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Testimonials with verification

Testimonials with verification - contact them yourself and confirm. 3 external references at Home page.

In doubt? Ask any manufacturing jeweler how he plates gold. The gold is your metal/engine/hull damp and the jewelry is the Earth.


Testimonials with verification using the Master System:

Peter Balding of Vella3, via email, at sea via satellite: [email protected]

Glen Bishop: Peter is the first to admit he had very little electrical knowledge and communication via satellite was difficult. However we succeeded and eliminated all electrolysis and the causes.

Hi Glen,
I have a live on board steel hull yacht with very expensive electrolysis. The SeaBis alarms Critical.

Glen Bishop: I am glad you are using SeaBis, not a multi-meter. The cause of electrolysis is specific electrical current and multi-meters cannot measure electrolysis. They will only confuse you.

I have completed the changes and testing of my electrical system. There are 2 systems: Engine and house.

When I attach the SeaBis to the positive and negative of the house bank and the green/yellow to the hull, the SeaBis reads Caution on the negative side. This is a remarkable result from before.

The Caution means that there is a very small corroding current which I will attempt to track down in due course but I can live with this now. It means that the severe corrosion will now cease. There is a small fault in the negative side of the house circuit.
Please comment on the above.
Glen Bishop: All fixed Peter. The Caution is just that Caution. It will wait until you are ready.


Andrew Deeley SV Utopia II [email protected]

Hi Glen, You are welcome to use my testimonial with verification. We have spent the past few days isolating quite a number of issues. We have fixed these & now got the seabis unit to a "normal" state on the house bank with the engine disconnected from the battery bank and the engine battery isolator turned off. The seabis box proved very useful in tracking down multiple stray current problems aboard our boat. The leading cause was old household wire originally installed by Beneteau and new electronics that had not been earthed correctly. The service from seabis was excellent with prompt replies to my queries. I did really appreciate your help. Thanks again for your help, its been A1 service.

cheers Andrew

Mike Brady [email protected]

Hi Mike, Email/s not received. I will phone. Test emails OK so email me direct at E-mail Glen Bishop

Hi Glen, Thanks for your help earlier today. I've easily isolated the offending components... spreader lights depth sounder ...and the starter motor. I guess the latter is due to carbon build up as it is meant to be a separate earth unit. Anyhow, back on track now. Cheers, Mike

Hi Mike, The causes were typical. Keep SeaBis turned on as they will re-occur - carbon build up and moisture. Glen Bishop.

Mark and Heather Domney: SV Larissa [email protected]

My wife and I are currently circumnavigating aboard our 45 ft. steel yacht. I purchased a SeaBis electrolysis elimination system after borrowing a friend's SeaBis and discovering that I, too, had stray current electrolysis - a flashing red critical light is hard to ignore. This was after the boat had been tested and cleared by the test bulb method. I have no electrical skills but, by following the system, I was able to detect and eliminate the four causes of stray current - a non-isolated genset, a VHF aerial not insulated from the mast, a fuel tank gauge not insulated from the SS day tank, and the connection between a non 12v computer and the SSB radio - to achieve a very satisfying green normal light.

Furthermore, the SeaBis has identified AC leakage from worn brushes in 12v fans and, most recently, a path between the brushes and case on my Balmar alternator, which blew the SeaBis fuse before causing any damage. I consider the SeaBis to be a vital element in diagnosing my yacht's electrical health. I would also add that Glen has been a great guy to deal with, standing behind his product and providing a wealth of diagnostic advice.

You may use my testimonial with verification.

Mark and Heather Domney.

Paul Michelmore: [email protected]
Phone: 07708 344799. 28 Harrison Street, Kings Cross, London WC1h 8JF

Six years ago I purchased a Dutch barge in Amsterdam, shipped it to the UK and spent four years restoring it to a fully functioning residential boat in my spare time. During this process I learnt much about the ways of vessels which has added to my automobile knowledge. One of the things I learnt was that marine electrolysis was destroying my hull which lead into an investigation of electrolysis, this in turn lead me to the SeaBis. I completed How To Stop Metal Corrosion and time has proven the cause is removed. No more electrolysis corrosion.
Glen Bishop: Hi Paul,
This problem is very common, not just on Dutch barges but on nearly all vessels. The exception is professional fishermen with generations of experience. They have learnt the hard way. The SeaBis System eliminates the cause. That is why we provide a money back 8 year guarantee – it has never been claimed.

