes diagnostic support and we will guide you thru how to stop corrosion. Products

 Connect SeaBis, battery positive and negative to battery and Sense wire to metal hull / engine body. SeaBis will indicate by a Traffic (red) Light (amber) System (green) none or degree of marine electrolysis.

 To eliminate the cause of marine electrolysis follow How To Stop Corrosion supplied with SeaBis - Disconnect equipment until SeaBis indicates Normal (green). The last thing you disconnected was the cause. It now has no power so is easily identified.

 To eliminate marine electrolysis follow How To Stop Corrosion or contact Glen Bishop as follows. Now anodes and coatings / plating will work as designed. Permanently connect SeaBis and monitor at least 97% of total time to fix intermittent and new causes before they create marine electrolysis. Full training and diagnostic support included with SeaBis Master System.

 There have been persons, naturally, trying to reduce their expenditure, who use SeaBis as a portable. That will eliminate all permanent causes of marine electrolysis. It may not eliminate intermittent or new causes because you are not adequately monitoring that battery bank. If used as a portable for greater than the time taken for visible electrolysis to occur, being 10 days, there is a possibility electrolysis, will occur. Such use will void electrolysis elimination part of guarantee and warranty. Install SeaBis permanently. Then you will eliminate ALL CAUSES. Talk to us. We will assist.

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 The reason we are successful:

 The cause of the stray current that creates marine electrolysis is direct current (DC), from batteries or power supplies as DC.  That is true wherever there is DC and metal contact to the Earth. Even clouds have greater than 10% moisture so have an electrical path to the Earth so create metal corrosion. 

 So is true, not only of marine but all installations that have DC (battery power or electronics) source and even remote metal contact to the Earth. Vehicles, Rigs and Platforms, generators, alternators, any where there is electronics and metal in even remote contact with the Earth.  Even smaller aircraft have the problem because there is more than 10% moisture in the air.

 We measure that current to accuracy of 10 millionths of an amp, in parallel, so do not disturb the circuit under test.  The User switches off, unplugs or disconnects circuits until SeaBis indicates Normal (green).  Then follow How To Stop Corrosion and / or contact me.

 Our system is therefore absolute. Hence we offer our 8 year money back guarantee. How To Stop Metal Corrosion must be complied with.

 In depth information is available on request. Email Glen Bishop

How To Stop Corrosion, marine electrolysis under actual live use conditions: SeaBis Traffic Light System identifies the cause.
SeaBis and How To Stop Corrosion eliminate the cause. Permanently. For ever.

 Procedure: Unplug / disconnects equipment until SeaBis indicates Normal - green. The last equipment disconnected was the cause.
 Repairs: follow How To Stop Corrosion or contact  email Glen Bishop:
 Please email with City and Country then I will phone you.
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