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Marine corrosion prevention, permanently
8-year guarantee, warranty and diagnostic support, Free. Email:

This page is for purposes of corrosion CAUSE prevention and its follow up only. Other uses will result in an abuse report.

Designer of the SeaBis System. Glen Bishop.
 Glen Bishop, Designer of the SeaBis System.  Dedicated to preventing the stray current that is the ONLY cause of corrosion, via air or water.  Permanently.
All difficulties are routinely solved by email:

Or my email:  Glen Bishop.

Telephone details:

My time – waking – time zone GMT/UTC +10 hours.   From 08:00 am until 6:00 pm. Excluding Sunday mornings.
From outside Australia : +61 417 878 773
From inside Australia : 0417 878 773
Skype :
Free communication PC to PC.  My Skype name is : seabis1 (the number one).
Zoom :
Free communication PC to PC. Press the link Zoom meeting link. My Zoom ID is: 813 336 9365
Messenger :
Free communication PC to PC.  Send a message or contact
Installing Messenger may have security implications.  Only using Messenger, not installing, seems safe.
WhatsApp :
Free communication PC to PC. My WhatsApp ID is: SeaBis Glen Bishop.  My mobile / cell number is +61 (0)417 878 773

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