John Singleton: [email protected]

I have a cruising catamaran with marine electrolysis to both propellers. They are less than 4 months old and severely weakened by marine electrolysis - I think electrolysis. The hull is fibre glass so why? I attach a picture. This is costing me a fortune so please help. Does SeaBis fix the cause? John.
Glen Bishop: Hi John,
You are correct, the propellers damage is electrolysis. In a metal hull the hull would be damaged. As it is fibre glass the electrolysis is concentrated into the propellers. The SeaBis System will eliminate the cause.

John: Well Glen your SeaBis system fixed the cause. No problems in 5 months. It was a deck generator and CB radio.

Michael Cuthbert: [email protected]

We purchased a steel cruiser 8 years ago and had problems not long after purchase with corrosion on the decks. When the boat was slipped we had evidence of metal corrosion which I think is caused by electrolysis, on the hull as well. When the boat was returned to the water I had a marine electrician check out the boat and he said that our boat was OK and the electrolysis was caused by the boat next to us in the marina.

We then believed that was the cause, we tried to get the marina to do something about it but they did not want to know. When the boat was slipped 18 months later the electrolysis was that bad we had to sand blast back to bare metal and repaint including the decks. We moved the boat out of marina and put it on a swing mooring, when the boat was slipped again electrolysis was evident again. I looked on the web and found the SeaBis site and purchased a unit since then the decks have stopped showing signs of accelerated corrosion. Although we have yet to slip the boat again to check the hull I am confident that the SeaBis unit is performing, as the decks are looking great.

You may publish my testimonials with verification.
Michael Cuthbert Mob: 0418 727 613

Peter - Qualified and experienced Marine Electrician. Mobile: 0413 755 452. Bulimba in Queensland, Australia.

Two Volvo engines with a carbon fibre mast and extensive advanced corrosion to engines. One has previously been replaced. The Owner and Peter traced the cause to a separate power supply in the instrumentation. Fitted an isolating diode and isolating switches to both engines. Problem fixed.

Steve-U.S.A. e-mail: : [email protected]

Marine electrolysis, hundreds of rusted pits covering steel hull. I would buy the whole system if I could speak with someone on how to use it or install it. I think I understand the concept. My concern is that our steel hull is 65 feet long and the metal corrosion - electrolysis is taking place mainly toward the bow area. our batteries are at the stern. My question is will the third wire read problems that far away?  I'm being told the electrical current is coming from the shore with current in the water?.

From Glen Bishop: We communicated by e-mail and Skype video. Steve has a Paddle Wheel Steamer is now completing the final stage of eliminating all electrolysis corrosion. Yes, the third wire senses electrolysis current and will read up to 2 kilo meters. Yes, contact to other than absolutely dry soil or water will complete a circuit to the Earth and cause your batteries, if connected in non-compliance with ABYC Wiring Rules to dissolve all metal. Steve's Paddle Wheel Steamer now complies. Insurance is effective.

Terry-U.S.A. e-mail: : [email protected]

I am going through prop anodes on my steel sailing yacht about every 6 weeks, so have a problem. I have 4 independent battery banks, 1 diesel main engine with 2 alternators. A generator with its own alternator. I use an inverter charger from my domestic battery bank. My 12 volt system is an insulated return system. My problems have started since we fitted a new generator and water maker. Could you recommend which SeaBis system I should install. Many thanks.

From Glen Bishop: Terry opted to purchase one Flexible SeaBis System. While the How To Stop Metal Corrosion, moving one SeaBis many times, was lengthy Terry eliminated all the causes.

Terry-round the World Yacht. e-mail: [email protected]

Dear Glen,

I have recently had the pleasure to use one of your units and would like to congratulate you on a fine product!

Being a fellow retired submariner, I hope you will understand when I explain that I borrowed the unit from a fellow yachtie, Nick Walker whom you were able to help and speaks highly of your unit. Also as an ex Chief ERA on O Boats (Glen Bishop - I thought Kiwi Birds are extinct?), you will naturally understand it doesn't come easy to ask a "Greenie" for help.

Our yacht recently sailed from Fremantle to Bali and back via the Indonesian Archipelago and the Kimberly. We encountered some wet conditions which at times resembled 'diving now, diving now'

With a strong suspicion that we had some stray electrical currents with wet nav lights etc, I would have usually spent weeks taking fittings apart to find the cause. Your unit allowed the faults to be readily isolated (12 in all, with some very minor that would have been very difficult to find normally). By the end of a few days of working through the problems I have a balanced electrical system, albeit I completely isolated the engine circuit as per your suggestion.
Well done and good that you could commercialize your naval experience.

