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Corrosion CAUSE prevented, permanently

8-year free guarantee, warranty and (link) diagnosis support:  We will prevent all the stray current that is the ONLY CAUSE of marine electrolysis corrosion. How to Prevent Corrosion must be complied with. Guarantee here.

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Designer Glen Bishop
Dedicated to preventing the ONLY cause of electrolysis corrosion, via air or water. Permanently.

SeaBis Master System designer, Glen Bishop

If we can help, we will do so without fee.  However, nearly all diagnosis uses indications on SeaBis Master.  Those indications, with How to Prevent Corrosion, tell location and corrosive ability of the CAUSE.  Then we can prevent that CAUSE.  Permanently.

No additional coating, plating, through hull or moving parts. We are successful 100% of the time.   No skill required.  We have Clients who do not know what a fuse is who are successful. That is why we provide free 8-year guarantee, warranty and diagnostic support.


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