I also enjoyed your boat humor so to close on a lighter note................................
•The three best things in life are a good surfacing, a good orgasm, and a good bowel movement. An emergency surfacing in a submarine whilst sinking rapidly to the depths is one of the few opportunities in life where you get to experience all three at the same time.
Yours in boats (submariners name for Submarines),
Terry Baker

SeaBis AC Only light is flashing red!
From Glen Bishop: Reece contacts me concerned about the AC Only light flashing red. We discuss his boat and conclude that as he has no source of AC such as an inverter then something else onboard must be generating it. I explain AC Only flashing red means Alternating Current, reversing direction twice every 1/50 second is doubling the wear on his battery and probably putting his electronics at risk.

He finds a Furuno radar fish finder combination valued at $3,500 is dead. His Technician finds the battery negative terminal was making a poor contact so the battery was unable to smooth the generated current so AC is present on top of the DC. Hence the damage to the Furuno. Luckily the Furuno could be repaired. The Technician filled Nylock nuts to the battery terminals. Now no red lights, Normal LED is on so no electrolysis corrosion and no damaging AC.

Reverend Ray Tomkinson. Phone (07) 5564 2765.

From Glen Bishop - comment - the SeaBis System will eliminate electrolysis corrosion providing ALL causes are eliminated - especially the House. From Ray: I have a Normal light as long as the engines are not running….. this has cut my red light hours from over 8600 per annum ( as everything was left connected so the solar could charge it) to around 50 to max 100hrs per annum. Everything else was addressed and fixed but this was the easy and cheapest way out for the engine issue …

It has been a real blessing to be able to identify – and rectify this marine electrolysis. I love a challenge and at first it looked a massive problem but slowly slowly identifying the issues I saw that the SeaBis unit made it a simple task.

Ray Grico. Phone 02 9606 6062.

Two engines and a deck generator.  My boat is very well made, however I am noticing metal corrosion, electrolysis. I contacted Glen Bishop of SeaBis.  While I have 3 battery banks I can parallel all so only need 1 SeaBis.  I found the battery, common joining strip and removed wires until I got Normal.  The cause was the Deck Generator.  SeaBis flashed red with the deck generator only.  All of the remainder were Normal - clear of electrolysis.   The deck generator is 13 years old so I am suspicious of carbon build up.  I will blow out the starter and generator with compressed air, and check all terminations are insulated from the metal body.  I discussed the wiring of engine / propeller / metal hull / keel, anodes and propeller shaft with Glen and all were correct.

Peter Western and Ian Snell of BassCats. Phone 03 5664 4440.

Two thirteen meter Brady Powercats. Both Peter and Ian fitted SeaBis and used How To Stop Metal Corrosion Instructions to eliminate the metal corrosion that we think is electrolysis that is corroding expensive propellers.  While there is still an intermittent problem being progressed the following is from Elaine and Ian Snell:

"Hi Glen,
Yes it all works beautifully thanks to you with your help over these past 2 weeks. The frustration of not knowing what is happening with all those wires has been hard on me as I lack that part of my education. What a sight to see all green lights today when Alby and I finished installing the 2 new SeaBis. The diesel pump that we pulled out had been painted at the same time as the alternator and this appears to be one of the problems. We will contact our diesel motor agent regarding this. Will go out over the weekend and test the system.
Cheers Elaine and Ian."

Glen Bishop - I met Peter when he visited, onboard his catamaran.  I can easily imagine it taking 5 years to build.  The company and fish feed were great.  Thanks Peter.

Mr. Nick Walker. Phone 0417 957 735.

Comment from the Designer, Glen Bishop: "Nick really wanted to know how SeaBis works.  More so than nearly all other Owners.  He asked penetrating questions until he really understood.  That  and his elimination of the causes of metal corrosion (electrolysis) pleased me.

" From Nick: "A newsletter that I produced for our cruising div of the (popular name with held) is now on our club's web site.  I have attached a copy of the newsletter which contains a 2 page article I've done on my experiences with Electrolysis and SeaBis.  I've tried to explain it all in simple terms while plugging the benefits of the SeaBis unit.  I hope you find the article not too simplistic or light on detail.  

I've had some very positive feedback from people who have read it so it seems to be pitched about right.

I am now intending to submit it to (popular name with held) magazine to see if I can get it published.  Your feedback before I do this would be gratefully accepted".   Glen Bishop's response:  To make (my Engineers) thought process less technical, I have uploaded a short slide show on Slide Show page. I have studied your article and consider it technically correct while maintaining explanations as least technical as possible. 

Mr. Ken Baker. Phone 0427 726 794.

I have just purchased a 4 year old, large power boat. The previous owner said the bubbles were a bad paint job. I have no experience but want advice. We advised " Only by installing SeaBis can we determine if electrolysis is the cause of metal corrosion ". I installed the SeaBis and found one wiper motor had been incorrectly installed and the engine was not isolated. The wiper motor was fixed and a manual switch in the engine. Now I have green for Normal. SeaBis: " The wiper motor was just as much a cause as the engine."

Mr. John Koeyers. Phone 08 9161 4326.

Owner of a 73 foot steel ex commercial vessel. Two engines, two generators and wheelhouse supply. "Electrolysis is causing metal corrosion that is threatening to sink me. Others have stated there is no electrolysis but I can see it with my own eyes. I purchased a portable SeaBis and 2 SeaBis for hard wiring and found causes in the wheelhouse, one starter motor with carbon build up, a oil pressure sender with only one terminal (design for land use), a VHF radio with a non isolated antenna (land use again) and a chart computer purchased from a marine retailer all causing electrolysis corrosion. The marine retailer changed the computer display to marine. So after 2 days I can see light (Normal at the end of the tunnel."

Mr. Greg Smith. Phone 08 8683 4560.

Professional Electrician for a fleet of very large commercial fishing vessels. "I have been trying to find a solution for electrolysis causing metal corrosion for over 10 years. I knew it was occurring because of the electrolysis corrosion on the vessels who's electrics I am responsible for. Even though I tried Blockers and other expensive equipment nothing worked. It took me 30 seconds to realize the SeaBis System would work. We fitted two large commercials with SeaBis and removed all the causes in two days. On the third day we carried on full power tests on all equipment. After about 15 minutes we had a Critical alarm. An alternator field winding terminal had broken loose and was touching the alternator metal case. Fixed."

Mr. Will Rob. Phone 08 9752 3129.

Professional Fisherman. "I have just bought a 42 foot, aluminum, 2 year old. Visible metal corrosion caused by electrolysis on prop and weld between hull and upper deck. Fitted one SeaBis as I have one engine with one alternator and two 24 volt batteries.
I contacted SeaBis several times. The first after I disconnected the engine battery and the Critical battery negative went to Normal. I diagnosed causes as Land starter motor and alternator. They both had only one thick battery connection. My Electrician replaced them both. I will keep them as spares. I understand it is O/K to use them for a few weeks.

After fitting them and reconnecting the engine I had a Critical again! The dash was metal and had a LAND USE cigarette lighter. Now I have Normal all the time. Fixed."

Mr. George Godz.
Phone 0407 921 162.
Marine Surveyor B.I.A.  A.M.I.F.
Member of the Marine Surveyors Association Inc. (MSA) 

"I am a registered Marine Surveyor with over 35 years experience in the marine industry. My background is, fully qualified shipwright and ex sea going merchant navy officer.
I first commenced using SeaBis when I discovered a large amount of unexplained corrosion on a vessel I was surveying. A SeaBis was connected to the vessels electrical system and indicated Critical. The owner had the wiring corrected and two SeaBis permanently installed.
I strongly recommend a SeaBis electrolysis meter be installed in every vessel with any metal fixtures and electrical system on board." Since then his vessel has been electrolysis free.

Mr. Alan Beswick. Slip way Owner. Phone 0411 427 184.

"I have been in the Marine Industry for 45 years and am the proprietor of Access yachts which is a slip way.

Over the years I have experienced the same metal corrosion caused by electrolysis problems occurring over and over again. The repairs are expensive and yet boat owners pay for the same repairs on going. I call electrolysis "silent death " because the damage to vessels happens before you know it, most of the time when it is too late and ends up costing boat owners thousands of dollars.

Plenty have attempted to solve the problem of electrolysis and I have tried many with no results. I purchased the SeaBis System over 12 months ago and tested it thoroughly.

I use the system all of the time on the slip way to check the vessels that come in for repair and maintenance.

This is the first time I have found a product that works and does what it says it will do.
I am convinced that every boat should be installed with a SeaBis System. The SeaBis lights give a clear visual sign every time electrolysis is running through the boat and even lets the boat owner know how serious it is. One can then use the elimination process instructions supplied with the system and fix the problem straight away. In other words the electrolysis is eliminated before any damage is done.

The SeaBis Electrolysis Elimination System gives peace of mind to the boat owner and saves the hip pocket. In my opinion the SeaBis System is not just a plus it is a must for all boat owners."

By Dave, Master of a professional fishing boat

"I have just purchased a 27 year old, metal hull with 2 Honda 120 HP outboards. I was informed by my surveyor that the boat would last me another 30 years on the proviso I could find a way to eliminate the electrolysis causing metal corrosion. I fitted a SeaBis Electrolysis Elimination System, followed the elimination instructions, and no longer have any electrolysis.

By Dennis. Master of a professional fishing boat.

"My boat had very serious electrolysis damage over all of the underwater area of the hull. We installed the SeaBis electrolysis detector, followed the How To Stop Metal Corrosion instructions, and all the causes of electrolysis were removed. Total cost under $2000. Since then we have no longer experienced any electrolysis corrosion and are still using the original installed SeaBis System. Once all the electrolysis corrosion that had occurred prior to the installation of the SeaBis System had been repaired , my boat - electrolysis free- has increased its value and I was offered 2.5 million dollars recently for the boat and license which I declined. My thanks go to SeaBis. "

By Des, Tugs Manager.

"We experienced extensive accelerated corrosion on three of our tugs. We used the SeaBis System to trace the causes. The system successfully identified the causes and we were able to remove them. We have experienced no further problems with accelerated corrosion problems. One of the causes found was a VHF antenna that still operated correctly, however was causing very serious damage to a trim correction water tank. There has been no electrolysis damage since."

Garry, Owner of three professional fishing vessels.

"All of my three vessels suffered from serious electrolysis to hull and one has propeller damage.  I mounted all my equipment on thick wood to insulate it from the hull.  I completed the elimination instructions. One cause was a fish finder where the supplier had bolted from the metal mount bracket through the wood to the metal hull so shorting out the wood insulation!  We removed all causes and now my SeaBis indicates Normal. Finally I am now free of corrosion all three vessels"

Written by Glenn, Master of high speed entertainment vessel

"When I originally heard about the SeaBis System I was experiencing bubbling paint work on my vessel which appeared to be getting worse. The SeaBis identified the cause of electrolysis damage to the join of hull to deck. The cause was a cracked battery. I have experienced no problem of electrolysis since and I am still using the SeaBis System.

Written by William,  Master of a special purpose vessel.

"There was extensive marine electrolysis damage around propeller shaft gland and it’s shaft tunnel.  The SeaBis detected electrolysis that was caused by an alternator and CB antenna.  Both were replaced at minor expense and there has been no electrolysis damage to date, 5 years later.”

Written by Fredrick, Owner of a professional fishing boat.

"There is visible extensive hull marine electrolysis.  A SeaBis identified the cause as engine control system.  It was a land design temperature sender and was replaced in a few hours."

Revisited 2005. “There has been no further electrolysis.  I am happy with the Electrolysis Detector onboard so I don't need the new model.”

By Neil.  Master of a  large research vessel.

"We experienced severe marine electrolysis to internal water tanks, in the top foot of the water level. The SeaBis Electrolysis Detector indicated critical. We traced the cause using the How To Stop Metal Corrosion instructions. The cause was traced to a near new battery charger which put a battery negative on the hull and the water tank. This resulted in thousands of 2-3 milli metre holes around the top water level. The battery charger I replaced with a marine isolated unit. Electrolysis since - zero."

  Written by Christos.  Captain of a ship.

"My radar device was very noisy (it had an electrical noise on the display) The SeaBis System was installed and it located the cause in the fire control system. We then replaced the defective sensor. The radar display was clear and distinct for the first time in many months."

 Written by Will.  Owner of a fast aluminum wave piercing ferry.

"I purchase my first SeaBis in 1995. My ferry was exhibiting serious hull damage in the area of the hull around the propeller shaft.  The SeaBis produced an alarm whenever the engines were on.  The cause was a temperature sensor on one of the four manifolds.  It was replaced and total cost was less than $1,000."

"Later that same year I replaced a CB Transceiver. SeaBis immediately responded with an alarm.  It was immediately replaced at no cost. 

In the last 10 years there has been no electrolysis damage."

By Bob.  Master of a patrol boat.

"We had the hull area around the stern gland replaced at a considerable expense. We installed the SeaBis System and traced the cause to a defective VHF antenna causing a serious hull current. We replaced the antenna with a marine design and to date have experienced no more electrolysis damage. "

By John.  Fleet Manager for professional fishing vessels:

Instructions to suppliers of two new engines when SeaBis alarmed at the initial turn on “Get those engines off this boat until you can prove they do not create electrolysis.”  The engines were enormous. They were taken ashore, modified to make them professional isolated marine and reinstalled. They no longer produced an electrolysis alarm.

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